Most Christian believers do not experience
Jesus Christ as real and alive. To most believers their Bible is real, the stories of Jesus
are real, their church is real, their fellowship with other like-minded believers is real,
their pastor, their religion is real but Jesus Christ is not real because they do not know
Him. They have never met Him. Jesus said that:”without Me you can do nothing.”
Without Jesus there is no life, there is no eternal life. Jesus Christ is ALIVE. God is
SPIRIT. We cannot see Him physically but He is ALIVE. He holds all things together by
His power. He gives us life. He directs our footsteps, He loves us, He cares for us, He
looks after us. We do not see Him but HE IS THERE. We do not know Him because we haven’t
met Him, we do not seek Him, we seek our own ways. We believe in religion, we believe in
Bible verses but we do not know the ONE that the Bible talks about, we do not know Jesus
Christ and that is why most believers will perish, THEY NEVER KNEW JESUS CHRIST.
Without Jesus we can do nothing. God is SPIRIT, Jesus Christ is SPIRIT and He promised His
SPIRIT in those who seek Him, who OBEY Him, who LOVE Him. His presence will be with them
to guide them, to strengthen them, to help them because without Jesus Christ we can do
nothing. Without Jesus we are LOST but we have to SEEK Him. If we seek Him we find Him
and He will reveal Himself to us, we will know Him for real, but if we do not know Him
we cannot follow Him and we do not have eternal life. We need Jesus Christ, without Jesus
we cannot do anything, we cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven, without Jesus we are LOST.
If we seek Him with all our heart we will find Him and we will realize that He has been
with us all along, since we were born but we were not even aware of it. Seek Jesus and
you will find Him because without Jesus Christ we can do nothing. Seek Jesus TODAY and you
will find Him. May Jesus bless you.