…and sometimes I can pay attention to
the chat and sometimes I can’t. I try very hard but there’s just one of me and for
today only one aspect of Yeshua that I’m channeling.
So… I’m going to go ahead and introduce
myself and we’re going to begin with a trans-channeling not trance. I need to
introduce myself in a way where you understand what I do. I do trans-channel
but I don’t prefer it. The reason why is because I really like
control of my mind and body. I like full awareness.
I like to be able to, also because I modify and produce webinars where I have
to pay attention to the screen. On transing is very difficult. I can’t
look at your questions while I’m in trans. huh so that’s why I don’t do that
sometimes I do that for live conferences in person. You’ll see me do that sometimes.
But it’s rare, because I really like human interaction. I am a trans-channel;
T R A N S. What that means is literally
that I can see beings outside of me, but unlike standard mediumship, what happens
is they take me over momentarily, but I am aware that they are doing so and in
control during that. I can hear the voice coming through me. I am aware of my
body. I’m not aware of my own thoughts at that time, because thoughts don’t exist
during channeling. So that is that person’s and that divine being’s
presence coming through me but I am aware of it. So it just means that the
the consciousness that I’m channeling is with me in that moment and
then they may step outside of me for me to comment and that is so much more in
my control. That way I can choose when I interact
with you personally, as a human being, and then when I allow the being to come
through me. So that’s just much more comfortable
it’s less straining, in that I can spend up to an hour and a half to two hours with
you as opposed to being trans the entire time and being uncertain whenever
I need to use the bathroom. There we have it. That’s why I prefer
channeling instead of trans-channeling. We’re going to begin with a divinely
channeled message from Yeshua and then I’m going to go into some information
that he has shared with me on most of which you saw in the About section of my
Facebook. Some things that he wanted to share
about extraterrestrials, about abductions, about politics and religion. There was
some heavy topics that came up that I’d like to share with you today, after which
I will begin to go ahead and take a peek at the Facebook events and at the
Facebook events section and the question and answer section directly
from this live channeling and I will answer your questions from there and I will get to
them as quickly as possible. I try not to go past an hour and a half, depending upon
how much energy. He normally energizes me while simultaneously calming me down
It’s the strangest thing in the world. So, Pamela Aaralyn, that’s who I am.
You can find me at aurareader.com I have been doing
this since age 5. At that time I was really
unaware that anyone else into the face of the Sun did this as well.
I do this individually, I do this for groups of people. I prefer channeling
Christ consciousness presence. That is a part and an aspect of me and of the
reasons why I’m here and today we’re going to begin with this trans-
channeling and then we’ll go ahead and answer your questions.
So, let’s go ahead and call him I am Yeshua Ben Joseph. I am love.
I am compassion. I am here to teach all that is,
always has been, always will be. I am here to speak today, to help you
Remember that spirit is the answer. There is not a question,
but within your egos. Your egos often speak first
and this is born of confusion which is created by the human
conscience collective of fear. This does not serve well.
The ego believes quite correctly that its maker may withdraw
his support from it at any moment. If it meant you well this would be good
as spirit would be glad. When spirit has brought you home. And spirit would be
glad when you no longer need its guidance. Ego does not regard itself as a part of you
But this is its primary error; the foundation of the whole human thought system.
When you were created by God you are made in
his likeness in his image in his presence, as a fractal of the whole of
him and that is why attack, fear, doubt, within the kingdom of God is quite
impossible. The kingdom of God is within
your heart center. It is a compass to the divine
remembrance of all that is, always has been and always will be.
You created your ego and you created your ego without love
and therefore it does not love you. This is why you do not love you
You could not remain in the kingdom of god without love
and since kingdom of god is love you believe currently that you are separated
and outside of its maker. The ego speaks for
the part of your mind that believes you’re a separate and outside of the mind
of Source. And then the ego raised the first
question that ever was in your human existence.
The first question that you ever asked but one that you
can never answer. That question: “what am I?” was
the beginning of doubt, which is born from fear, which is what I’m here to
discuss and to alleviate and to relieve from your presence today.
The most creative question since then has been this.
Although this question has raised many further questions which calls
further doubts. Ego has done nothing more
than obscure the question. You have the answer.
Your ego is afraid of you. You cannot understand and grasp
the current depths of the conflict until you currently comprehend the fact
that the ego cannot truly know anything. Spirit does not speak first in your
brains, but in your minds and hearts spirit always answers.
Spirit is present moves in and out and around you as water
for the fish, as air and breath for the human. And since the Holy Spirit answers
Truly, he answers for all time, which means that everyone has
that answer right now. Your ego cannot hear spirit.
But your ego does believe that part of the mind
that was created and made to be against it.
And your ego interprets this as a justification for attacking its maker.
And the ego believes that its best defense is attack,
resistance, doubt, fear, because it wants you to believe it.
Unless you do believe this you will not side with it and then
the ego feels badly in need of defense, in need of justification, in need of
validation, in need of allies, perceiving anything alien to itself in your mind, the ego
turns to body as its ally and sometimes creates illness because then you believe
that the body is not a part of you. This makes the body the ego’s friend.
The pain body only. How do you respond to your pain bodies?
Emotionally, physically. If you respond with fear then it will control and
dis-empower you, then it will become the ally of the body and the ally of the ego.
The only true essence is spirit. Please, do not allow your ego to utilize your
pain body to conspire against your mind. Involve love, feel love, allow your hearts
to be the compass for all. This causes
compassion for yourself and others. This causes the ability to receive love,
to transform your environment of yourself and of the entire world for
you’re all indeed one. The theme of 2017 is compassion.
If you wish for it to be shown to yourself, serve and then receive.
Create what you wish to see, feel and know.
Be this change. Be this change now. Compassion is the essence of love and
this is what I am here to say this year. It’s good that I didn’t cry through that
this time. Last year I did.
Let’s go on to discuss extraterrestrials. In my very brief three hour meditation
prior to this channeling, he had a lot to say about extraterrestrials.
So we’re going to go ahead and channel that through today and then I’ll begin
to answer more of your questions. He actually had five different topics he
wanted me to discuss. It’s of great depth,
so please bear with me. These are things that he feels you’re
finally ready to handle here and receive.
Regarding extraterrestrials, human souls are indeed a grand
galactic experiment that began with wonderful intentions. However, after too
much genetic engineering and modifications, the human began to hold too
much the primitive nature of fear and of violence.
Many collective councils from many star constellations came together
to determine how to correct this problem. Many prime creators of many universes
aligned together to save Earth and humans.
At first, we wanted to allow a natural progression of the strictly
human soul, but you began to kill, flight and do harm to yourselves and to
your planet. In order to prevent Earth
and humanity’s mass extinction, which would have been at your own hands,
we began to make slow alterations to your DNA structures especially in the
spine and the brain. However, Earth was created in a third
dimensional existence and this means that free-will and duality are two
universal laws that dominate your planet. While your intentions were positive, many
non-sentient beings from other star systems held an opposing intention.
Within their own free-will these beings formed their own councils in
order to suppress human DNA structures so that humans could then be utilized
for their own intentions, which were not always positive.
Some were negative, some where for learning and expansion, some were
neutral Many souls from other star
systems began to choose to incarnate on Earth at this point in time.
Let me gather myself for just a second. There’s a lot going on today.
Source began to fractalize itself because there’s
no other way to hold materialized form in a third-dimensional environment,
otherwise. Source expression is not human,
but in order to preserve your race God expanded and then split into many
expressions, most of which were extraterrestrial races and then
projected itself into the incarnated human form.
And again this serves you because we now carry very advanced DNA
into your brains and your spines, which awakens your minds and then your bodies,
and then your light bodies, and then a full divine remembrance will occur and
your veil of amnesia will be lifted. In your spiritual texts you describe this
as Adam eating from the tree of life. And at this point you chose knowledge,
you chose truth. The truth is that you are the
extraterrestrials. Most of you are a
genetic hybrid of many extraterrestrial components.
God and the kingdom of God is again, within you.
He is going like this with my hands.
It is now an honor when a being chooses to incarnate on this Earth.
You are not being punished.
You are not lost left behind or stuck here.
You are choosing to be a part of the most advanced galactic
experience and expansion that ever was ever is, a ever will be.
If what you have defined as full disclosure occurs in the
way you wish, -then he showed me a vision of you expecting ships to come down from
the sky and manifested beings in front of you-
Start again. If what you
have defined as full disclosure occurs in the way you wish
at this junction in your awakening you likely would not be
able to contain your primitive fear- based nature that stands in the human
conscience collective. Fear still permeates you.
You’re on the precipice of removal of fear, -He’s going like this-
and expansion of love. You are here.
Seek balance. Seek the middle way, but if you
see this disclosure in the way that you wish, war and extinction would indeed
occur. There will be no full cosmic
disclosure in the manner you expect, which would be physical manifestation of
ships or beings that an entire collective could not deny.
That an entire collective would indeed see,
in 2017. Instead, your current
alignment is headed in the direction in which you begin to individually awaken
to the knowledge that you are the extraterrestrials.
That humans no longer exist. Some of you are sentient, some of
you are non-sentient, some have positive negative or even neutral intentions, but
all of you are learning and expanding. I need a moment for another deep breath.
He’d like to move on to discuss spirit guides is what I’m hearing at this point.
Regarding spirit guides, you are your own spirit guides.
As you are multi-dimensional beings who are choosing to forget your
true divine nature in order to save Earth from extinction.
When you spiritually awakened and expand further you will begin to realize it was
you guiding yourself out of the veil of amnesia the entire time.
When you realize that your sons, daughters, brothers,
sisters, fathers and mothers are prime creators, you will feel relieved that you
no longer feel the drive to seek external validations of your nature.
Guides only show up externally in the beginning stages of your spiritual
awakening. We do so as you will view this
as a “miracle” – he quotes it- Miracles get your attention
The purpose of this manifestation is not to get you accustomed or reliant-dependent
or co-dependent upon more manifestations of what you perceive as an external
miracle. The purpose is to show you your own
divine nature in hopes that you seek the kingdom of God within.
At this point you begin to realize that nothing
external is required. You are the miracle.
I need to take another deep breath.
I hope you guys are doing OK. I’m now hearing that we need to discuss
abductions or what you perceive thereas. Regarding abductions.
The world itself has… The word -he corrects me-
The word itself has a human connotation which implies you are
being forcibly carried out of your dimension for purposes that are negative
or against your free-will. My answers are not simple in nature, as
there are a variety of explanations based on where your current alignment
lies. But the bottom line is this:
If you are experiencing an abduction it is in your current alignment
and it is in your souls agreement. It was chosen before
your incarnation here even. If you should
choose to define the word “before”. The beings responsible for your abduction
are helping you by playing roles. Either positive or negative roles that align
with your spiritual purposes you chose prior to incarnate in here.
If the experience is unpleasant for you,
the purpose could be aligning with empowerment.
This could be within your contract. This purpose could be aligned
towards empowerment or reclamation. These beings could be playing a role that
cause fear and that caused you to perceive this abduction as fear.
Or perceived harm, in order to cause you to reclaim your power,
which would then lead you to remembering the power of your own divine nature.
That was powerful. I need another quick breath
and maybe a drink of water, because what’s next isn’t any easier to hear.
I’m hearing that he now wishes to discuss implants or what you perceive thereas.
There is no simple explanation that the human conscious collective will receive
without fear at this time. Yes, implants exist.
They exist within your light body.
This is what you have defined as chakras, auras, etheric fields,
energies within you. They exist within your physical bodies
Again, you are the extraterrestrials who have chosen to incarnate into a physical
human body. Into physical human bodies
that are indeed unnatural to your true divine natures.
The majority of these implants exist in order to further
assist your physical bodies during quickening.
This is what you are defining as enlightenment, ascension, Kundalini and
furthermore, with many words and definitions.
As your human nature begins to remember it’s more divine nature, the
frequency of the light body expands. The physical body cannot keep up with the
rapid frequency expansion of the light body without support from these implants.
Do not attempt to remove that which is natural to your soul’s agreement
and to all perspectives within your light body. Do not attempt
to remove that which is natural. Powerful, clear and I need more water. Moving on, he wants to discuss the topic
of psychic gifts. And I believe he
probably will talk about life purposes as well, as that has been a deep question
in many of your individual channelings with me.
On many of your individual services and healings and readings with me, you asked
about your life purposes and he really wanted me to discuss this with you today.
Regarding psychic gifts, they are a part of your divine nature.
They are natural abilities. Every sentient being currently
incarnated on earth has a unique skill- set of natural abilities which will help
them thrive in these very unnatural physical bodies.
And these abilities, when remembered, expanded and inevitably
mastered, will also help you align in true mastery of your divine purposes on
this planet. But they are not gifts.
I cannot give you something which is currently within your nature.
This is natural to your skills. Regarding life purpose.
This message will provide you with possible relief or possible agitation.
Either state will assist you in the discovery of life purpose.
The true human consciousness collective purpose is
expansion. All beings who incarnate here
wish for expansion. How you expand is
truly up to you. There is no wrong choice
Some soul groups come into expansion with life
purposes of love, joy, bliss, celebration, empowerment, unity and more even
Your purpose will arise from the compass which is your heart centers.
Let your heart be your compass to discovery of your purpose.
Purpose is indeed a free-will choice.
There are no “should”s or “should not”s, only alignments.
Your purpose is a feeling state that begins to direct
and align you with action states. Your purpose is not your job
or your actions, your hobbies, your goals, your endeavors.
That which you seek so strongly as an action is not your
purpose, but how you feel within these actions is your purpose.
OK. Think that’s it for life purposes.
He wants to go ahead and move on to something else.
Mandela effect. This is what shocked me.
You asked me in all of my social media event pages what was so shocking about this
channeling and this is what shocked me. So let’s go ahead
and receive this as well as we can. Regarding the Mandela effect or as you
have defined it. You are individually
experiencing aspects of yourself and how each aspect of you recall something
within your memory state is continually shifting based on your own frequency
shifts. Each time you experience any
moderate change in your emotional frequency levels,
the aspect of you that experiences this change shifts into
another dimensional existence. You still
are embedded partially in the human conscious collective of fear, which means
that you still perceive yourselves as separate from God.
You are in the midst of a grand spiritual awakening, but for
the first time in the galactic history of Earth it is occurring individually.
Not on a mass collective level. Allow me to explain further.
You are multi-dimensional beings. Source projects
into the human body not as one soul but as parts,
as fractals, as pieces of divinity.
There are many portions or fractals of one soul in your bodies.
Upon spiritual awakening, these fractals of your being begin to unite
and many are calling this enlightenment, awakening, quickening, ascension,
Kundalini rising I call this unity.
You then begin to remember that you are God
and God is you. And that you are each unique
expressions of God. That we are one.
But prior to this point you perceive yourselves as separate
and each time an aspect of you operates or begins to
operate in this manner, in this higher or lower frequency, based on your emotional
states. This triggers a momentary switch
of your mind’s perspectives as you are in that one moment experiencing memory in a
different dimension. Each time you
experience even one fractal of yourself in a different dimension, your brain
experiences its memory differently And being that you are aligning uniquely
to different soul groups, you are remembering different things as well.
This is why many of you remember one event differently than another
soul group that remembers another event quite similarly.
I think I’m getting that. Let’s move on to an even more sensitive
topic, since he’s on a roll with sensitive topics today.
Drugs. And he didn’t really break
this down to me in meditation this morning, as being drugs of…
that help you or harm you, sub trophic, non- subtrophic, psychiatric drugs.
He meant everything. So I asked him to give a very
specific message about drugs in general. All types. Just to clarify that.
Regarding drugs, they either align to you or they do not.
This is your free-will choice. However, drugs are served as a tool.
They will either serve you and align to your grand purpose or they will not.
Your heart and your body will serve to show you if you
are uniquely aligning with the use of drugs or not.
There is no simple answer to this question, but there are natural
consequences to the use of drugs. These natural consequences
will benefit you or not, based on where you stand in your unique
individual states of spiritual awakening. Drugs have been used as tools that have
assisted you in healing, calming, centering your human minds, and at times
have saved human lives. They have also
called stagnation in your healing addictions, anxieties, agitation,
irresponsibility and even death, which do you choose?
I will state that after a true divine enlightenment, no drug can
compare to the true nature of God’s love. True bliss requires no help from drugs.
That was clear. Let’s move on to an even further and
sensitive topic: politics and religion. About politics, it is of no relevance
It does not matter who you elect as your political candidates.
It has never mattered and never will.
Politics are a distraction from all that is divine truth.
Politics have caused separation, agitation, wars and deaths.
Politics separate and do not unite. Focus your service within.
When you follow leaders, presidents and gurus too closely
you lose the power of your own divine nature.
This does not serve you. Serve each other
and yourselves in a unified fashion. Regarding religion,
the same can be said It is of no significance which religion
you choose, unless that religion causes harm to
yourself or another. If religion causes
you to be filled with spirit, then choose, but do not serve any religion or God.
Not even me. You may love me as I love you.
I am you. Do not serve me.
This would cause a belief and alignment towards enslavement
and dis-empowerment. Religion has trained,
enslaved and dis-empowered you for over 4,000 years.
I did not come to save you but to empower and liberate you within
the knowledge of love. Still doing well not crying.
Let’s move on. He wanted to talk about war,
natural disasters a little bit, but primarily your question about currency reboot
and reset. You are collectively in an
alignment that heads towards a gentle currency reset.
There will likely be an alignment towards temporary martial law even,
only to contain your current fear states in order to prevent outright
civil wars. If you resist actively with riots and
active harmful protest, a civil uprising will then occur that cannot be contained.
Peaceful resistance is my loving suggestion to you.
Unity is key. The currency reset is not aligned for
2017 at this time. Will you choose protest, looting,
war, active resistance, which is a cover for fear, or will you
choose unity and peace? Only you can choose this outcome
and only you know this outcome. That was powerful.
OK, I am done with what he wished to share in terms of
channeling and I’m going to be looking at your questions and
I will begin with Facebook event pages so I’m looking at
this now directly from the Facebook event page and I’m going to just look at
the questions. He doesn’t even
particularly point out that one, that one, that one. That’s not how he operates
He just allows me to take a question that aligns with unity for
everyone that needs to hear the answer. And there were a lot of unique questions
so we’re going to be going through them. I’m going to be reading them one-by-one
at this point in time and I’m going to get to as many of them from the Facebook.
event page as possible. We still have a significant amount of time.
So hopefully we can get to all of them on the Facebook event page and then go
directly into your questions that are live as well.
So let’s start from these event questions and it likely
will stand to serve an answer for live questions that
you’ve been putting in the question and answer section.
Here’s the first one from the event page.
Dear Yeshua, Is the portrait of you in our
living room an accurate depiction?
His answer is: as I have incarnated within many beings,
there are many accurate depictions of me This one is close.
Many are close, but please remember that in my experience as
Yeshua I was born a Jew. My skin tone and
hair look significantly different than most of your depictions.
I knew he was going to say that, by the way.
Let’s move on to the next question.
I’m just scrolling through and asking him which one aligns
to what you need to hear. Can you please tell us about the 144,000
Christ consciousness beings, their work, and their purpose at this time?
In the time of Constantine there were 144 prophets, and then you
multiplied into 144,000 beings, and then you multiplied and expanded into 144 million
beings to imply that there are 144 beings that will be chosen is to imply
that I separate. I simply meant to state
that this is a soul group and at this present moment there are 144 billion
beings from various states of existence that are representing the current Christ
conscious collective. Some are on Earth, some are not.
Their purpose is merely love, unity, empowerment, and to be a bridge of
consciousness for ascension, as you have defined it.
Next question. Yeshua, is the wonderful book:
“Love Without End” authentic? Other authors are also making
claims about their books. It is for you to pick and choose
If there is a filter, that is man. There is likely a
misinterpretation at some point. There is
no one truth. There is a current relative
alignments of truth while you’re on Earth.
Any book that is filtered through the conscience of mankind has some
divine truths and some alignment towards relative truths.
Some misinterpretations of my own words.
Many misinterpretations of my own words.
There is some truth within this book.
There is much more truth within your older sacred texts.
Your original texts with you on Earth, including, but not limited to,
the Emerald Tablets, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnosis and books within,
and more modernly and currently the book that you know as
“A Course In Miracles”. Oh, thank you for that,
because I’m just beginning, just now, beginning to read
“A Course In Miracles” and maybe three pages.
Sorry, he doesn’t allow me to read much, so that my own filtering
doesn’t get in the way. So, I went to “A Course In Miracles”
class for the first time ever and this was just a few weeks ago and I just felt
his presence so strongly and he stood forth in the class and said to me:
this is one of my teachings, one of my many teachings and this is truth.
And it was so touching and revealing to me and I
felt it so strongly, so I’m just so happy that he said that in.
Now I can read it further. Let’s go to the next question
Yeshua, is it beneficial to go within our Akashic records? If you go within your Akashic records and it is relevant and it serves
you to release fear and to align you with your true nature,
then yes it serves you. And then yes, it helps you.
If you go within your Akashic records, as you call
it, your library, all that is you, all that is happening now and is not past, and
it causes more fear, then it does not serve you.
If you are ready, without doubt and fear, to stand outside of your egoic component
in your brain to receive the lessons that come from the Akasha,
then by all means it serves you. I’m seeing some scrolling questions,
by the way, this is me again. I like to kind of stand forth
and let you know when it’s me. So if you see me do like this
this is just a thank you and a namaste to him, so that
you also know that I’m done with that answer.
And so that we can go on to the next question.
But I’m seeing some scrolling questions come up in the question and
answer section that he’s guiding me towards at this point,
so I suppose we’ll go back and forth.
The question is: why do I battle to read “A Course Of Miracles”? When you are edified and when I feed you, you will eat if you are hungry
and you will eat until you’re full. You will be edified until you receive that which serves you for the
current lesson that is within your nature in that moment and in that moment
only. Some receive “The Course Of Miracles”
in that moment and they need to put it aside until the moment arises again
when they can again become edified.
If fear arises it is wise to place down any of my
sacred texts to go within, as the kingdom of God is within you, to face the fear,
the doubt, the agitation, the anxieties, until your ego can stand forth as one with
you. Not as separate. Not to validate,
not to appease your ego, but to inject love therein
Read until you’re edified or read until you are agitated, but read, receive. Thank you. I’m looking at a question that
I wrote down on a piece of paper in front of me because it was so important
that he answered it and he wanted me to write this down, right here for you
so I’m gonna look at it right there. The question is: there are many stories
of miracle healings that you performed. I believe we all have the power to heal
ourselves and others. And he nodded when
you said that. Can you provide any
assistance in how we can harness these healing abilities and powers? The reason why miracles
appear to be few and far between, and they are not
Miracles occur daily. In your daily lives The fact that your cells in your bodies
regenerate, die and are reborn is a miracle.
How your heart beats on its own is a miracle.
How you continue to breathe unconsciously even as a miracle.
But say we use this as an example:
if you should choose to breathe consciously and
believe that you can control the conscious nature of your breath could
you then begin to believe that you can create a miracle?
Miracles and healings are within the power of your belief
system. The limitations therein can
prevent the miracle or serve the miracle to perpetuate, develop and be birthed
A miracle comes from within and then expands via your nature
into what you perceive as your external surroundings.
You can harness these abilities by understanding and believing that they
are within you and that they are not separate of you.
And it is that simple. Hmm, thank you.
I’m just scrolling through to the next question. The question is: is there a particular prayer that you prefer us to
recite daily? -I’m getting this from your
questions and answers section- I shall first answer by helping you
understand that prayer is you communicating to the kingdom of God
within you. Do not pray to serve an
external God, an external guru. Do not bow at the feet of any teacher
or any guru. Not I.
Not anyone. When you bow,
when you serve, when you pray, it is that of gratitude.
If you pray it is communication and an expression of
gratitude, not that of supplementation, but that of thanks, that of honor and
this is sacred. The prayer of OM; the sounds that
birthed you into existence from the sacred language that you choose to
define and create as your original languages on this planet or indeed still
sacred to your Earth. Understand these sounds.
Read your ancient texts. Specially the ones that began as Sanskrit.
I’m so happy that you said that. I’m smelling so big
internally and externally. -if there is an external, even.
Let’s look again at your…
He’s guiding me towards the Facebook event questions, for a moment. The question is: now that the political circus of 2016 is mostly over, will 2017
be a more enlightening year, so we can get our work done here on Earth? Your your work is perfect as is. Can you look at the
divinity of all that is occurring as true divine nature or will you receive
it as fear? Will you receive it as should and should not?
Will you receive it as true in its own miracle?
What do you perceive and accept as enlightenment?
2017 is a year of transcending fear, which will then lead
to compassion, which will likely then align with unity.
Your work is already being done and has already been done.
The outcome is unity, the outcome is love, the outcome is perfect
It is perfect as is, always has been, always will be
I don’t know about you but that just felt very powerful for me.
OK, let’s move on to a question from the
scrolling question-and-answer. I’m scrolling so quickly. I’m having a hard
time keeping up and I’m trying to just… He’s pulling me between the question and
answers and between the Facebook event so that people don’t feel that we’re
glossing over anything, okay? I’m just looking, because we’ve already
answered some of these in the scrolling question and answer section.
So I’m trying to find one that hasn’t already been answered that he guides me towards,
because that’s the reason why I’m looking here. Yes, we’ve already answered questions about reboot, reset, and currency and… This is good, OK, he wants this one …and there it went.
There. Here it is again. It scrolled and I
lost it, but here it is again. The question is: my friends recently started
a spiritual group for raising energy and awareness for empaths and healers.
He nodded and thanked you, by the way. Do you have any guidance for this group?
Especially on how we can help one another heal.
He states: if you have united to raise awareness, to raise your frequencies into
love. When you become aware that you are the healers. When you become aware that
empathy serves you, as opposed to owning you and controlling you.
When all is well within all emotions, then you are
honoring your empathic nature and then you’re honoring the path of servitude
that is a path of the healer. The path of the healer is that of
compassionate service. Awareness and teachings of how
to lift your frequencies, even within that that you perceive as suffering
When you receive that all is well within the gambit of human emotions,
you will not perceive suffering any longer. Your pain body will feel love instead of suffering
And he does like this. And he said: your pain body will go within and will unite
and there will be no perception of separation and then
ego will be loved and empaths will not perceive that they are in pain.
And this is what I have to share about all spiritual groups, all spiritual families
with this purpose. Thank you for honoring the path of the
healer. I thank you and it is I who bows to you for your work. I’m trying not to cry OK, back to a Facebook event question,
because that’s where he is guiding me now. Why is it not scrolling?
OK. OK… still talking about phones and cameras.
Hang on, I’m looking for the question that he wants.
It is actually a question… Ohh, yes, pets. Here it is.
A question for Yeshua and a statement.
Grieving and guilt over the loss of a pet.
He said I know you are my sister and that is because you love your pet as you
love yourself. Now we’ll continue with
your question now. I am grieving and
feeling guilt over the loss of my pet Please speak about pets crossing over
and visitation dreams. Will my pet visit me?
The conscious collective of animals is changing.
They are shifting into a current alignment and awareness that they are not
mirroring and reflecting the pain in you in order to strictly
perform this purpose and then move on into another collective of animal souls,
which remained primitive. But they are enlightened as you are
The fractals and portions of the animal soul is now
changing, enlightening if you will. Becoming more aware. Expanding
If you choose to understand that all is well as all is equal
and that you are they and they are you you will understand how
unity assisted in the animal collective. In what you perceive as the beginning
nature of Earth, as there is no beginning and there is no end.
In what you perceive in this beginning, there was a primitive
nature to you therefore there was a primitive nature
to what you perceive as animals and as you evolved animals evolved and now you
are perceiving and understanding that the spirits of the animals are indeed
fractals of your own divinity as well. Connect to them.
Your belief system will allow you that connection.
Within your intention if you call in a state of
unity and connection to your animal you are calling from the nature of your own
soul. If you perceive separation, it is
more difficult for this connection. Call this animal as you would call yourselves
And then, in what you perceive as a dream state, you will receive your unity
connection, for this is what you called in. You can call in the miracle of the
manifestation of the reincarnation of the spirit of
the same animal within what you perceive as a new animal if this is your belief.
You can call in, based upon your intention and your belief, any
connection that that belief allows. This is within your allowance.
Thank you. Let’s move on to another question from
the question and answer section. Just searching for something that’s a
question, not a statement or a test. In the beginning stages of these
question-and-answer statements we had a lot of testing, testing.
HAHA. Hoho, that’s good
huh, okay, a question. Would you please ask if the world is
flat, with firmament, or a globe, as the scientists are declaring?
There was a little bit of a joyful giggle that I was feeling and
observing from him as well during this question and now.
And he states: I do not intend to obscure your question
with this riddle, but it aligns within awareness of what you choose to believe.
Do you believe it is round? Do you believe it is flat?
There are many embodiments. Is the ball round? is the ball square?
Does the ball hold a shape at all? Likely not. Thank you.
He is referring me to one of his embodiments, Sai Baba…
Surprise! Another one is Paramahansa Yogananda,
which we’ll be channeling in January. One of his embodiments, Sai Baba,
asked a question: want is the shape of worry? And when I first heard that question
I got confused, because it was a riddle
and It’s always my mind that I don’t want to confuse you
with a riddle. Oh is my microphone doing it again?
I just got a text. If I call in Yeshua and Sai Baba at
the same time we’re gonna have problems.
I’m gonna have to scroll through the chat to see if that’s better.
Yeah that’s my Yeshua voice, it always happens, but it’s not me.
It’s because I was calling in Yeshua and Sai Baba at the same time,
because they are fractals of each other and they came in together and
this is why I giggled, because Sai Baba is a giggler…
and now I’m gonna keep laughing… Stop it! HAHA
Yeah someone said I heard a quiet giggling voice.
Yeah, It’s crystal clear now, thank goodness.
But that means the message is important.
And Sai Baba came through simultaneously to say I don’t
mean to advise with a riddle, but then he did.
And the question that I recently heard from a loved one was: what is the
shape of worry? And I really couldn’t answer.
I’m just seeing there… like shape…hmm There’s no shape to worry.
It doesn’t exist, you know And then he nodded at me
and he said: precisely. So this is what
Yeshua also extended to you as a point of reference when it comes to Earth.
He said what is the shape of Earth? Earth is in many frames of reference
-we’re back to him again- There are many
parallel Earth environments. More than your minds can comprehend currently in
the human conscience collective. Further than what I can expand upon today.
There is not one shape. This is in your current third
dimensional perception, which you perceive is that of a globe,
but it is closer to a flat and in within its parallel reality there are many
dimensions that create perceptions of shapes but there is no one shape.
It is ever-changing, that is my answer. Let’s go back to a Facebook event question. Okay, physical healing question. And here it is:
How can one effect physical self healing right now?
Thank you. The answer is to connect to spirit.
The answer is within the question. Releasing the perception of time is
instantaneously healing to the mind and the body.
Mind is spirit. Connecting to spirit is true divinity connecting to
your true divine nature will enhance your belief system that you are source
and the healing comes from the kingdom of God within you.
However, personal accountability for your bodies, for the frequencies
that you allow within your brains from emotions, from
what you are perceiving and creating as external sources.
What you are calling electromagnetic frequencies, which extend
from your devices; your computers, your phones, your tablets, your televisions, your…
…everything. And he does like this.
Will you use these as tools or will these become habits which satiate your ego,
which cause a feeling of distraction. And if you are distracted you feel
separated. If you feel separated,
you feel that you are not loved by God. This causes for the anxieties, the
depressions, the mental states of illness which then extend towards the physical
states of illness. Please, maintain spiritual accountability
for your brains and your bodies, your food, your water.
The frequencies from food and water and from your environments
should remain pure. If your devices cause distractions,
if your devices cause fears if your devices cause you to feel separate
from even the fear that is in the egoic states of your brain that you need to face.
He’s pointing to the pineal gland, I believe. Then this is not good and this
does not serve. Do not be distracted in your
environments. This causes the perception, the illusion
of separation to perpetuate, which is the source of illness.
The perception of separation is the source of all illness.
Go quietly within the temple of God, within the kingdom of God,
that is the compass of all that is, that all that ever has been,
all that ever will be. Allow your hearts to be the compass of
your healing. He’s gonna make me cry again.
I knew it would happen at some point. No sound?
I was just looking, I wanted to just check my chat, because he told me to
I’m not checking the chat very much. We’re back to me again as you can tell,
’cause I’m crying. Do you have sound?
You do, okay. Then we’re good.
I’m good, OK. Back to the question and
answer section another question…
He’s guiding me here for you guys live in the live question section.
He’s giving a blessing for someone’s daughter who goes by Adelina and
it’s very important. This is personal to you
It’s rare that he does this. He’s touching her here
It’s a mental condition that’s causing many physical conditions as well.
So she’s personally blessed. That’s rare.
Oh, again with “a course of miracles” question. He wants me
to keep on this. Yeshua, did you dictate the “Course of
Miracles” to Helen? He’s nodding, he is
nodding and doing this. That is a yes when he does that.
Where did the text come from and what is its purpose.
Again, with any book, there is a relevance of truth that will align
towards you when you are ready to hear my truth.
You are the student, you are the teacher This is why this book aligns as truth
It makes no distinction between the two. There is no separation and this is why I
dictated this book to Helen. I’m getting that loud and clear from him,
that I need to read more of “A Course Of Miracles”.
He tells me these little things in between.
These statements to you. So again, I will
I get it now, HAHA. OK.
Someone said in chat: “I have goosebumps”.
I call those truthbumps and I have them too, right now.
I’m freezing, freezing with them. OK, back to the Facebook event section. Looking for a question that he’s having
me search for. Give me a moment. Hohoho.
This is gonna be fun. This question is gonna be fun.
To Pamela and Yeshua: I am reading information from the Pleiadian source.
He interrupted me and he said: there are many Pleiadian sources including this
one; and points to myself and him. Back to your question.
I would like to see free energy for all mankind.
He nodded and he states: It is there in your grasp.
It is there in your scientists. It is there in your quantum physics.
It is there for your taking. Your governments, on the other hand,
are not ready, but you are. Unite amongst yourselves.
Provide it for yourselves. OK.
Back to your question. He wants me to address
the latter half of it. It’s more of a statement and then
a question; …and I also believe people need to work hard on their parts to get
what they want. Are there any lazy people who want
whatever everyone else gets without hard work? How is it fair for those people who
work hard? Is it loving to yourself to perceive a
distinction as fair, unfair, difficult, hard-working, lazy?
This is a perception of separation. There is no truth in the identity and
definition of fair or unfair unless your belief system aligns.
Spiritual accountability is necessary. This can be difficult for many who
perceive that it will be. This can be simple for some
who perceive that it will be simple and easy.
If you perceive difficulty in the nature of what you
call work, then play and learning will indeed feel like work
and this causes for your definition of fair and unfair.
If you are emotionally accountable towards yourself and others,
you are aligned towards your own path. How this relates to free energy for all of
mankind is within you and your accountability.
If you want free energy, align towards those who also wish and want for free
energy and who believe that they are and will create it.
To believe that they will not be suppressed.
Do not align with fear of suppression, with fair or unfair.
Just align with the belief that you can personally achieve
it and then align, find and create unity within groups of people who feel the
same and then you will have it. That it is
everything is free. Your perception that
you are not free is a creation of ego. Thank you. I need to look at a live question now. Ooh wow! Question about sex.
I knew we would get here eventually.
HAHA. Here we go.
Dearest Yeshua, I would like to know if casual sex or sex for the sake of
enjoyment hampers spiritual growth, assuming that one isn’t addicted to it
or does this depend on the unique case? If so, could you provide an example?
Thank you, much love. He said: within the
nature of sex, it is temporal. This does
not mean it is good or bad. It is strictly temporal.
However, there is a sacred nature to sexuality when you
combine the nature of the divine masculine and the nature of the Divine
Feminine. This is not limited to man or woman
-Thank you for making that clear- Sorry, I had to intervene.
Again, this is not strictly within the nature of a man and
a woman, but the representation of the sacred nature of the divine masculine
and the divine feminine as unity. He does like this and then like this.
As is below, above as is below. And when you
understand that there is no dark nature. If there is no harm in this connection,
and if you perceive no harm, if it is consensual,
if it is sacred, if it is divine in nature.
Why do you identify as casual? This is the ego’s perception;
marriage can be perceived as sacred but there are many who
pervert the sacred nature of marriage. Casual can be perceived as sacred,
but there are many who pervert the nature of what sex is
when you use and define sex with the word “casual”
I need to ask him a question. Does this mean…
Can I attach meaning that you do not prefer the word casual.
He said: I prefer the word sacred. …clarifies
Back to him. If you enjoy sex then it is sacred,
if you have attached a meaning of dirty if you have attached the meaning of sin
within a negative connotation within your egoic states,
then you have lost its sacred nature and then it becomes something that
dampens your growth and then it becomes
something that is strictly temporal. And when sex is strictly temporal,
then it does hamper your spiritual growth. But it does not have to be strictly
temporal. There are many divine methods within
what you have called Kundalini, Kundalini rising, sacred sexuality,
the teachings of tantra. These are ancient teachings that
teach how to embody a sexual nature without a perversion.
Yeah, that’s all. Okay. I’m so glad that he answered
that question. I really am.
And he’s whispering, which makes me whisper.
And then we’re in a room full of whisperers.
Why are we whispering? Because I love you.
And he said: because I love you. Hahaaaa
Now we have Sai Baba laughing. This gets to be fun sometimes.
I love my job. I love my job, I love my role here.
And hopefully, now that we have Sai Baba again
it will not disturb the microphone. OK, now we need to go back to…
And this will be the last question. So we’re going
to make this good, because we’ve been at
this for an hour and a half. And it’s been wonderful,
but we should preserve some of these questions for the next
time we channel him, which will be soon.
And some of these questions can be channeled by Paramahansa Yogananda,
which, by the way, we will be channeling
likely as close to January the 5th as possible, because that’s his birthday.
And that’s a way to honor another Christ consciousness being.
And now we haven’t… see, all you do is mention:
now we have three. Please don’t blow my mic.
Don’t blow my microphone. He’s having me scroll through
your questions because he says it’s at the very bottom.
Very bottom, he says. Here we go.
Finances. Thank you. We can end here
Yeshua, why is it that so many lightworkers and spiritual teachers
suffer financially and suffer from financial lack or suffer so many
hardships in this world, when in essence they are only spreading love and
compassion trying to do good? He said:
there is no simple answer to your question, but the answer is within your
question; when you are trying to do good in a temporal physical third-dimensional
state of existence, this is light and how can you know light
in this existence without the darkness. From your darkness, this void is not
lacking. It births the light.
It births the love, the compassion, the innate goodness of your nature.
But how can you know one without remembering the other?
This is why. Thank you for your servitude.
Thank you so much for your compassionate nature.
Thank you lightworkers. I just looked up at our participants
list and it is 222 participants and I love that number and so does he,
by the way. And that’s my cue.
I love you. Thank you for being here.
Thank you for embodying Christ consciousness.
Thank you for all that you do and all that you will do and all that you have
always done. Please come join me again.
I thank my management team who has been my rock, my foundation
I thank my best friends and the people who love me and my family,
who makes this possible. So thank you and much love to all of you.
Much love from him, from me and from all of the Christ conscious beings we
channel. I leave you with love. Subtitles by elninodelasestrellas.com
with love to all beings.