hey everyone welcome to the October
update the first thing you’re going to notice is that we’ve given Richard this
month off and my name is Dave silver and I’m one of the new members of the wall
of answered prayer team now I joined the team for two simple reasons one God had
been speaking to us about opening up a new season in our life and while we were
waiting for that to happen the phone rang on the other end of the phone was
Richard gamble and he said he was looking for God to bring him somebody to
help him with the operations of the wall of answered prayer he says simply will
you join us and I said yes now it’s been a couple of months and it’s been really
full-on since I joined and already we’ve seen amazing things we’ve seen generous
donations as God’s people responded to the need into the vision and and gave
thousands to the cause things are definitely accelerating as we look to
finalize the planning phase I want to highlight just a couple of areas of
development for you first of all we’ve made a small change to the design of the
wall now at the top of the arc you’ll see that we’ve added a twist which moves
downward into a large elevated sweeping curve now this was done to bring clarity
and emphasis to the fact that the sculpture is actually the shape of a
mobius strip and it twists itself into a kind of a figure eight now the added
benefit is it makes the whole thing a little bit taller and it can be seen by
even more people who pass by it every week now the second development is we’ve
fully settled into our new offices or new headquarters here at the nettle Hill
Conference Center and this moves our operations much closer to the land site
and gives us plenty of room to grow as operational demands ramped up in the
weeks to come now time is running short because we need to submit the final
planning application by the end of November now when we started this phase
the cost of the whole planning was around three hundred eighty four
thousand pounds there are so many surveys so many applications so many
different people that we needed consultancy and expertise from now the
amazing thing is we’ve got this down to the last hundred and fifty thousand
there’s been lots of generous donations renegotiation a lot of people giving
their time for free but we need to find that money in seven short weeks and
there is no way we can do this by natural means one of
my favorite passages of Scripture is found in 2 Kings 6 where we have the
story of the prophet Elijah and his servant now they’re surrounded by armies
who are opposing them and trying to stop the purposes of God in fact the armies
are trying to kill them so he likes to praise a simple prayer he prays God let
the servants eyes be open that he might really see what’s going on seems a
little bit illogical because he doesn’t pray that the armies would be removed or
that God would sort it out for them but when God answers the prayer an amazing
thing happens this the servants eyes are open what he sees is that the hills
beyond the armies are full of horses and chariots of fire in other words the
armies of heaven are available as a resource to them and they learn a very
powerful lesson that greater is the resource that’s for them then that which
is against them and that rings absolutely true for us today now here at
the wall of answered prayer our opposition isn’t the form of armies and
people trying to kill us it’s bureaucracy and rising costs and massive
massive tasks that have to be undertaken with not enough people to do it but we
believe that God’s resource is sufficient and so often that is supplied
through God’s own people so I want to ask you the same question that Richard
gamble asked me when he rang me when I was looking for God’s guidance and he
said will you join us I want to know if you’ll join us in this amazing vision to
see the wall of answered prayer bill there’s some simple ways you can help us
firstly we want to ask you to stand with us in prayer secondly you can volunteer
your time or your skills or maybe make an introduction to somebody who could
help us third you can donate you can make a donation you can become a monthly
partner maybe you could even organize a fundraising
event for us fourth and finally I want to ask you to follow us on social media
and share the great news of what’s happening with as many friends as you
can whatever platform you use like us follow us subscribe check out our
YouTube channel where every week we are releasing all kinds of amazing resource
so you can take in fact take five seconds now as I finish this video press
subscribe if you’re watching on YouTube look us up on the different platforms
and join us as we see this thing taken forward into the next phase thank you