Hi disciples, it’s me, your favourite lord and saviour, Jesus. And um, [I’ve] got another one of those videos for you Yeah, I’ve got to go to court in a couple days, and I’m a little stressed out about it because I’m fighting for my kids. I’m fighting to have Maintained the custody that I have which is only 50% custody of my kids And What’s being used against me are jokes jokes that I made on YouTube and and Twitter also but Jokes that’s right and It’s crazy it’s just absolutely crazy and I’m I Just don’t have words. I don’t I don’t really know what to say about it. So I’m just gonna show you guys This is what’s being used against me in court Easily stick your head through Before That thing so it’s like what are people really? Putting things up that big up there, but apparently yes Yes, we get it is true that given enough time patience dedication Anything can be a dildo Well, it is true, I mean there’s I mean it is factual And It’s also important to know that Not anybody can see this, you know, my streams are age-restricted so it’s I’m not I’m not concerned about my kids saying this and Being like offended or anything because my kids can’t watch my own videos Anything that’s not appropriate or explicit is age restricted. That’s just how it goes yes, so just playing some VR and Someone else is talking about incest a lot expected of me And yeah, a lot of pressure on a package, you know, like you have a question is having sex with your sister is sin It definitely is a sin. Yes. Yes. You should never usually never incest this is look What did she talk though? Doesn’t matter man Good night shit, I guess this is my confession then I’ll forgive you. Come here. You are forgiven and I Don’t pass any judgment How was that how was that supposed to be bad? I don’t get it. So apparently they’re also using the entire video “I need your help” as evidence against me I think the big objection there is that I said that I was raised in a highly controlled religious Organization and that some people call it a cult and I stand by that It’s true So here is another one Jesus is it a sin to masturbate and then and again they’re using a whole video where I just talk About how it’s not a sin to masturbate Because it isn’t And then there’s this one I miss my foreskin For the record I’m against circumcision yeah, I I’m not enough for it anti-circumcision And I can’t see what’s what’s wrong with that Hi Christian, it’s me your favorite Lord and Savior Jesus You’re a trash math teacher. And do you know what go yourself? Praise be Okay, so I got paid to read a script that had the f-word in it Whoo-whoo Seriously so any actor any actor that says bad words Canta is not as an unfit parent. I mean, it doesn’t make any sense, you know that means What what is safe what is safe for an actor? Right what characters can an actor play in order to be a fit parent? Jesus saved me. I have sinned I come on the feet of Sister, what can I do? Purging by fire. Are you saying that you? Evacuated on your sister’s feet. I don’t I don’t even know what to save for that one this Place I’m using proper terminology I’ll get it. Yeah, so this next one. I’m not really sure what the big deal is because It’s totally legal and it’s cannabis. That’s right. I’ve smoked cannabis Surprise As anybody surprised as anybody surprised about that? I mean we all know that Jesus Smoked weed. I mean that’s it’s a given Pussy and madman So of all this different songs that I’ve sang on stream They chose Kia’s 2002 hit single My neck my back Okay, all right man, I didn’t even sing it that well I wish think got like that time I did Get low or the thong song or you know, come on my neck my back Yeah, and and then this one’s a tweet that is literally just a parody of A Donald Trump tweet where I switched out CNN for the Mormon Church, and fake news for the Gospel, I mean come on. It’s I Don’t underst my kids don’t even have a Twitter account. So I Don’t even know why this is really being used against me or anything like that It’s free. Speech Yeah, my my sponsorship with Adam and Eve has definitely come up in court and has has had been mentioned By my ex-wife’s attorney. Yeah, I mean, this is I Have to come up with a response for all this I have to defend myself About this this is just it’s weird. It’s it’s really really weird. So anyways Let me know what you think These are definitely comments. I’m gonna read so please Write down What you think? Because hey, I might use it in court. I don’t know Also, please like this video share this video and if you haven’t already please subscribe and Help us build the kingdom of heaven here on YouTube Thanks