Hey guys, it’s Christel here. So I have decided to make my first video here on Youtube about why I left and how I left the LDS church or the Mormon Church. So, if you are looking to do that. I’m hoping that this video will help you and hopefully give you some information or just kind of guide your decision whether or not you do want to leave. Um… so lets start with kind of my background with Mormonism. So, I was living in Provo Utah. Which is basically the poster-child of Mormonism. And it was part of the social life there. It was… I was also raised in a very LDS household. Um…and I was very much into the religion, so much that I wanted to be part of the Presidency of the Young Women over the entire church itself. So, that’s what we are talking about here. And I have obviously, I have left. I have left for about four years now and I have never been a happier person or a more understanding person, then when I left. So…. Why I left. I left for a lot of reasons, honestly. I really did. And if you want an in-depth story of my journey. Let me know. I will be glad to make another video about it. Um… And just let you guys know my… …. like what actually happened to me. Um, more in detail. But I don’t want this video to be to long. Um… So I would be studying a lot of history of the church. Which is where we usually start anyway, when we’re kind of trying to see if we want to be part of the religion. And it really is a good place to start. Um… I started studying about Joseph Smith and his polygamy. Which is, I think the most common place to start. Um… but what got me, is what I actually found was I found documents that weren’t from him. It was from other people around him or from the many wives he had. About how they felt. And the way they were treated. If you guys know what I’m talking about. If you’re watching this and you know what documents I’m talking about. And you have the link. Post it below so other people can see it. Cause that’s what really helped me. And…. It…. I don’t know. It really got to me because I know at the time I was engaged. And just hearing these women talking about how they were treated. Um… really, honestly really broke my heart. And…. During this time, So I was I think that was the main thing in the history that I was studying. Cause then I was studying more about present things. And I remember finding out that the apostles were actually paid for the work they do. And I remember growing up everybody is taught that ‘No, they’re not.’ And I felt really betrayed and lied to. And I think that it would have been different if we were kind of taught that, you know, that was going on. But, we weren’t. And so I really felt terrible. And there’s the whole thing on tithing and where the money goes. And… just the fact that they won’t release where the money goes. Because I feel like you have nothing to hide, you would release that information. So anyway, there’s a lot of things. I was studying a lot of things and finding out a lot of different things about the church that I didn’t like. And during this time I would actually be going to church. My fiance was going with me at the time. Cause we were deciding if we would like to be Mormon or not. Um…. And… as we were going to church, It…. it got really crazy and there was… there was things I started to notice about the church that I thought were kind of weird. And I never noticed them before. And… I, I never realized basically how judgmental of people they are. Um… and I’m not saying this about all Mormons. So if you are Mormon and you just so happen to be watching this. I’m sorry. This is just what happened to me. What I picked up. Um… Again, sorry about that. But I know It’s gonna be really hard for you to hear this if you are LDS. Anyway, Um… But yah, they were being very judgmental with things that they were saying. And they were talking about how you should never be around somebody even if they have a sip of wine. You shouldn’t be their friend, you shouldn’t talk to them. I just kept think, like why? That’s, that’s a choice they make that doesn’t mean that’s who they are. But they don’t teach you like that. And I thought that was super judgmental. They were very… racist… and sexist. I actually never realized how sexist they were until I left the LDS church. How… how men are…. raised so much higher then women. And… that that got me to cause thought we were kind of treated equal until I started like… stepping out of it. And boy was I wrong! But stuff like that. It’s just that I didn’t agree with it. Like, in my heart I just knew that that was not me. That was not some teaching I wanted to follow. Um… so like I said before my husband, or my fiance I guess at the time, and I would go to the LDS church, and um… to see if that’s kind of what we wanted to do. And… I didn’t know this ’til months after it happened. He didn’t tell me because he didn’t want me to change kind of my perspective on things. Just cause he was really respectful. And he didn’t necessarily want to force me out of my religion. He just wanted me to figure it out for myself. Which, I obviously did a very short time later. Um… But, again, It was like a month. It was at most a month. But… Whenever I would leave. So church is the 3 hours you know. And when we would separate to go to like the relief society and Priesthood. He later told me that as soon as I left there were people that would come up to him and him being of a darker skin tone. They came up told him he couldn’t go to church there because the brown people church was somewhere else. And if I had heard that and if he had told me that earlier I would have left right then and probably would have gone and yelled at everybody to be honest. Um… But…. that was definitely a line for me. I I fell like everybody deserves respect and it shouldn’t matter your religion or if you have like a beer now and then or a wine or you say like ‘Oh my God’ you know? And keep in mind also, those people that told him that I never moved growing up. So I absolutely knew every single person in my ward. I knew where they lived. I knew their kids a lot of them I knew what their pets names were. And it just took me It just… I just didn’t…. I didn’t get it. Like those people that I grew up with saying something like that to him… really hurt. Um… So I decided to leave Um.. Sorry, gonna adjust that real quick. So I decided to leave. So how did I leave? Um… You… if you are leaving you do need to under- -stand that… It’s not necessarily an easy process. In fact, for me and for a lot of people that I know, It’s actually very hard. And it takes, It takes time. It’s a process. So I’m gonna tell you just a short version of what I did. And if you do want to hear about it more in depth. Basically about this whole process Um… or me actually leaving. Let me know cause there’s actually a huge story behind this. But I At the time I didn’t know how to get my name off the record. And if you are leaving just know that that’s… being inactive and getting your name taken off of the record are two different things for them.They act completely different. Because if you’re inactive you know, they can still try and get you back to church. Whereas if you take your name off… it’s…. it kind of scares them because they feel like you’re the only person that can lead them astray. And that is angry at the church. You just have this automatic thing; that you hate the church. And…. you know, you’re going to do everything you can to make sure that nobody else goes back to church. Anyway… So I decided to… go to my bishop because that was the only thing I knew. And…. Don’t go to your bishop to take your name off. If you want it of their records. Don’t do that. Basically what happened to me was I confided in him and he ended up telling everybody. And they knew that I was like inactive but they didn’t know I was taking my name of the record. And…. Long story short I had lots of people coming to me… I had people yelling at me, telling me how I’m going to hell. How I’m a disappointment to everybody. And… especially a disappointment to my parents. Which I kind of already knew. But I didn’t necessarily want to hear it from other people. So I think that’s the hardest part as you start. Is there will be people who come up to you and they seriously say the craziest things to try and get you to stay. If you’re watching this and you have any examples, put them below. They really do say some really crazy things. And some very rude and hurtful things as well. So you gotta get over that bump. As you doing this you gotta make sure that you know that you want to leave. And that’s the right choice for you. They can’t make that decision for you. They can’t force that decision on you. It’s your choice. So that was going on….And… So I… I remember…I even called my bishop back and told him like how terrible he had been and things. And again if you want to hear about that let me know. Cause again it’s a huge story. And it’s insane what happened. Cause I wasn’t expecting any of that. But he still was like ‘Oh well I can help you.’ and like you know ‘like you can still trust me.’ you know, whatever. And I was like no, I don’t want to go back to you. And I think it was like a month or so that I just still had my name on the record even though I didn’t want it there. So I actually met someone and she told me about this website, that i’m gonna tell you if you want to get your name off the record. It is the best place to do it. I think it might be the fastest. If you have a faster way, also let me know, so that other people can… use that if they’re trying to leave. So I used quitmormon.com. I can put a link for it below as well. So I used that and it was… it’s really easy. You just fill out the information. It’s done through a lawyer and he sends these letters in and he actually threatens to take legal action. Cause a lot of times they don’t want to take your name off the records. However, if it is threatened through legal action, the church doesn’t want to deal with that. so they take your name off. But again, go to quitmormon.com It’s free. They do it through donations and it’s great. And they’ll send you updates on how your case is doing. You can go ask them questions. It’s really… It’s really a good place. So that’s kind of how I left. If you guys want follow up videos, If you want to hear more about what happened between me and my bishop or more about like the details of me leaving… If you have any questions I actually want to do a Question and Answer. Just with kind of my opinions on Mormonism. And I… again I’d love to do that so give me your input. If you do like this video please, please, please give it a thumbs up. If Its helped you, go and share it, let other people know about it so we can kind of spread the word and help people that are trying to leave. Thanks so much guys I really appreciate you for watching. Sorry it’s so long. But thank you! I will see you guys in the next video, Bye!