People ask questions about Jesus often. And they are curious. I think they are curious more to know about Jesus.
In western countries they don’t know the truth. Like I have made video about Jesus where Jesus was for 18 years. There were many comments on that. But I am answering you
couple of comments which is related about the Nalanda University. Yeah I spoke a little bit differently there because university
for me was like an education center. And those days when Jesus was here 2,000 years ago there was a
center of education in Nalanda. And Nalanda was flourished, prosperous city. Though I think I mispoken there University of Nalanda instead of city of Nalanda. City of Nalanda was the education center. People used to go there.
It was free education whatever I spoke in the first video. But I am correcting myself city of Nalanda not University of Nalanda. Yeah it existed
university before that it was called Takshila University. Now it is in Pakistan. Or in Afghanistan somewhere. So this city Nalanda was very popular.
It was established almost 250 years before Christ, means 2250 years ago. 2,250 years ago. And it was the center of business, it was the center of
education. That’s why Joseph sent Jesus there with the businesspeople, but for his education. The second comment I want to tell you that people are writing too much that he was
the son of God. Why he need education, why he need to go to India? My friends, first of all, you have to think even he was son of God he has to behave like human
being. He was in human body and he needs education, he needs languages, he needs to be well-versed. So, his father Joseph did the right thing. And he was born close to India, not close to America.
That is sure. He can travel to India because if there was education, why not to go there? So, his father Joseph did the right thing. And he was born close to India, not close to America.
That is sure. He can travel to India because if there was education, why not to go there? And that’s what Joseph did – the right thing. And he became well-versed. That’s what
he start teaching the message of love. Love means feel oneness with every living being. That is the wider concept. Don’t make it very narrow concept or
very small concept. The concept of love is very very big. It is like nonviolence. That’s what he learned. And maybe he tried to
translate nonviolence, concept of nonviolence into Hebrew language or Aramaic language I think. And that’s what he couldn’t find the word about nonviolence. Gandhi was right
to use the word instead of nonviolence he used word Ahimsa. He could have used. Jesus could have used word too the word Ahimsa,
whatever he learned, but it didn’t occur to him at that time. But anyway, somehow, he started. He was revolutionary human being. And
whatever he learned in the Old Testament he tried to amend everything. Because it was not for human being. It doesn’t seem right – tit for tat – it doesn’t seem right.
An eye for an eye – it doesn’t seem right to him. So he has to amend, and he did. It was revolutionary teaching when he came back via Tibet. And I told
in the first video that they found historical proof that he visited Tibet. The churches can hide the truth, but sooner or later that truth will come out. How long they can
teach the false teachings? They can teach…they can hide the truth. They have to tell the truth. No matter their churches collapse or their churches survive. Everyone has to tell the truth. And the churches need to open. Right
now we are in the very good time and we are in that era, that we can tell everything. Every single thing. So it is good to open up. And all the churches, even Catholic or
Protestant or new churches, if they can tell the truth so the people know. 18 years there is no proof, whatever proof we have, little bit, it
is not enough to prove that where he was 18 years. 18 years is not like 18 months. You can hide a person for
18 months but it is hard to hide for 18 years. So it is time that you can, you can tell the truth. And I’m telling you Nalanda, Nalanda was the prosperous stage city and flourishing city. All over the world they used to go there. Businesspeople and for education. It was established 250 B.C.
It is considered Gupta Period in India. And it was very very prosperous time for India. It is in Bihar. That city’s ruins still
there. It tells its own story still. You know those education center including monasteries – Buddhist monasteries and Jain centers and
other Hindu centers – they were giving education free to everyone. They didn’t have anything about race, color, or creed. Whoever goes
there get the education. And that’s what they did. If Jesus went, they taught him. And maybe Jesus was not fully white. How
do you know? There is no Jesus picture – the real picture. No picture available those days. There was no camera, there was no technology.
So whatever Jesus picture we have today it is imaginary. So how do you know if he goes in different area they painted Jesus like black. White
paint like white. So it is difficult to tell whatever color he was even. So it is difficult to tell. So if we can not even have proof of
his real picture, how can you have proof of 18 years where he was lost? He was not roaming around in vain. His father was very smart and very very
wise person. He sent him for the education and he got the education. Jesus was really revolutionary. And he created revolution in the society where they needed more. Romans were pissed off, pagans were
pissed off but he was the bravest person. He didn’t care if they killed him or if they don’t kill him. But he told the truth. That was Jesus.