>>Ankerberg: The Bible indicates that the
Jewish temple will be rebuilt on the Temple Mount, after the rapture and during the first
part of the 7 year tribulation period. Are there any signs this temple is close to being
rebuilt today? In our research in Israel, we discovered that the rebuilding of the Jewish
temple is not just talk, but an extremely well-organized plan that is already being
implemented by Jews in Israel today.Alright Jimmy, the temple is going to be rebuilt someday,
but it’s certainly not in existence now. And it’s the most controversial piece of
real estate in the world, what’s going to happen?>>DeYoung: Well, let me just remind everybody
of the Scriptures. Daniel 9:27. In the midst of the week, that seven year period of time
between the rapture and the second coming of Christ, there has to be a temple there.
Jesus confirmed that, Matthew 24:15, “When you see the abomination of desolation.”
Apostle Paul confirmed it, 2 Thessalonians 2:4, Antichrist walks into the temple, the
abomination of desolation takes place. And in Revelation 11:1, John is told to measure
the space for the temple. So we have four proof texts there will be a temple on the
Temple Mount. The rapture has to happen. At that point, when the Antichrist appears in
the beginning of that seven year tribulation period, he confirms a peace agreement. The
Jewish people lay down their weapons. They think they are at peace. They think the Messiah
has come. There is a coalition of nations coming into the area of Israel to wipe them
off the face of the earth. Well, Jesus Christ intercedes. And in Daniel 11:45, it’s says
that the Antichrist, after the Lord has given the victory to the Jewish people the Antichrist
usurps that victory and tells the Jewish people to put their temple up on the holy mountain
of God there in the city of Jerusalem. At that point they build a Temple. The Temple
is built, and it has to be up before the mid-way point of the tribulation. And it’s going
to be standing there. They restore the temple sacrifices and everything else. There is one
problem though, John. Everything has been prepared. They have the utensils; they have
the men who’ve studied the priestly duties. I met recently when I was Israel with the
man who was the chairman of the Sanhedrin, the 70 wise Jewish scholars that operate the
temple. He said he has his garment hanging in his closet, in his home, ready to put one
and report to the temple now. So, all of the preparations have been made. There’s one
problem: that gold domed building, the Dome of the Rock, sits on the spot where the Temple
has to be erected there on the Temple Mount. And I’ve got to tell you, during the Gulf
Crises when I first moved to Jerusalem, we would hear the siren warning of an incoming
SCUD. Most of us ran into our sealed room, put on our gas mask. The Jews living in the
Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem ran to the Temple Mount, started to pray,
“Dear God, let one of those SCUDs hit the Dome of the Rock.” Of course, SCUD is an
acronym for “Sure Could Use Direction,” because Saddam didn’t know where they were
going. But I believe that’s what’s going to happen. In that battle at the beginning
of the tribulation period, when these nations are attacking Israel, one of their missiles
is going to take down the Dome of the Rock. They put the Temple up. I mean, I could just
go for the next hour or two about the personalities who believe it’s about to be put up. One
of my dear friends, an orthodox Jewish man named Gershon Salomon, he has the cornerstones
to put on the Temple Mount to start construction of all that God said will happen during the
tribulation period. All the preparation, every player I’ve talked with, I know, I love
them, they’re ready to put the temple up. All we need to do is wait for the rapture.
The rapture happens first, then all of these things unfold.>>Ankerberg: Okay, the Jewish temple is put
up, and the fact is, the Antichrist goes in and desecrates it, the abomination of desolation,
and then there’s persecution of the Jews. Then we come to the end, the battle of Armageddon.
And then you have Jesus Christ coming back. And He’s going to come. And what’s He
going to do on the Temple Mount?>>DeYoung: Well, when he steps down on the
Mount of Olives, Zechariah 14:4, it’s says that that Mount of Olives will split from
the West to the East. That means the Temple Mount’s destroyed. That means that tribulation
temple is destroyed. The book of Ezekiel, chapters 40 to 46, two hundred and two detailed
verses of how Messiah will build His temple. Zechariah 6:12 says that Jesus will build
the temple, and then verse 13, He will rule and reign from that temple. Zechariah 1:16,
Jesus said, “I am coming back to Jerusalem to build my temple.” That will be the millennial
temple. After His second coming, that thousand year period of time when Jesus will rule and
reign from the temple in Jerusalem.