You’re going to get very excited when
you see what’s through this door! This structure is known as The Puppy Palace…
and that’s why. Those are two week old puppies
and their mom is a German Shepherd. Aren’t they adorable?!?! One of life’s greatest joys is spending time with puppies. Now this dog and these puppies don’t belong to us. My wife and I are fostering them
for woods Humane Society,
one of our local animal shelters. Our hobby used to be
breeding American Cocker Spaniels. We delivered and raised 16 litters
over a 15 year period
up until we retired from that in 2010. With our experience in raising puppies,
we figured we were the perfect people to
volunteer to help woods Humane Society… When we heard that
they needed someone to foster this litter. These puppies are 2 weeks old
and we’ll have them here at our house
until they’re fully weaned… About a month from now…
then we’ll turn them all over
back to Woods Humane Society… And it’ll be up to them
to eventually find good homes for all the dogs. You’re going to be seeing a lot more
of these puppies here on my YouTube channel
over the next month! I’ll be posting videos so you can see these pups
as they grow up and get more playful… And I’m pretty sure that we’ll do
some live feeds on YouTube…
we’ll call it the Puppy Cam… Which will give you an opportunity to observe
the puppies for extended periods of time. If you’re liking this video so far…
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that they should recommend to other people. As you may know, my YouTube channel is normally
all about cruise ships and vacations… And also about G-scale model trains… But for the next month,
we’ll be shifting the focus of my channel
to these adorable puppies. I will have one more new model train video
coming up for you this weekend… And then we’re gonna go full puppy mode
until these guys are weaned and we
turn them back over to Woods Humane Society. And after that my wife and I
will be heading out on another cruise. So, hopefully, after a month of puppy videos,
I’ll have some good cruise videos to share. This structure were housing the puppies in…
The Puppy Palace…
is located inside of our garage. It’s a re-creation of the original Puppy Palace
that we used back in the days
when we bred Cocker Spaniels. I demolished the original version of
the Puppy Palace back in 2010
when we retired from breeding Cockers. I didn’t think we’d ever need it again! And we wanted to free-up the space for my wife’s car. But last Friday when we found out for sure
that Woods Humane Society wanted us
to raise this litter of puppies for them… I set out on a very rushed 3-day project to build
this new version of The Puppy Palace. It started with a trip to Home Depot
for a whole bunch of lumber. I totally love my Toyota Sienna minivan! I haven’t had kids to drive around for years,
but I still drive a minivan because
of how versatile it is for hauling cargo. Can you fit 4×8 foot sheets of lumber in your car? I can! Anyway, with the lumber all laid out in my garage,
it was time to begin construction. I have no formal training in it,
but I do get a kick out of framing. I started with the two side walls… And then started tying them together to make
the basic outline of the puppy palace. And then started adding in the big 4×8 foot sheets
that make up the interior walls. And by the end of the first day of construction,
it was coming together nicely. Then on the second day,
I worked on the bed that my wife will rest on
while she’s watching the pups for long periods. That’s on the right side there. And that thing on the left side is just
a little bench… For me or any other visitors to sit on
when we want to come in and check on the pups. You can see the radiator-style heater in the back there.
Keeping puppies warm on a
cold winter night is absolutely critical. In this shot at the end of day two of construction,
you can see it’s really coming together… Although there’s still only three of four walls completed,
and no door yet. Note the little raised wooden platform
just in front of the heater. That’s to get the puppies up off of the cold cement floor. The third day of construction was all about
completing the front of the puppy palace… Including the big door and a little doggie door down below. We are so excited to have these puppies here! And the next month or so… it’s gonna be so much fun! Keep watching my YouTube channel
for a whole lot more videos
of these pups growing up… And, I hope, some live broadcasts on YouTube
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