– To be useful, to be
profitable, to be of service to almighty God,
you know, our father has quite a work to accomplish. We’ll be covering the
scriptures today where he says, when you’re walking along,
take a few rocks out of the road so it’s easier for
people behind you, implying. Do you do that? You know, something
that simple makes you, be careful, don’t stump
your toe, all right. But that makes you a servant
to the community and useful to God because you’re not
just thinking about yourself. Many times, you’ve heard
me talk about people that are so amazed by
the prayer of Jabez. The prayer of Jabez, the
only thing that’s outstanding about it is he’s not
selfish, he wasn’t thinking about himself and he
wasn’t praying for himself. With his righteousness,
he was praying for others. And that’s why God
answered his prayer. That’s why God sends
blessings to those that are useful to him, okay. And it doesn’t take
much, you know. Some of you have a smile,
that when you walk in a room and smile at someone,
I mean, it just, it picks the whole
place up, why, because it’s a Christian smile. It’s a smile from the spirit. And they can feel
that and they know it, and it does make a
difference, it’s like when he says be salty, salt
makes things a little saltier, well, when your spirit walks
into a room, it picks it up. I’m not trying to build
any egos or anything, that’s just a fact
about Christianity and serving him
and being useful, and that happens to
be the subject today. Open your Bibles, if you
would, to Isaiah chapter 48. Christ has just said
in the 47th chapter, thou art wearied in the
multitude of thy counsels, that’s who you talk to and
who you get your advice from. Let now the astrologers,
the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators,
stand up, and save thee from these things that
shall come upon you, you let those weirdos
try to help you out, count on them, depend on them. You better be depending
on your father. You know, he sent you
this letter telling you how to get along in these
flesh bodies, how to be happy, how to find peace of mind. And you find it through
him, because you’re family. You’re a child of God. Chapter 48 verse
one, and it reads, hear ye this, O house of
Jacob, which are called by the name of Israel, and are
come forth out of the waters of Judah, which swear
by the name of the Lord, and make mention of
the God of Israel, but not in truth,
nor in righteousness. You don’t mean a word
of it, you play church. What are you saying? You go down there
and you get a lot of traditions of
men in your church. And you don’t read the word
of God chapter by chapter and verse by verse. You listen to your
prognosticators. And that makes void
the word of God. You wanna always listen to
your father, do you know the power of creation, when
he created the heavens, look up at night,
he’s your father. And you’d listen to
some fortune teller? Give me a break, get
real, get a life. Listen to him. And a lot of our news
casters, incidentally, I think they’re prognosticators
also in this time, they talk about people and we
have one poor little person that’s already
been found guilty. But you know, people don’t
think for themselves. They dismiss the
crime, guilty of what, how can you be guilty
if there was no crime? Well, this person said
they were innocent and the government
lawyers, and that’s a lie. And got them for lying. So you know, you better
get a good grip on yourself in this generation, there’s
prognosticators out there, all right. But hey, we’re gonna win, okay. We got the victory. Every day, every
day, don’t you even, don’t you dare let them see
you sweat on your first cruise. You’re a child of
God, you act like it. Don’t you ever
quit, quitters lose. We win, okay. Naturally, Jacob
is always utilized for the natural seed, so
many people try to put the whole house of Israel
in one little tribe of Judah when all the 12 tribes, the
10 tribes that went north, migrated over the
Caucuses mountains and were later called
Caucasians and settled Europe, and many of them later
migrating to this great America. And in God we trust,
there’s a reason for it, it’s not an accident. He’s talking to you,
okay, verse two. For they call themselves
of the holy city, and stay themselves
upon the God of Israel, the Lord of hosts is his name. They brag that
they depend on God. You know, you can check
a person out real quick, whether they’re just hot air
or they’re the real thing. Verse three, I have
declared the former things from the beginning; and they
went forth out of my mouth, I shewed them; I did them
suddenly, and they came to pass. When I prognosticate,
when I foretell, it’s gonna happen
exactly that way, that’s what your
father is saying. When these knuckleheads
try to prognosticate, you never know
what’s gonna happen. They’re just hot air, okay. Always listen to your father. I have declared the former
things from the beginning. And we got that, didn’t
we, forth out of my mouth, time after time, you might
say, and I shewed them, and I did them suddenly,
and they came to pass. You know, from the beginning,
the reason I’m covering that, I want you to know, it even
goes back to the beginning, the foundation, which is to
say, the first Earth age. And he told us about it, and
he told us what happened there, Satan rebelled and fell. Verse four, because I knew
that thou art obstinate, I know you’re hard headed,
and thy neck is an iron sinew, you’re stiff necked,
and thy brow brass, you’re so hard headed I
can’t get a word in anywhere. None of you have ever met a
person like that, have you? Well, make sure
you’re not one, okay. When your father speaks to you, you wanna let him get your
attention occasionally. Because he shoots
straight from the hip. A lot of people, and you’re
gonna find a few people say, dear goodness, we don’t
talk like that in our church about our members
being hard headed. We’d be saints, okay. You wanna watch holy Joes, okay. Watch them close. You know, I like
that that is natural. I like people that live
like God created them and live by this word,
listen to their father, and not man’s traditions. Verse five, I have even from
the beginning declared it unto you; before it came
to pass I shewed it thee: lest thou shouldest say,
mine idol hath done them, and my graven image,
and my molten image, hath commanded them. My traditions foretold
me this would happen. I knew it all the time. Have you ever known
anybody like that? Knew it all the time. God foretells in
his word, why, how? Through his prophets,
have you ever read them, have you ever studied
them, have you ever heard about the one world
system that is spewing and coming to the surface
now as it is written in God’s word,
there’s no secrets. God doesn’t hide it from us. He tells the truth and
that’s how it goes down. Six, thou hast
heard, see all this; and will not ye declare it? Won’t you agree? I have shewed thee new
things from this time, even hidden things, and
thou didst not know them. He’s got them here because
they haven’t happened yet. That’s like the
book of Revelation, much of it hasn’t happened
yet, and if you’re not familiar with the book of Revelation,
you’re not gonna know it, you can’t guess it even. But there, he opens it up,
meaning revelation translated rather than transliterated means
to reveal or to make known. So you should know. And if you don’t,
then you haven’t read. Many times, when Jesus was
asked a thing, there was a, he would answer,
haven’t you read it? It’s been there all the time. You should know. Verse seven. They are created now, and
not from the beginning; even before the day when
thou heardest them not; lest thou shouldest say,
behold, I knew them. I’ve got things planned
in the hopper that haven’t even happened yet and
they haven’t been told yet. They are in the prophets. Just so you couldn’t say that
your little prognosticators had it all planned out, okay. And I get a kick
out of sometimes, when you have certain
committees formed about why this happened
or that happened. And they make great speeches
when they’re probably the main cause that most of it
happened in the first place. It’s real easy, after an
event, to prognosticate about what happened
there, you know. A bunch of nonsense,
waste of time. Always plan to see,
you know, the reason we are not forgetful is
don’t let it happen again. Well, how do we not
let it happen again? Get rid of the cause. It’s no problem, okay. Verse eight, I mean, do
like flight, the flight that went down in the
field, about two times, and the Americans
finally realized, we got some idiots running
loose, let’s kill them. And they attacked them, and
naturally, the plane went down, but it didn’t work
the next time. Take care of business, okay. That’s how we get ahead, is
to take care of business, not look in the past
necessarily to figure out how to ward off, because
the enemy always changes his mode of operation,
verse eight. Yea, thou heardest not;
yea, thou knewest not; yea, from that time that
thine ear was not opened: for I knew that thou wouldest
deal very treacherously, and wast called a
transgressor from the womb. From small children, you
started getting that attitude when you listen to
traditions of men. They just make void the
word of God, beloved. God is very natural,
he does things natural. And when people try
to make things sound as though they’re not,
you know, they come out, one of the main things
the traditions say, you’ve gotta love
everybody, yup. You’ve gotta even
love rattlesnakes, let one sit there
besides you, boy. You know, a rattlesnake’s
never heard about Christianity. And he will bite thee,
okay, that’s ignorant. So it is with your enemy,
you can’t, when you, you’re supposed to
love your child also, but if you love your
child, what do you do, you correct them. Well, sometimes, before
you can love an enemy, you gotta get to before. You gotta adjust
some equipment, okay. And sometimes, you may have to, if he’s been just too steeped
and all he wants to do is kill is send him where he
wants to go, you know. Just that, you have to do what
you have to do, all right. But there are people, what
God is telling you here, there are some people that,
from a very small child, if they’re trained wrong,
you better watch them, okay. Verse nine, for my name’s
sake will I defer mine anger, and for my praise will
I refrain for thee, that I cut thee not off. I’m gonna hold my anger
here just a little bit so I don’t wipe the
whole bunch of you out. You know. But he’s sent his son
to die on that cross. That if any of them
would finally wise up, they could also become family. Verse 10, behold, I have refined
thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the
furnace of affliction. Of humiliation, of those of you
that would stand correction, those of you that
would listen to me. Hey, you know, have you
ever noticed you can look at some people and
they’re blessed? And some people, they’re not. Do you know who God
blesses, is that difficult, people that are useful to him. He owns everything, and he
has a way of blessing those that bless him, that by kicking
a few rocks out of the road, all right, that’s a figure of
speech, but it gets it said. I’m a communicator. That old furnace of affliction. You’ve all been there,
life is not a bed of roses and you gotta be tough and
you gotta not be a quitter. Verse 11. For mine own sake, even for
mine own sake, will I do it: for how should my
name be polluted? You’re called my
children, I’m gonna get you straightened out. And I will not give
my glory unto another, I’m not gonna let
one of your idols or your traditions of men
take credit for what I do. 12, harken unto me, you listen
to me, o Jacob, o Israel, my called; I am he; I
am the first, I am also, I also am the
last, alpha, omega. Do you know there’s a lot of
room between alpha and omega, and you can get off the
path if you’re not careful. You wanna make sure
you don’t do that. Well, how do I keep
from doing that? Up here between your ears,
you have a brain, use it. Think. Don’t let others do
your thinking for you and final decisions, you
make your own final decisions because you are the one
that’s gonna be judged for it. So take your time, think
it over, make the decision, and live with it. Once you put your
handshake on it, that’s it, unless God shows
you you were wrong, then pray and say, Lord,
let’s get this thing in reverse and back up
and go this way, okay. You know, don’t be afraid
to modify when you know, use this, use it, okay. He said, I was the beginning and I’m gonna be here at the end. I’m the first and the last. You know what that means,
I’m the one you’re gonna, he’s saying to you, I’m the
one you’re gonna deal with, my friend, you know. Just look at me, think about it. I created everything
and I be the one that’s gonna judge you. Verse 13, mine hand also
hath laid the foundation of the earth, and my right
hand hath spanned the heavens: when I call unto them,
they stand up together. They listen. Do you understand
that’s your father? He created that mass
we call the heavens. I mean, it is so unsearchable. And when he speaks, it listens. He’s in charge. He’s in control. And how he could ever
worry about you is just, it’s a miracle, you know. But he’s got time for you as
an individual to help you, to teach you, to lead you. And most of all, to bless you
whereby you can be useful, fit for something, not
a good for nothing. It’s important to be useful. That’s where we’re
at here, okay. So we listen, and verse 14,
and ye, assemble yourselves, and hear; which among them
hath declared these things? Which one’s told you that,
that I created the heavens and the stars, did
one of them tell you? The Lord hath loved him: he
will do his pleasure on Babylon, and his arm shall be on
the Chaldeans, of course, Cyrus was a type that God
chose, do you know something, Cyrus was a gentile. God said, I’m gonna use
that boy, gonna use him, and boy, he did mightily. He was a type of savior of
which you have an open gate to. Verse 15, I, even I, that’s
God swearing by himself, have spoken; yea, I have
called him: I have brought him, and he shall make
his way prosperous. That’s great, do you understand
that God can do that? Let me ask you a question,
how has God made your way? Don’t tell me he’s not the
one that made your way. You ask for what you got. Do you understand that,
from the first Earth age, you were born into
the family you were because that’s
what you deserved? Poor, poor people. No, it’s great, it’s
super, all right. But you can always
work yourself up, okay, I mean big time, it’s great. Do you know why,
because God loves you and he knows you can
cut it, all right. You know, God loves all plow
boys, you know, sometimes, these old boys will look up
and they see a big old GP in the sky and they
think it means go preach. But what it really
means is go plow. And it means get them
big rocks out of the road and let’s clear this place
up and make it fit to live for people where they
can be somebody, okay. God prospers people. Verse 16. Come ye near unto
me, hear ye this. Do you understand
what he’s telling you, you get your ear open
and you listen to him. I have not spoken in
secret from the beginning; from the time that
it was, there am I: and now the Lord God, and
his Spirit, hath sent me. That’s Isaiah’s preaching, okay. Isaiah’s saying,
I’m not here just because I’m supposedly
a man of the word. I’m here because God
sent me, I’m about to tell you something that
you’d better listen to, it’s important, 17. This is why we came
here, sharpen up for me. Thus saith the Lord God, thy
Redeemer, do you understand what that means, he’s your
nearest of kin, the law applies, he is your kinsman redeemer,
meaning your closest of kin that can pay you out of
debt, out of trouble. Can redeem you on repentance. The Holy One of Israel;
I am the Lord thy God which teacheth thee to profit. That, why does he
teach you to profit, there’s a reason here,
don’t you dare read over it. Open your mind. That which leadeth thee by the
way that thou shouldest go. I wanna tell you, this word
profit, for some reason, when we mortals here
that word profit, we maybe put our mind
in a monetary hitch, that’s not what it says. In the Hebrew, it is yaal. Kind of like Southerners
say you all, okay, although that’s not,
it’s spelled, I’m sorry, I don’t wanna confuse
anybody, okay, it’s Y-A-A-L. But you gotta pronounce it
kind of Y-A-W-A-L, yaal. Do you know what it means? It means to be a part. It means to be useful. It means to be a part
of, to be useful to whom? Can you answer that
for me, God, of course. And your family, your relatives. It means to be benefited,
even to be profited. You know, one of the first
things it means though is to ascend. Teaches you how to ascend,
meaning what is ascend, ascend to a better, raise
up to a higher level of living, of life. Okay. So let’s read that,
rather than profit, let’s read that the
way it should be. I am the Lord thy God which
teacheth thee to be useful, to be a part of the
family, to be a help to me, to my children whom
I have created. And for what purpose? Which leadeth thee by the
way that thou shouldest go, that straightens you out to
whereby you can know clearly from his word which way,
a way is a path, okay, a path of life. So that you know
which path to take, you’re not out there bumfuzzled
and confused in life, wondered, hmm, what
should I do now? You know, because you’re not
steeped in the traditions of men, but the love of
your almighty father, the God of the
universe and the Earth and all that is therein. He’s yours, he’s your father. He says I wanna teach you. I wanna teach you
how to be useful. Somebody. That’s important, beloved,
you know, it kinda, I’m sorry, but it kinda hurts me when I see a word just
translated profit, you know, it kinda just lays
there, it hangs there. Naturally, profit will carry
that, but profit many times, as I stated, is
mistakenly misunderstood. People, you say profit and
people run at their bank account and look at it. That’s not what’s important
in this life, it’s nice. And if you do God’s will,
he can make you rich and you don’t have
to apologize for it. A lot of people running
around that are very wealthy. And some Christians
will say, well, he’s bound to be a sinner,
no, that’s God’s blessings in most, in many people. If it’s ill gotten gain, don’t
worry, he won’t have it long. Here today, gone tomorrow. Well, it was one of those
get rich quick things and I wanted to jump
in, I’m in a hurry. Use what’s up here, okay. And I won’t say
anymore about that, because I don’t wanna digress
from how beautiful it is, this word yaal. Teach you to be useful
to your fellow citizens, to fellow Christians, to
be kind to one another. But most of all, to be
useful to our father, because he’s got a
lot of work to do. Do you know something? Christ is at his right hand. And as it is written in
first Corinthians 15, he’s gonna stay there
until his enemies are made his footstool. Who do you think is gonna do it? You are. You are the one that’s gonna
kick the rocks out of the road. You’re the one that’s
gonna be made useful. You’re the one that’s
gonna witness against a spurious messiah with
the Holy Spirit speaking through you, it doesn’t
take an intelligent person, it takes the intelligence
of the Holy Spirit. It’s gonna happen. He wants you to be useful so
that you can find the right way and live in righteousness
and be blessed and never have to worry about
anything except taking care of business, okay. And that’s what God wants to
teach you, is to be useful. Verse 18, o that thou hadst
hearkened to my commandments, if you’d listened. Then had thy peace
been as a river, and thy righteousness
as the waves of the sea, if you’d listen, you
would’ve been so right that everything would’ve
gone so wonderful. Thy seed also had been as
the sand, and the offspring of thy bowels like
the gravel thereof; his name should not have
been cut off nor destroyed from before me, never. Go ye forth of Babylon. Do you know what babble
is, it’s confusion. Get out of it. You like to stay in confusion? Well, how do I come out of it,
by getting into God’s word. By having understanding,
by having eyes to see and ears to hear. That your father wants
you to be useful, and he’ll help you, he’s, did
he not say, I will teach you? That’s what the word is. That’s why we have teachers,
come out of Babylon, flee ye from the
Chaldeans, that means the Babylonian citizens,
there’s five dialects of it. With a voice of singing
declare ye, tell this, utter it even to the ends of
the earth, that means even now. Say ye, the Lord hath
redeemed his servant Jacob, that’s all tribes, all
peoples, through the savior, Jesus Christ, whomsoever will. And they thirsted not when
he had led them through the desert: he caused the
waters to flow out of the rock for them: he clave the rock
also, and the waters gushed out. That’s why that rock was
carried and that’s why that rock sits, until recently,
under the coronation chair, and all the king line
from David has been, their coronation took
place over that rock, and people wonder, what’s
that big crack in it? The stone was called
the stone of destiny, Jacob’s pillar that he slept
on and a ladder opened up to heaven, showing the
way to ascend, to profit. Think about it. Listen to the last verse. There is no peace, saith
the Lord, unto the wicked. Sorry, that’s the way it is. Who are the wicked? Those that won’t listen. Those that go with traditions. Turn ahead, if you would,
to the 57th chapter. Isaiah 57. Let’s kind of drop the other
shoe, let’s look what happens. He said I wanna teach you. But there are some people
he is not gonna teach. And that’s why we’re gonna
read just a few verses here so you make certain
you’re not in that camp. I mean, he’s dressing
them down here, he says, you’re blind, your watchmen
slumber, you’re lazy. No good, and let’s pick
it up with 57 verse one. The righteous perisheth, and
no man layeth it to heart: and merciful, that’s kindly,
gentle, men are taken away, none consider that the
righteous is taken away from the evil to come. God takes care of his own. He doesn’t care too
much, if somebody wants to participate in
evil, he’ll let them. But it’s their choice,
they’ve got free will, they wanted to go that
way, hey, have a good trip. Verse two, he shall enter
into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one
walking in his uprighteousness, his rightness. That’s, you can do that
today, you do do it. You sleep good at night, why,
’cause you’re not a crook. You’re not an evil
person, you know, an evil person
doesn’t get any rest. They’re always waiting
for that knock on the door or that big hammer hitting
the door and breaking in. Crooks don’t get rest,
but a righteous man does, a righteous woman does. But draw near hither,
ye sons of the sorcers. Do you know what a sorcer is? In the Greek, the word
pharmakeia is a sorcer. Our word pharmacist
(mumbles), it’s a drug pusher. Using drugs. And seed of the
adulterer and the whore. Against whom do ye sport
yourselves, question. Against whom make ye a
wide mouth, in other words, you make big speeches with your
wide mouth full of hot air, and draw out the tongue? Are ye not children
of transgression, a
seed of falsehood? Hey, they’re not
going far, my friend. Enflaming yourself with
passions, of course, hate, with idols under every green
tree, slaying the children in the valleys under
the clifts of the rocks, practicing Molochism. And you know
something, God hears the cries of those children. Do you know something? God came down to
Abraham and he said, I’m gonna destroy Sodom
and Gomorrah because of their perversion down there. Do you know why, Abraham,
because I hear the cries of those little children. I’m gonna go down there and I’m
gonna take care of business. Old Abraham knew he
had a nephew there and he said, oh, God, wait. My nephew Lot’s down there. If I can find some righteous
people, will you not do it? You know, I would
hate to be in some of these communities today
that are practicing that that was practiced in Gomorrah. And I’m gonna tell
you something. Talk about these cries
of the little children, God hears them. And it will bring him down. He will take care of business. Verse six, among the
smooth stones of the stream is thy portion, that’s
down at the bottom. They, they are thy lot: even
to them hast thou poured a drink offering, thou hast
offered a meat offering. Should I receive comfort
in these, would you pass an offering to
everything that moves or even that is still
in your fake religions? God is saying, do you think
I want anything from you? Listen, my friend, if you
want God to not pay attention to you, I guarantee you,
you can fix that quick. He will, the only reason
God corrects people is because he loves them,
he wants to teach them whereby they can be useful,
whereby they can profit. Upon a lofty and a high
mountain hast thou set thy bed: even thither wentest thou
up to offer sacrifice, you sleep with everything
that comes along. This is why people that
are ready to hook up with the first
messiah that appears and fly out of here
had better wake up. Because it could happen to them. The false messiah
will come first before Christ ever shows
up, and you better be ready to stand against him with the
gospel armor on and in place. Behind the doors also and
the posts hast thou set up thy remembrance: for thou
hast discovered thyself to another. You went with Satan, not
me, the false messiah. And art gone up; thou
hast enlarged thy bed, and made thee a
covenant with them; that lovedst their bed
where thou sawest it. You just can’t keep it straight. You know, God is
coming back here for a wedding through the son. Only virgins need apply, and
I’m speaking spiritually. If anyone has worshiped
the false messiah, they are no longer
a virgin and sorry, you don’t have a garment
on for a wedding, get out. You wanna be real careful,
we live in exciting times. And thou wentest to
the king with ointment, and didst increase thy perfumes, and didst send thy
messengers far off, and didst debase
thyself even unto hell. I don’t wanna say it,
but all the pronouns here are feminine, saying,
so that you understand, not that this falls on women
only, but that we’re talking about the bride that’s
supposed to be pure. Thou art wearied in the
greatness of thy way; yet saidst thou not,
there is no hope: thou hast found the
life of thine hand; therefore thou wast not grieved. Why, we’re just happy as we
can be, everything’s okay. We got our traditions
and that’s it. We’re just happy as larks, hey. If it’s, you know, if
you’re happy and you’re not in the word of God,
then you wanna take a little second look, all right. And of whom hast thou
been afraid or feared, that thou hast lied, and
hast not remembered me, nor laid it to thy heart? Have not I held my
peace even of old, and thou fearest me not? Listen to this next verse,
it’s why we came here. Speaking to the
wicked, not to you. I will declare thy
righteousness, and thy works; for they shall not profit thee. That word profit,
again, is yaal. And it means you’re not
gonna be useful to anybody, you’re no good. That’s what he’s saying. And when you leave God
out of the equation of your life, I’m sorry,
that’s the way it is. And he means it. He continues on talking to
them, but then he comes back, let’s pick it up
in the 18th verse. I have seen his ways,
and will heal him. God always heals those
that are deserving, okay. Are you trying? You’re not perfect, I
can guarantee you that, none of us are. But if you’re trying,
he puts that seal on you of perfection. I will lead him also, and
restore comforts unto him and to his mourners. Those that follow him,
those that seek him. I create the fruit of the
lips; peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him
that is near, saith the Lord; and I will heal him. And he will. That’s his promise, it is
written, no mourning be said. But the wicked, here we
go again, but the wicked are like the troubled
sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire
and dirt, all they do is make a mess, a big mess. There is no peace, saith
God, to the wicked. Both of those chapters are
ended with that statement, there is no peace
for the wicked, they
can’t sleep at night. They can never
find peace of mind. They can never rest that
rest of completeness, of knowing that father
considers them to be useful. What a time to live, now. Many of the prophets
wanted to live in this generation
of the fig tree. They really did. Do you know something? You do. You’re living now when this is
transpiring, is taking place. And as the old hourglass is
tipped and those sands of time are running out, coming
down, God’s children will put his enemies
under his footstool. Let’s go to the New
Testament, chapter 12 of the great book of enclosing. You’re wondering what book
I’m talking about, aren’t you? It’s Hebrews in
the New Testament. I kinda wanna cap this off
with the New Testament, we’re just almost through here. What God is saying here. If I love you, I’m gonna
spank your breeches, okay. He said, if I love you and
see you doing something wrong, I’m gonna straighten you
out because I love you and I want you to be useful,
I’ve got things for you to do. So you kiss the paddle. And you say, thank you, father,
I’m gonna try to do better, and I would advise you to. ‘Cause if he’s got you in
his sights, once you get, you know there’s an old
term in the military. Don’t ever get your name
caught in the typewriter. They didn’t have computers
back when I was in the, well, we did, but
they were monsters. I won’t go into that,
it’s not necessary. Still had big old
tubes, glass tubes, you know, that, oh well. Anyway. Don’t get your names
caught in the typewriter, once he gets his sights on you, he’s gonna straighten
you out, why, he loves you, you’re
somebody to him. And he wants you to be useful. So that’s where we’re
picking up here, is in this 12th chapter,
let’s pick it up with the ninth verse. Where he’s saying, I’m
gonna, if I love you, you stand by, you’re gonna
get chastised, verse nine. Furthermore we have had
fathers of our flesh which corrected us, they
spanked you pretty good, some of them, if they
loved you, they did. And we gave them reverence,
we loved them for it. You know all children
love discipline, they lay back for
that line to be there when it is regulated
by a mature mind. Shall we not much rather
be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? Wouldn’t we rather be useful
to our heavenly father and have lived,
means eternal life? Be here forever, be
pleasing to him, naturally. The answer is yes. For they verily for a
few days chastened us after their own pleasure. Whatever your father and mother
thought was right for you, that’s what they did, five
licks, 10 licks, you know, or just a good talking to. You know, my momma didn’t have to do anything but talk to me. After a few spankings when I
was younger, when she came out and said, if she said, Arnold,
I was in pretty good shape. You know, I’m just,
I wasn’t in too deep. But if she ever said,
Arnold Benjamin Murray, I was in trouble,
big trouble, okay. And I knew it. But I, you know something,
I love her to pieces for making such a
good person out of me. That’s not wholly true, she
tried hard, okay, she did. And here I be, okay, anyway. But they corrected
you for what humanly, they thought was right, and
God love them for it, okay. Us after their own pleasure;
but he for our profit, that we might be
partakers of his holiness. Why does he take
care of our profit? There’s a reason there. That we might be
partakers of his holiness. Now, this is Greek, as you
will know, Paul wrote in Greek. And this word is sumphemi. It’s spelled in the
Greek S-U-M-P-H-E-M-I, pronounced sumphemi, and
do you know what it means? It means the same thing,
to be useful to God. Not profited in your
bank account, but
to be useful to God. It means to bear together. It means to contribute. Contribute to what? God’s plan. Kicking the rocks
out of the road. Again, that’s a figure
of speech, okay. I can see us now,
tomorrow, you’ll look out on the hills and there
they’ll be out there, kicking rocks, okay,
but there’ll be a lot of them in Arkansas, okay. You know what I’m talking
about, is helping someone. You know, hey, some people
get a rock in their path and it tears them up. And sometimes just one little
word will help them a bunch. But what God is saying here,
I wanna make you useful so that, to me, but that
you might be partakers of his holiness, that you
might be part of his family. That you can be
helpful and useful. That’s why, and you do
want that, don’t you, of course you do. Naturally, you know why, because
that brings his blessings, that brings his riches when
you’re pleasing to him, when you do his bidding. Many might say, well,
we’ll document that, well, against my better will,
I’m gonna do something. I had a pilot’s license before
I had a driver’s license, flying was my thing, I loved it. Learned in World War
II and right after. And when I started this church, I always had, always
had an airplane. David was up, I had him up in
an old Stinson Station Wagon and his little bassinet in
the back seat and we were, maybe that’s why he likes
flying so much, I don’t know. But they were
always my airplanes. And finally, I ended up
with a Cessna 337 down here at Siloam Springs. And this church was driving me
ragged, I was teaching three, four classes and I don’t know
what all, okay, in building, in different places, I was
on, I was going all the time. Plus, as you know, I
never take a salary, so I was farming
800 acres, running a Minneapolis-Moline
tractor agency and overseeing my
uncle’s chicken houses. Now, if you got any time in
between, there’s not much, okay. Well, I never did get
to fly, broke my heart. And finally, Anna
said one day, Arnold, our insurance on that
airplane is high. The hangar rent is high,
and you never fly it, I’ve never complained. But I think you are
to sell that airplane, and I thought, well, church
or airplane, sell airplane. You know, that’s
what it meant to me, and it broke my
heart quite, well, you know what I
mean, I hated it. Boys hate to give up their
toys, ’cause it is bad. And do you know what
God replaced it with? A Citation V jet. And man, it doesn’t take me
long to go somewhere, okay, in God’s business. He did that, okay. He’s always gonna
take care of you, when you need something,
it’ll be provided. And you’ll never have to
beg, you’ll never have to pass a plate. And God means it when he
says, I want you to be useful and I will profit you. And he will do it, that’s
the name of the game. I apologize for bringing
myself personally into this, but that, I just had
to prove it, I know, been there, done that. I gave up the love of my
life, aside from Anna, okay, which was flying. And I hated it, but I had
to build this, you know, I had three classes over in
Eureka Springs, Oklahoma, one here in Arkansas
and one somewhere else. I was going all the
time, plus working. Poor me, I better quit
right there, okay, I loved it, I loved
every minute of it, okay, but I hated to give
up my airplane. But boy, he took care
of me, okay, big time. So God does, he wants
you to be useful. Sumphemi. Useful, helpful, to be
together, to pull together, to work together. Verse 11. Now no chastening for the
present seemeth to be joyous, I don’t know too many
people that enjoy a good thumping, okay. But grievous, I mean, it hurts. Nevertheless afterward
it yieldeth the peaceful or the quiet fruit or
growth of righteousness unto them which are
exercised thereby. Exercised by what,
love of our father. Saying thank you, father,
for straightening myself out. Wherefore lift up the
hands which hang down, and the feeble knees,
you help each other, kick those rocks
out of the road. And make straightest
paths for your feet, lest that which is lame
be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed,
work together, pull together. A lame person makes a
great, much greater witness than I can for loving God. So make sure his path is clear. Follow peace with all
men, and holiness, that’s sanctification,
when you can, without which no man shall
see the Lord, I’m sorry, if you don’t try,
you’re not gonna be able to be loving to everyone,
some people won’t let you, and that’s okay. But when you try to do what’s
right and you’re turned away, don’t worry about it, God knows. Looking diligently lest any
man fail of the grace of God, his mercy and
love, lest any root of bitterness springing
up trouble you, and thereby may be defiled. Let me tell you something. When these little roots of
trouble spring up in your life, do you know what a little
old bitty root will do if you don’t take care of it? It will take over your
far bed, it will take over your garden, that thing
will spread like wildfire. So you nip it in the bud. That little root of
wickedness or anger or anything that pops
up in your family, you get rid of it immediately,
don’t mess with it, don’t give it a chance. Do you understand what
God is telling you with all these beautiful things? You’re gonna have those
little roots popping up. Do you know why? You might say, well, why
doesn’t he take care of me, ’cause you’re a big
girl or a big boy and you can take care
of yourself, okay, he gave you power over
the devil, use it. Don’t be a poor me baby, God
doesn’t like poor me babies, you know something,
I don’t either. I like people, you know,
we all get problems, and that’s fine, that’s
what we have each other to help each other. But don’t get down on yourself,
you’re a child of God, you stand up and act like it. Get rid of those roots,
don’t let them fester and don’t let them
change your life, ’cause your life is too
beautiful for that, okay. Verse 16. Lest there be any fornicator,
or profane person, as Esau, this word is pornos in the Greek and it means a male prostitute, who for one morsel of
meat sold his birthright. For we know how that afterward,
when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no
peace of repentance, though he sought it
carefully with many tears. A lot of people have
trouble with that. He was trying to repent
and he cried his heart out. Let me ask you a question,
who was he crying his heart out to? His daddy, his earthly
daddy, not God. He didn’t care about God. God did not find him useful. That’s why he would call
him a male prostitute, because he sold himself,
and you wouldn’t do that. You stay in the right
path, the path of God. And God will make you
useful, you know something? That makes the difference of
night and day to be useful. Not to be nothing,
but to be somebody. Somebody that God,
your heavenly father, he that created the stars and
heaven and placed them exactly where they are, that old
Milky Way just studded with diamonds in the
sky, placed every one of them right there, your
heavenly father did that. And he’s got time for you,
he said I will teach you to be useful. Yaal, he said, that’s
what he said, yaal. I’ll see that it happens to you. Do your part, and
you know something? God will always do his,
heavenly father, we thank you, father, for the
privilege of serving you. Thank you, father,
for the written word, our roadmap to happiness
and help in this generation. Thank you for it, father,
in Yeshua’s precious name, amen, amen. – [Announcer] Free
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the Mark of the Beast. – A friend went
to a church where the preacher said
everything in Revelation has already happened, I
told her this is not right, it is yet to come, am I right? You are right and her
preacher doesn’t know what he’s talking about,
he’s not really a preacher of God’s word or he’d know
better than that, okay. It would be so easy to put
him on a spot that, you know, to show where some of
this had taken place that has never taken place,
Debbie from Washington. During an after call,
during an altar call at a church I visited, the
pastor repeatedly used his Bible to poke one person
in the stomach while declaring
lifestyle changes that person should undertake. Is that the proper way
for a pastor to operate? Well, if I were the person,
I’d hit him right in the nose. It’s not nice to poke people
in the stomach, all right. Poke him back, you don’t have
to take that kind of stuff, he’s not a preacher, okay. Peggy from, you
know, doesn’t he, is that what the
word of God is for, is to poke someone
in the stomach instead of place
it in their head? How off can a preacher get? Peggy from Oklahoma, people who
believe the rapture doctrine when Antichrist comes are
deceived but get another chance in the millennium, but what
about the millions of Christians who believed in the rapture
who have already died? Will they get
another chance too? There’s no such thing
as a second chance, they didn’t have a chance
to start out with, okay, let’s get that straight
coming out the gate. Just because someone
believed in the rapture, does that mean they
worship the Antichrist when he hadn’t come
yet, of course not. They’re innocent. A little misled,
but innocent, okay, it’s after he gets
here, that’s when the whoring takes place and
that’s why you wanna keep the commandments as we
studied in that 15th chapter of Numbers verse 38
and 39 that I read in today’s lecture, you know. You do those commandments
and keep your mind clear on God’s word and you won’t go
whoring after the Antichrist. George from Arkansas, today
I understood you to say there will be no flesh in
heaven, that’s correct. I thought when Jesus comes,
the graves will open, burst open and our new
bodies, well, that’s just, when someone dies, they’re
already gone, okay. We cannot perceive them,
why, they’re already there, they’re with him, to be
absent from this body is present with the Lord. Our spiritual bodies
are in heaven, just like the rich
man and Lazarus, the parable of Luke
chapter 16, okay. They can see each other even,
they can see their bodies. James from Pennsylvania,
where in the Bible does it say you can try
and persuade your relatives to go from one side of
the gulf to the other, I thought we only
had one chance, there is only one
chance, all right. A lot of people
didn’t have a chance. A lot of people were handicapped where they couldn’t
know the truth, okay. Were they innocent, of course,
God is fair and God is good. The millennium is
the time of teaching. I’m out of time, hey,
I love you all a lot. And the most important
thing, when you’re studying, I love you because you study
God’s word, most important, God loves you for
studying his word. We are brought to you by
your tithes and offerings, if we’ve helped you, you
help us keep coming to you, won’t you do that? You bless God, you know what,
he will always bless you. He is so so wonderful. But there’s one thing more
important, and that’s this, that you set a little bit
of time aside each day and you stay in that word. Every day in his word is a
good day, even with trouble, you know why? Jesus is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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