If you’ve seen any of our previous episodes. You know that I’ll cover just about any subject. However. The most requested subject Since starting. Warped perception. Has been animals. And since I really like putting a Twist on
things. I figured today’s subject. Will definitely be. A surprising twist. April you ready for a bath. Ready to go to the big screen. Now I’m not really sure when this started. But it’s going to seem pretty weird. To most of you. April my German Shepherd here. likes to play a game. Where she catches water. And not just any water. Now the way this game works is pretty simple. I sit April down. Take a drink of water. Give her the notification. And then. Good job. And what I find really interesting is. How much she focuses on the stream of water. And also how fast she’s able to respond. And intercept that stream. And catch it. I’ve always wanted to see this in slow motion. And since this is her second favorite thing
besides eating carrots. I figured it was worth making an episode on. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to check out our other videos. And subscribe. And yeah. That’s about it. The end