The doctor told me that they are going to amputate the arm of my son. I was in pain since that time. Please note: The footage you are about to watch is of a sensitive nature and shows severe open wounds. What this child is facing is a huge burden for such a young boy to bear. This little boy has an arm ulcer at the age of 4. At this age, he is supposed to be playing freely, running freely, enjoying life. But how can he play with his friends with such a problem as this. As you can see, satan’s sicknesses are the thieves of joy. Let’s hear from his father. My name is Adegoke Ogunade. I am 36 years old. We can see a boy sitting on your lap. Who is he to you? He is my son. Can you tell us his name and his age. His name is Favour Oluwatobi Ogunade. He is 4 years old. What is the problem that has brought your son to The SCOAN today? The problem is arm ulcer. You mean your son is having the problem of arm ulcer? Yes. How has this problem of arm ulcer affected your son? How has he been feeling with this problem? He has not been alright. He cannot sleep. We have spent a lot of money, going from one hospital to another for different treatments. But still, there was no solution. Who told you about The SCOAN? One of my sisters told me to come here today, and we believe that God is going to answer our prayer and heal him. How do you feel as a father seeing your son in this kind of condition, with this kind of sickness? I am not happy at all. I am not ok whenever I see his arm. Now that you are here with your son at The SCOAN, what do you believe God Almighty would do for him? I believe God will heal him – totally heal and deliver him. Amen. We pray with you that God Almighty will heal your son and set him free from this sickness of arm ulcer, in Jesus’ name. Amen. This boy is just minutes from his miracle because Jesus Christ is just a moment away. Faith is a force that moves your words to work. As Prophet T.B. Joshua is praying, he speaks the word of faith to every giant, every Jericho, every problem in the lives in these people. They have been taken out of their problem, and they shall not go back. God is making a way where there seems to be no way. Just as He did for Moses, when He divided the Red Sea. Every wall is being crumbled. Every giant is being destroyed. The foundation of every problem is being shakened. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name Watch your screen. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Be free! Let’s see how God uses Prophet T.B. Joshua to command this boy’s problem to go, in Jesus’ name. Be free! In Jesus’ name! TESTIMONY TIME My name is Adegoke Ogunade. My son’s name is Favour Ogunade. He had the problem of arm ulcer. I have been to many places looking for a solution. One of my inlaws directed me here. The day I came here, we were placed at the emergency section of the church. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed for us that very day, and that same day we saw the difference. The doctors told me that they would have to amputate my son’s arm. I was in pain since that time. But today, I thank God that I have the joy in testifying that my son is now healed. Before, he had a big sore and even had difficulty in wearing clothes. I thank God that today, there is no more sore, no more pain and no more crying. Now, he can use his arm, play with his friends and go to school. I give glory to Almighty God! To God be the glory. For the benefit of those listening to you, can you tell us what the things were that your son could not do then, because of his problem of arm ulcer? Before, he could not play; he could not sleep. In the night, he would cry in pain. Now he is alright! He can now go to school and play ball with his friends. Now he can use his hand to eat, write and play. I give glory to Almighty God. We thank God Almighty for what the Lord has done in the life of your son. For the benefit of those listening to you, can you show us the spot where your son had that problem of arm ulcer. Could you tap him like this before ? No, I could not try it. Why? It was a big sore. He was always in pain and crying, all day long. But ever since you brought him, and the anointed man of God prayed for him, and God Almighty set him free totally, he has been free indeed of the problem. Isn’t it? Yes. We thank God. Now that the Lord has healed your son and released you of that problem, the pain of taking him to places for solution, what is your promise to God? My promise to God is to train my child in the way of the Lord and serve Almighty God and I will go and sin no more. We’ll pray with you that the Lord will grant you the grace to see yourself as a foster and train your child in the way of the Lord. Before and After To God be the glory! His problem is a thing of the past. His sorrow has been turned to joy. Thank You, Jesus! 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