Dearly beloved, Speaking the words of Jesus to you and sharing His Word with you is a great joy! He is so sweet that when we keep talking about Him, there will be a great joy in our hearts! His words are so sweet , When we meditate and keep on speaking them, there will be a great joy in our hearts! That’s why I’m talking to you with the same joy. Look, even today God looks at you and says in Psalm 81:16, “With honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” “I shall satisfy you with honey from the rock!” There are different kinds of honey, isn’t it? Honey from different honey combs contain honey from many different flowers and therefore they have varying tastes too. Some people used to get it for me. Saying, “We have honey comb in our house and we got this from it!” There is no lack of honey in our home as it keeps coming through someone or the other. Each one tastes different. When I travel to certain places there are honey available from the hills. These are from huge honey combs built on rocks. They’d collect pots and pots of honey from a single honey comb on rocks; I have seen it. I have seen the huge honey combs built on rocks. The taste of that honey will be very different. God says, “I will satisfy you with honey from the rock.” God will satisfy us! When you eat honey, it is not possible for you to eat it in gallons, right? Even if you eat 2 spoons, you feel satisfied.
You can’t eat more than that in one go. There is a satisfaction that it tastes good. God says, “I will satisfy your life.” Do you know that the greatest blessing Jesus Christ gives us is SATISFACTION! “Gratification of heart!” Do you know that some people are never satisfied? Have you seen? Owning 2 nice stores, 3 cars and leading a luxurious life When you ask how they are doing and they’d reply with contempt that they are in the midst of so many problems and struggles, like there are so many problems for them everywhere and there are lot of other needs as well. I have seen such people. Once, when I met someone and asked him how he is doing and he replied that Jesus has kept him well. If you’d ask if he owns a house, he doesn’t; but, lives only in a rental house. If you’d ask him if he owns a car, he doesn’t; but, only a bicycle. If you’d ask if they earn a lot, they don’t; but, a simple job. . That’s all. He says that he has a good family, children and God hasn’t left him inadequate. Those people say that they are fine! Although there’s no own house or a vehicle, he says that he is satisfied and says so with gratitude and joy. But, the ones with 2 houses, 3 cars, lakhs and lakhs of income are saying saying that they are in the midst of so many troubles and hardships. So, which one is blessing? Is it house or car or wealth or property? “Gratification of heart” – It is a blessing! So, when I asked him how he is happy while he doesn’t own a house. Not owning a house dosen’t matter, Jesus has prepared a beautiful house for him in heaven! “I cannot carry a house from here to heaven. But God has prepared a house for us in Heaven, isn’t it?” – That happiness! Do you have satisfaction? Do you have gratification of heart?
Do you have job satisfaction? Are you satisfied about your income?
Are you satisfied in your family life? Or are you always complaining about something constantly? You shouldn’t be like that! Jesus is the one who blesses us until we are satisfied. When you are asked how you are doing, you should be able to say that Jesus has kept me fine, I’m glad. If you need such an experience, you must be close to God. “Jesus, even if I lack something or not, I am so very glad for You’re with me, Father; I’m satisfied, Father.” Just try saying this, And you will be able to keep yourself happy always. This is Christian life! This is the greatest joy that Lord Jesus gives us – A sense of gratitude! Are you always unsatisfied? Tell God, “God, You are the God who satisfies me.” Please submit yourself to Him that you’ll always be happy and satisfied in Him. “Father, How great is Your love for us, Father! You are the God who blesses us satisfactorily. I thank You Father for You’re the God who makes us happy. Thank You, Father. Please grant me grace to be gratified in my heart and be happy and rejoicing in Your blessings that You have given me. Please bless us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Father! Amen. Amen.”