Dearly beloved, Loving greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ! For the new mercies of God will carry you through this new day! Do not fear. In Psalm 103:17, something wonderful is said: ‘But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, And His righteousness to children’s children’ ‘God’s mercy and His righteousness’ from generation to generation and from everlasting to everlasting, it shall abide with you. He is not a God who blesses only you. But His blessings are upon your children, children’s children, generation to generation. Are you praying for your children? Are you praying for your grandchildren? Or are you worried about them? His mercy will be upon your generation always! ‘His mercy’
What is mercy? It is the favor that God is showing to those who are not worthy of it. That is mercy! What is our worth? What is my criterion to do ministry? There’s no criteria. But His mercy! I am able to do ministry only by His mercy. His mercy is only bringing you miracles. He is merciful upon you. His mercy is upon ‘those who fear Him’. If His mercy should be upon us always, we must always have the fear of God within us. Always God is watching me, He is looking down at me and He knows everything. We have to establish our lives based on the fear of God. Where you are going, to whom are you talking, what are you doing? He is watching all of this, right? There should be fear of God in your speech. When you think that no one is watching me, you must have the feeling that God is looking at me. Joseph had the feeling that God is watching over him, so he fled away from sin. That’s why God’s mercy exalted Joseph, right? Therefore, His grace is sufficient for you; His grace shall carry you through; it will bless your generation. Have faith! Do not worry! Lean on to His mercy! ‘Father, Your mercy is great. The mercy you have upon us is great! The mercy you have upon Your children is great. We submit ourselves to lead our lives with the fear of God. We thank You for Your mercy is blessing our generation. We believe and we expect these blessings. Likewise, bless us and our generation. In Jesus’ name we pray, Father!’ Amen. Amen.