Dearly beloved, Isn’t it a joy walking with Jesus? I’m talking to you standing on the land where Jesus walked – from the nation of Israel, standing in front of river Jordan. Where Jesus Christ walked, where He strode and where He did miracles, it’s a great joy to walk here. Isn’t it a great privilege that God has given us the same experience of walking with Him just as His disciples who walked with Him those days! When we are walking with Jesus we should not be weary, should not be anxious! He will take care of everything. Why should you fear? be anxious? He is with you every day. Not just for a day, not just for a day in a week but you have a God who walks with you each and every day. Therefore, do not fear! There’s something wonderful told in Proverbs 3:11, ‘My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor detest His correction’ It is said that sometimes God rebukes us and disciplines us. Do you know why?
Because, He is our Father! On one hand, He comforts us like a mother and on the other, He rebukes us, disciplines us like a father. A father rebukes His child when the child does something wrong. Father beats and disciplines his child. Why? To correct it! Even in our life God sometimes rebukes us. We must accept it.
It is to correct us, to change our behavior, to mold our life, to guide us to the right path from the bad one – He disciplines us; rebukes us. You should not be worried about that. We must accept it cheerfully saying, ‘He is my Father and He has every right to discipline me/ to correct me’. You must accept it that it is only for your goodness sake. God has rebuked me several times in my life; He has disciplined me! It has molded my life and helped me to walk in the right path. Please don’t think, ‘Why is God tough on me?’ He loves you so much! God disciplines and corrects those He loves very much! Jesus loves me so much, and that’s why He is rebuking me and disciplining me. Give thanks for that. ‘Jesus, How much is Your love for me, Father! Thank You for disciplining me. Thank You for the love that rebukes me like a father. Please discipline me.
Rebuke me. Correct me. Please don’t be still if I walk in wrong ways but rebuke me and correct me. I submit myself to this, Father. I submit myself cheerfully to You disciplining me, in Jesus’ name!’ Amen. Amen.