Dearly beloved, Loving greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ! Are you happy? Children who are walking with God should always be happy! Problems, struggles and needs will come until we’re in this world. What if they come? Jesus is with you, right? He leads you beautifully, right? It came before also, right? Were you drowned in it? Are you dead? God didn’t forsake you, right? Then why should you fear, why should you worry? Therefore, do not worry! We should only listen to what God says, right? We must listen to His voice; must receive His counsel; we must try to walk accordingly. God will help you then. Okay, even today God is giving you a counsel in Proverbs 21:13, ‘Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard.’ God has asked us to cry out to Him when we are in distress, right? When we are in a danger or a problem or a need then we cry out to God, ‘God! God! Please help me, right?’ If this needs to be heard by God, what should you do? ‘You should heed to the cry of the poor!’ Only then, God will answer when you cry out to Him. When you shut your eyes to the cry of the poor, God will be quiet when you cry out to Him. What a difficult thing it is, right? Think about it seriously! Let’s say, a poor cries out to you, ‘Sir/ Madam, please give me alms’ and you are saying that everyone is cheating and many are lying. It can be possible. There are some cheating but the others are really suffering, isn’t it? Is it possible for us to survey who is cheating and who is lying? No. It is only a small help, isn’t it? What if we give them a little money to buy their food, the real ones who are suffering will be happy by your help, right? So, we should not refrain from doing good because of the few who are cheating. Therefore, when the poor cry out we must heed to their voices. Alas! A poor man cried out looking up to Jesus, ‘Jesus, Son of David, Have mercy on me’ God did not treat him with contempt thinking that he is only a beggar. Jesus stopped, asked them to bring him to Him and worked a miracle for him, says the Bible. So, whoever be it, when a poor man comes to you crying, ‘Sir…’ do whatever help you can afford for them. You don’t have to lend some money and help, but give them whatever you can. Then God will respond to you when you cry to Him. When you despise the voice of a poor, how can God hear your cry when you’re crying out to Him? That’s what God says. So, pay attention to it, In your day-to-day lives, to all those who are suffering and crying out to you for help honor and help them as much as is possible . Don’t despise them; Don’t sadden them; Pay attention. Okay? ‘Father, there are numerous poor people around us; many are truly suffering. Please give us grace to help those who are suffering and are pained. Please refrain those who are cheating from coming to us. Help us so that only those who are truly suffering will come to us. Lord, please grant us grace to help the right person. Please help us not to despise the voice of the poor but to heed to the cry of the poor. Thank you for hearing our prayers. We thank you for you’re going to bless us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Father!’ Amen. Amen.