Dearly beloved, Loving greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ! Do you know the greatest problem in man’s life? His sin! His sinful nature!
His sinful habits! Naturally there is anger,
irritability and lust within me. There’s adamance, etc., We think like this, right? Because we are born in sin all this sinful nature is already within us naturally. We are not sinners because we sin but we sin because we are born in sin. That’s what the Bible says.
In Psalm 51, the Psalmist says, ‘My mother bore me in sin.’ That’s why the sinful nature/ habits are erupting within us. So, Jesus is telling us something: In John 3:3, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.’ If you want to enter heaven, the ‘Kingdom of God’ you must be born again. Firstly, when we are born in this world we are born out of sin. That’s why the sinful nature and sinful habits are within us. When we are born again the sinful nature is gone and we are transformed into a holy generation. If you ask how?
It’s being born unto Jesus; to be washed in the blood of Jesus; Say ‘God, please forgive my sinful life and I submit myself to you’ to turn our hearts away from sin and submit to God This is being BORN AGAIN. We are born once again in our spirit. All our fleshly traits and the old sinful habits vanish and all of Jesus’ attributes shall come within us His holiness, His humility, His love, His patience, all His attributes shall come within us. This is what a born again experience is! Are you born again? If not, you cannot enter the kingdom of God. Saying anything like, ‘I believe in Jesus, I trust Him, etc.,’ that alone is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to turn away from sin and be born again unto Jesus. This is called as the ‘Salvation’ or ‘Forgiveness of sin’ in the Bible. Do you have that experience in your life? If not, then pray, ‘Jesus, You must come into my heart, change my old sinful nature. I need your (Jesus’) attributes; please wash me with Your blood, make me holy and dwell in me’. That’s the reason why Jesus carried our sins in the cross, shed His blood and died for us. Will you pray to Him now? Keep your hands in your heart and pray, ‘Jesus, please come into my heart. Please forgive my sins. Let the old sinful nature vanish. I want to experience being born again’. Will you pray? “Father, Those who are truly keeping their hands in their hearts and praying, ‘I need Jesus, I’ve to be born again, I need deliverance from sin, I need to lead a holy life; Jesus, please wash me with Your blood and give me a new life; let all the old traits be vanished, I submit myself to the new life living with Jesus’ each and everyone who pray saying this, each and every young son/ daughter, mother and father please bless them specially today. Please cleanse their hearts with Your blood. Please dwell in them. Please bless them and make them happy. In Jesus’ name we pray, Father!” Amen. Amen.