Dearly beloved, In the nation of Israel, I’m speaking to you standing on the banks of the river Jordan. God is saying a wonderful word to all those who are walking with God 2 Chronicles 20:20, ‘Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established’ An uncertain situation: at work or in your family or in your business or in your children’s lives – is full of uncertainty/is wavering. ‘When will it be established? When will their lives be established? When will the job be confirmed?’
Are you worrying like this? ‘Believe in the Lord! Then you shall be established!’ God will make everything permanent and affirmative for you. Do not fail to put your trust on Him. The Lord is saying, ‘Your faith shall not go in vain; I shall establish your work’ Therefore, do not worry! Tell this in faith, ‘God, I believe You; I believe that You shall establish this thing for me!’ Tell this and there will be a miracle happening to you today! ‘Father, we trust and believe in the power of the Lord, His promises, His love in the name of Jesus Christ; You are the God who will establish us. Please establish all those uncertainties in the lives of these children and make them happy and joyful. In Jesus’ name we pray, Father!’ Amen. Amen.