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God’s word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s word alive
with meaning as he takes you on a chapter by chapter,
verse by verse study of God’s letter
to you, the Bible. (uplifting music) And now here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you. Say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this Family
Bible Study Hour. Back in our father’s
word, “Book of Jeremiah.” You know, we’ve just
finished the 13th chapter where God told Jeremiah,
you take an old girl and you take it down. You hide it in a rock. And what it was is
God wanted to wear his children around him,
to be proud of them, to feel good. But he said, when, pull
that old marred, filthy moth-eaten girdle
out to mildewed. That’s what my children
feel like around me. They’re just no good. They won’t love me,
they won’t worship me. I don’t want that
girdle around me. And when his children,
a good analogy of what it’s like when
you displease our father, you know, he does have feelings. And we’re gonna find out
in this 14th chapter, this will be
intercession for Judah. Our father, we can
detect part of it, some of his feelings in
this particular chapter. Having said that, a word
wisdom from our father. Jeremiah 14:1, a word of
wisdom from our father, and it reads, the
word of the Lord that came to Jeremiah
concerning the drought. Now this drought of the
end times is not for water. This is for the
latter rain all right, but it’s for truth, the
deception and false teaching. Rapture doctrines,
things contrary to the word of God are abound. Our father is not happy with it. Verse two, Judith mourneth them, and the gates thereof languish. They are black unto the ground, and the cry of
Jerusalem is gone up. They’re starving for truth, and there’s just none in them. And so it is that when the
latter rain doesn’t come, that is to say God’s
word, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, people are lost. Verse three, and
their nobles have sent their little ones to the waters, that’s to say their
slaves, their workers, sent them down to get water. They came to the pits
and found no water. They returned with
their vessels empty. They were ashamed and confounded
and covered their heads. They were dumb as to
what was going on. But when they went down
to draw fresh water, the ground was
parched and cracked. Why? Because Christ
is the living water. And when you leave Christ out, the true Christ
out of the equation and bring in the false christ
and his rapture doctrine, you got a lot of hurt going on. That’s a drought that
God feels bad about. That’s only one of the
things the false one teaches. Verse four, because the
ground is chapt, it’s cracked, for there was no
rain in the earth and the plowmen, the
farmers, were ashamed. They covered their heads. Nothing could produce. Now when you, our heavenly
father uses agriculture as an analogy in many things. And when you take
that view point, a little bit of
horticulture and so forth, you know what happens when
a plant doesn’t have water. It dies on the vine. And spiritually speaking,
if you cut a sow, one of God’s children away
from the true word of God, I’m talking about the
absolute truth from his work, they are listless,
they have no purpose. They wish wash, they look
for something to believe in. And they’ll grab the first
thing that comes along that seems logical,
though it’s illogical. How strange it is when a
nation is void of truth. How listless the
people, the government, everything tends to be. Verse five. Yea, the hind also
calved in the field. The cattle, they dropped
their calves and forsook it because there was no grass. There was no need, it
would die of starvation. You know, there’s got to be
good pasture from God’s word to feed upon lush life. Lagoons that just
overflow your mind with truth and blessings
from almighty God. When you listen to
some ratchet draw that never quite
cracks the book open, you’re in a heap
of hurt, friend. You’re playing church. Verse six, and the wild ass
did stand in the high places. They snuffed up the
wind like dragons. That’s to say like jackals. Their eyes did fail. They were glazed over
because of the drought. Because there was no grass. They were starving. And you know, this
is how it is written. If you think this
doesn’t hold true even in the New
Testament, Romans 11, God sent the spirit of slumber, it’s recorded in English. The Greek is stupor. He put the spirit of
stupor upon the people. Look at them. They are in a stupor when
they do not have the truth. They do not know
which way to turn. Verse seven. O Lord, though our iniquities
testify against us, do thou it for thy name’s sake, for our backsliding are many. We have sinned against thee. In other words,
God, you promised that you wouldn’t destroy us. Just for your name’s sake, we’re gonna keep on sinning. But do it for your name’s sake. That’s the wrong
attitude, my friend. That’s not gonna get it
done with our father. You must be responsible
for your actions. You must face the
fact and stay focused on your own self. And you must work with
what you have to work with. The knowledge that you
have, you must polish it, exercise it through
the word of God whereby you become brighter
each day in the glory of the living God to
whereby you’re not starved. And you must do it on your own. That’s the only way
God will love you. You can’t just ask him for
his sake to forgive you. You got to repent
and deserve it. Eight. O the hope of Israel,
the savior thereof in time of trouble. Why should us thou be as
a stranger in the land and as a wayfaring
man that turneth away to tarry for a night? You know, that would
not be a good way to talk to our father, to
call him a wayfaring man. You don’t have time for us, you’re all messing
around somewhere and you’re just are
basically gone from us. You’ve ignored us. How quick do you think… You see, you know,
you might say, well, people surely wouldn’t do that. Well, what if they
turn to another Christ, another ratchet jaw teaching? And they’re talking with
what they believe is true, though they’re talking to a
false Christ, a false savior? They’re not gonna give the
time of the day to the truth. And they’re gonna
think every moment that they’re doing
exactly right. Don’t shake their boat,
don’t wake them up. But to accuse God of
tarry when it’s your fault is not a very wise thing to do. Verse nine. What should us thou be as a, why, rather, should us
thou be as a man astoned, as a mighty man
that cannot save? Yet thou O Lord, art
in the midst of us and we are called by thy name. Leave us not. Just because we’re
called by your name, just because we call ourselves
Christians, you save us. We deserve it. Oh? I wouldn’t count on that. You know, father is, his
spirit is all around us. But you have to pay a
little bit of respect. This is very disrespectful. You talk about insubordination. This is insubordination
to the highest degree. To talk to the
living God this way. You’re cruising for a bruising. Verse 10. Thus saith the lord
into this people. “This is what I got to
say to them,” he says. Thus have they love to wonder, they have not
refrained their feet. Therefore, the Lord
doth not accept them. He will now remember their
iniquity and visit their sins. He’s talking about the 10
tribes here that went north after the captivity,
that settled. They kind of have a
way of drifting away from the promises of God. Many of them don’t
even realize they are the house of Israel. Not Judah. The house of Judah is separate. And God said, “This is
what I got to say to them.” They wandered, their old
feet just keep traveling and they don’t even
know who they are. And then they call me
astoned, call me astonished. Verse 11. Then said the Lord unto me, pray not for this
people for their good. Don’t you ask me to bless them. Verse 12, when they fast,
I will not hear their cry. And when they offered burnt
offerings and an oblation, I will not accept them,
but I will consume them by the sword and by the
famine and by pestilence. Do you understand? Are you keeping up with
the stages of the locust in these end times? The consumer is the fourth
and final stage of the locust. God’s letting you know
I’m also a consumer. I’m a consuming fire. And so what you wanna
pay attention to is the consuming
locust all right. But most of all,
to know our father has a consuming fire
that is his Holy Spirit that touches and
warms your heart. But it burns that that is evil. It does away with all evil. Well, what do you do then? I would say you better repent. You better get it right. God could care less. He gave you a mind. You have the ability to use it. He wrote you a letter
telling you exactly how it’s going down. If you haven’t read it
to protect yourself, I’m sorry, you’re out of luck. Now many might say, “Well,
partner, I can’t read.” Well, that’s why he sends
teachers to read for you. There’s no excuse. You have to be responsible
for your life as it is and what you have to work with. And most of all,
to love your father and ask for his help. Ask for his forgiveness. Otherwise, as long… You must understand, as
long as you are dealing with a false messiah and
listening to false teachers, he doesn’t want anything to
do with you and nor should he. Verse 13. Then said I, O Lord God, behold
the prophet say unto them, ye shall not see the sword. Neither shall ye have famine. But I will give you assured
peace in this place. O Lord, their prophets tell them you don’t have to
understand the word of God. (chuckles) Why? Why would you not worry
about the sword and the word? Because you’re gonna be gone, you’re gonna fly out of here. There’s just one problem. That’s false. That is not biblical. I don’t care how many churches
teach it, it is not true. You add to the word
of God when you teach that fly away doctrine. Christ is coming here to
establish the kingdom of God. Where do you wanna go? And it is stated very
clearly that naturally, those that are asleep, where
the get their rapture doctrine, the subject is
where are the dead? They’re with the Lord
and he’s gonna bring many of them with him to
help teach and straighten out this miserable earth age where people so try to put
God out of their vocabulary, try to go their own ways. Is it any wonder that God
is disgusted with them? “I will not hear them,” he said. I just wish God would bless me. Well then, get in his word. Be responsible. Think for yourself. Prove every man, this one
or any other one or woman that teaches God’s word, you
can always do that real simply by checking them
out in God’s word. It’s that simple. Verse 14. Then the Lord said unto me, the prophets prophesy
lies in my name. I sent them not. Neither have I commanded them. Neither spake unto them. They prophesy unto you a
false vision and divination, a false revelation,
and a thing of nought and the deceit of their heart. You know, there’s one way you
can really tell real quick. If God has a ministry, it
won’t be a begging ministry. They don’t beg for money. They don’t say, “Well,
God said you should plant “a little seed here and
a little seed there. “Call it money.” How about planting, the seed
is the word of God, not money. Matthew 13, how about
spreading a little of God’s true word
whereby it brings people out of the dry, starving land? And let them have
truth from God’s word where they have a foundation,
Christ to stand on and be blessed by God
rather than ignored? God’s making it
pretty plain here. They’re lying to you. And this is why Jesus
would say, in Mark 13, his first warning, many
will come in my name saying they are Christ. Many, many, many people
will call themselves Christian preachers,
but I didn’t send them. Don’t let them deceive you. How could a layperson tell whether they’re teaching
God’s word or not? If it’s not the word of
God, whose word is it? Verse 15. Therefore, thus saith the
Lord concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name. And I sent them not. Yet they say sword and famine
shall not be in this land. By sword and famine shall
those prophets be consumed. God is a consuming fire. You know, judgment
begins at the pulpit. You ever take on the line
of teaching God’s word, you better know. Judgment begins with you. Therefore, you had better
do your homework well and you better know what
you’re talking about. It had better be God’s
word you’re teaching, not some yoyos. Well, again, it’s so simple
a child can understand. Well, how can I tell
whether they’re teaching God’s word or not? There’s only one word that
will lift you, fill you and mainly bring
blessings from God. That’s his word in obeying
him and following him with love and understanding and striving to
exercise your faith and exercise your knowledge
whereby you’re in the word. That’s to say his word. Verse 16. And the people to
whom they prophesy shall be cast out in
the streets of Jerusalem because of the
famine and the sword. And they shall have
none to bury them. Them, their wives nor their,
sons nor their daughters, for I will pour their
wickedness upon them. What we’re talking
about here is deception and people that are
spiritually dead. Have you ever
walked into a place that’s supposed to be
teaching God’s word and you can feel it
the moment you step in? It’s spiritually dead. There’s no truth there. There’s no blessings
of God there. And you know that if Christ
himself approached that door, they probably
wouldn’t let him in. How fantastic it is, that is to say just
teach the truth. They would probably call
the truth sacrilegious. They called you a crackpot
if you teach God’s word chapter by chapter
and verse by verse. In so doing, they
call God a crackpot. That’s not healthy for them. The sword will be after them. Incidentally, do you know
what this two edged sword is that cuts both ways? Have you ever read the
“Book of Revelation”? Have you ever heard what
God has to say about it? You can read in
Revelation 1:15-16. Christ’s tongue is
a two-edged sword. That is his word. And the word of God
does cut both ways. And so it is that
truth will always… It may cut a little bit. It’ll heal over perfect
because truth binds. Truth raises up. Truth brings the
blessings of God. And when you have
the blessings of God, it doesn’t matter
what the world says. Verse 17. Therefore, thou shalt
say this word unto them. This is what you’re
gonna pass out to them. Let mine eyes run down
with tears night and day, and let them not cease
for the virgin daughter of my people is broken
with a great breach, with a very grievous blow. Now Christ is coming back to this earth at
the second advent. He’s coming to take
a virgin bride. Now as we noticed in the
close of the last chapter, he said there in verse
26 of chapter 13, “Therefore, while I discover
the scourge upon thy face “that thy shame may appear. “I have seen thine
adulteries and thy names, “the lewdness of thy whoredoms “and thine abominations on
the heels, in the fields. “Woe unto thee o Jerusalem. “Wilt thou not be made clean? “When shall it once be?” Well, it’s gonna be
at the second advent when God cleans house. He drove out the
money changers before. It’s gonna be a lot
more severe this time. He’s not coming back as
a babe to be crucified but as the king of
kings and lord of lords with a rod of iron. Gonna put things in order. So naturally, if Christ returns and expects to find
a virgin bride, this is why he says in Mark 13, “Woe to you that are with
child when I return.” He’s not talking about
a mother carrying a child in her womb. He’s talking about you that
are spiritually impregnated in your mind and spirit
by the false teaching of the false christ. And he’s expecting
a virgin bride and you’ve been in
the sack with Satan? Do you think, how quick do
you think he wants to take you in that great wedding? I tell you what, you missed it. You have to do with the first
messiah that comes along what you were warned
of in Mark 13. You’re not going to
make the wedding. This is why as it is
written in the scripture, many people run up
to Christ and say, “Oh Jesus, Jesus. “In our church, we’ve
healed in your name.” You get out of my
sight, I never knew you. Wrong Jesus, friend. There’s two of them, as
your church taught you that. Verse 18 to continue. If I go forth into the field, then behold the
slain with the sword. And if I enter into the city, then behold them that
are sick with famine. Yea, both the prophet
and the priest go about into the land
that they know not. Speaking things that
they don’t know. They don’t know what
they’re talking about. Why? They never get
into the manuscripts. They never get into
the word of God. They carry on their deception like it’s the holy word,
holy joes, holier than thou. Why then can we
not have God’s word taught with understanding where
your family can be blessed and where you can take
part in that great wedding that’s coming when
Christ returns, our gathering back to him? You don’t wanna miss
that, my friend. You don’t wanna be deceived. I really don’t think
anyone likes to be taken advantage of deceived. And that’s what Satan is
very good at, is deception. Lies, misleading. You know, you might say,
well, how would Satan do that? Well, Christ gave, he
always gives us the example. In Mark 4 and in
Matthew 4, he was taken into the wilderness
to be tested. Why? Tempted. To show you how to
withstand temptation. Well, how did Satan tempt him? With scripture, with
the word of God. That’s the way Satan
operates, a false prophet. And there are many false
ones that follow him, false prophets, false preachers, teaching a doctrine that
doesn’t exist in God’s word. God doesn’t like it. He said, do not even
pray for those people. Be responsible, my friend. I don’t care who you are,
I don’t care what group you associate with. Check them out in
the word of God. Well, I could take the
preacher’s word for it. No you can’t, because a
lot of them are false. You’ve got to do it yourself. Verse 19. The people will say, hast
thou utterly rejected Judah, the house of Judah? Hath thy soul loath Zion? Why hast thou smitten us? And there is no healing for us? We looked for peace
and there is no good. And for the time of
healing and behold trouble. Trouble, trouble, trouble. Satan promises
peace, peace, peace and there will be no peace. He comes in prosperously
and peacefully. That’s why so many
people will be deceived. Why will they be deceived? They haven’t had
the latter rain, that is to say the truth from
God’s word to strengthen them, to give them common sense. Knowledge so simple a
child can understand from the word of
God that you know, Christ made it very
clear in Matthew 24, in Mark 13, in Luke 21
and many places in John. The real Christ does
not return to this earth until after the false one does. That’s why he said, if
they say he’s in the field, don’t you dare go. Or you’ll be deceived. And for the elect’s sake, as it’s written in Mark 13,
he shortened the time even. Or no flesh would be saved. That’s how convincing
the liars are. So you have to be en garde
and you have to be alert. How precious it is to
have truth, to know? Do you think our father Christ? He said you did. Tears run down. Why? He loves his children. The controversy
between he and Satan, and Satan has his way with his
kids over and over and over. And naturally, that
makes our father sad. It would make any father sad. And so it is that
Satan keeps winning and winning and winning. But the time is coming, and what God is telling
here in this 19th verse, there’s gonna be
trouble, trouble, trouble and losing, losing, losing. You don’t want to lose
your salvation, my friend. God will never leave you,
he will never forsake you. But a lot of people
can sure leave him through ignorance or listening to false pastors and teachers. Again, check them out. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it isn’t difficult to
check out in the word of God. The word of God is quite
simple quite actually. If you know how the beginning,
how it was in the beginning, you will pretty well
know how the end. It’s like opening
an old feed sack. If you get the
thread going right, it opens really easy. Well, so does God’s word,
but you got to get a start in the beginning to
have it open to the end. And know what happened
in the garden. Know how the false
seed got here, as Jesus explains in
Matthew 13 and in John 8:44. God loves his children. He does want them to hear him. Next verse please. Verse 20. We acknowledge, O
Lord, our wickedness and the iniquity of our fathers, for we have sinned against thee. This is the people’s
word of the elect today. We know that. We know that the
people sin against God. That gives you no excuse too. And those that
won’t align with it, you don’t even
wanna pray for them. The only thing you could
pray is that they wake up. 21. Do not abhor us. This is the elect. This is you speaking, and
we ask our father that. Do not abhor us for
thy name’s sake. Do not disgrace the
throne of thy glory. Remember, break not
thy covenant with us. That covenant is,
well, just what was it? Well, remember, it’s something
I don’t want you to forget. And I mentioned
it several times. How difficult is it
to be pleasing to God? What was that covenant? Chapter 7:23. I’m gonna repeat it for you. But this thing
command I them saying obey my voice and
I will be your God. And you shall be my people. And walk ye in all the ways
that I have commanded you, that’s the commands,
the covenant, that it may be well with you. That’s all that’s required. That is so simple. To follow God’s covenant. Honor that covenant. Well, but you might say,
well, for his name’s sake, no. For you obeying his word, for you loving him,
see, there are a lot of conditions in that. It’s real simple. But he said, “If you’ll
follow my covenant,” that’s this word,
“I’ll bless you.” You leave this out of
the equation of your life and you’re gonna be in
a heap, a heap of hurt because you’re without
the word of God. If you’re without the word
of God and the word is God, you’re without God. Well, what God
are you with then? Well, there’s only one
other strong contender and that’s Satan himself. The prince of lies,
the king of lies. King of the dung hill. You don’t wanna go there. You wanna be with our father. Verse 22 to continue. And there are among the vanities of the gentiles
that can cause rain. Are there any among the
vanities of the gentiles that can cause rain? Well, we could dance. We could put on a show. Or can the heavens give showers? Not unless God says so. Art not thou he, O Lord God? Therefore, we will
wait upon thee. Not Satan, not some
false preacher. Not some money changer that wants seed money. But to wait on God
himself through his word, exercising your
mind in that word, for thou has made
all these things. God made them. The gentiles, their little
off gods, they can dance and they can pray and so forth. It is almighty God, the
creator, that brings rain. What is that rain? It ceases the drought. The rain we’re talking about
here is the latter rain, which is the true word of God. Only God can alleviate
the ignorance and bring in that rain
that is the latter rain and truth of the end times
whereby you do not starve, your farm does not starve,
your job does not starve, your family does not starve. You are blessed
by the living God. That’s so simple. All it requires is
responsibility on
your part to love him. Not pull away from
him and expect some special favor just
because God created your soul, but to expect favors
from him because you honor his covenant. Chapter seven, verse 23,
don’t ever forget it. It’s real simple to please God. If you want his
blessings or hey, if you wanna be out there in
the cold, have a good trip. Don’t miss any of these
lectures in Jeremiah. All right, bless your heart. You listen a moment,
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mailing address. It’s always a pleasure. Now, you got a prayer request,
you don’t need a number or an address. Why? Father knows what
you’re thinking even. You don’t have to
say it out loud. You know, he created you
different than anyone else. Your DNA is different. Your fingerprints are different. You’re unique. Why? Because God wanted
somebody just like you, but he wanted you to love him. He created you for his pleasure, as it is written
in Revelation 4. How long has it been
since you pleasured him? You do that by letting him
know that you love him. Let’s go to his throne. Father, around the world, we
come, we ask that you lead, guide, direct, father. Touch. In Yeshua’s precious
name, thank you father. Amen. All right, question time. We’re gonna go with
Patty from Kentucky. I know that Christ sits
at the right hand of God. Who sits at the left? And please document. Nobody, okay? And who is Christ? Isiah 7:14, a virgin
shall conceive and it will have a son and
you will call him Immanuel, being translated is God with us. There are dimensions
in the flesh, and there are dimensions
in the spirit. One person, this is
why God would say let us create man in our image. Nobody shares the throne
with the living God. And it is almost not
a good thing to ask who’s on the throne with God. Only he is able to
fill that throne. That’s where Satan
got in trouble, was trying to sit
on the mercy seat. Nobody sits on the mercy
seat but our father and the triune God head,
including the spirit of God, which is to say the Holy Spirit. There’s only one God. Don’t be a worshiper of
anything other than that. Christ was God with us. Carol from Arkansas. Where in the Bible
does it talk about God being the evergreen
or the fir tree? Hosea 14:8. Hosea 14:8. It’s kind of Hosea’s
prayer, the last verses are. And God makes that statement. I am as a great fir tree. Why? It’s evergreen. It never dies, the leaves
in the winter time. It’s always, he is eternal. And that is why that
tree becomes symbolic in many people’s
minds of eternal life. They don’t worship it. It’s just a semnitude
as to God himself. Isiah, Hosea rather, chapter
14 verse eight you’ll find it. You know, Babylon always
tries to take something and rob the truth of God’s word, whether it be a flood,
whether it be the tree, whether it be many things. Don’t let Satan
take away the beauty of God’s own creation. Diane from Nevada. Are we supposed to
worship the trinity even though the Bible
says a lot of times to worship but one God? So as Christians, are we
supposed to worship the trinity? You only worship God. God is the trinity. If you’ve seen the son,
you’ve seen the father. St. John 14. St. John 14, I go to
prepare a place for you in my father’s house. There are many mansions. (speaking in foreign
language) in the Greek. It means resting
place, not some house, not some fancy building. It means to find peace of
mind through the Holy Spirit, where the father
and the son both are in those dimensions comes forth. The spirit of God
that comforts, warms, gives knowledge,
gives leadership. There’s only one. Gregory from Illinois. Can I get some advice
on anointing my wife and myself with oil? Well, yes of course. The oil, as it is
written in James 5, is the olive oil. And it is the oil of our people. You can go to any
grocery store basically and buy virgin olive oil or
pure olive oil, whichever. Pour a little, use part
of it to cook with. It’s most healthy, one
of the most healthy cooking oils there is. But use, pour a little in
a vial and ask our father to bless it as anointing oil. And then you put a little
tab on your finger, touch the forehead of
the wife and yourself and ask God’s blessings
upon you with the anointing and make the request
for whatever it may be. The oil doesn’t accomplish it. It is your obedience to use it, is what gets God’s attention. Many might say well, I
thought that is Old Testament. I didn’t know Christians
were supposed to do that. Well, you’ve never read the
“Book of John” have you, in the New Testament? But then really, you would
be a little bit on them. You know, lack of
knowledge side, and that destroys people. If you didn’t know
what Christ means, Christos in the manuscript,
Christ means the anointed one. And the etymology of his name comes from as rubbing with
the oil of our people. So Christians should
anoint and be anointed. Melinda from Indiana. In Deuteronomy 41,
in the song of Moses, why would he reward
the ones who hate him? Reward them with what? I mean, he is going to reward
them by thumping their gourd. You know, judgment
has both sides, for we that serve him honestly and faithfully, there is
riches in love, spirit and comfort from him. But judgment, at the same
time, can mean punishment. He’s going to reward
them with punishment, those that hate him. You leave God out
of the equation, he will leave you
out of his will. And you will inherit nothing
other than hell itself. That’s what he’s going to
inherit them, reward them with. Reward them with a lot of fire. God is a consuming fire. Those that go into
that lake of fire, they don’t burn forever
and ever and ever. He blushed them out. They turn to ashes. You won’t even
remember they existed. Therefore, you cannot
shed a tear for them because they are the
same as never existed. Alan from Oklahoma. Where in the Bible does
it tell us we will be able to go to the other side of the
gulf to help our loved ones? Well, the gulf is now, Luke 16. But in the millennium,
Christ returns to this earth and sets up teaching here. And it is written, Ezekiel
40 to the end of Ezekiel is all about the millennium. There’s more about
the millennium, that’s the Lord’s day,
in the book of Ezekiel than any other
book in the Bible. And in chapter 44
verses 20 through 25, he lets you know that if
you are one of God’s elect, that’s the (speaking
in foreign language) in the Hebrew tongue, you can
go and help a blood relative. And so it is. That’s one of the rewards of being one of God’s elect. How do you help them? You tell them they
get their act together or they’re going to hell. Final, period. And work with them on that. Michael from Washington. What does the name
Joshua mean in the Bible? There are no J’s in
the Hebrew alphabet. Therefore, the correct
spelling is Y-A-S-H-U-A. Yashua, which it means
Yahoveh’s savior. That is Jesus in
the Hebrew tongue. Yeshua. And Jesus meaning the
same thing in English. Yahoveh’s savior, God’s savior. That is his job. Billy from Georgia. When was Satan sent back to
heaven with the fallen angels for Michael to hold him there? When was the last
time he was reported really other than spiritually? Was in the wilderness
with Christ. He was there. Where did Christ tell him to go? Behind me. Christ is on the throne, and right behind that,
Michael’s guiding, (clicks tongue) locked
in until it’s time to test people out here on earth whether they’ve done
their homework or not. Because Michael’s
kicking him out, and he’s coming here as savior. He’s coming here as
instead of Christ. That’s what the word
means anti-Christ. Instead of Christ. Claiming to be Christ. To rapture people away. And Paul makes it very
clear in 2 Thessalonians 2, don’t you let my first
letter deceive you about gathering back to Christ. It’s not gonna happen until
after the son of perdition, Satan, stands in Jerusalem
claiming to be God and the world trying
to whore after him. God’s word is very
complete on this. It’s whether you’ve
read it or not. I just quoted 2 Thessalonians 2. Lester from Tennessee. What is the firmament? The firmament fell
and what did it cause? I mean, it washed
out, the katabole that washed out everything. Gorges, the Grand Canyon. It was water that was above us, that protected this
earth from cold, and it was fertile
all the way around. North Pole and South Pole. We have found mammoths
with flesh still on them with butter cups in their mouth in the tundra of Alaska. It was beautiful there. And when the firmament
fell, the jet stream came into being and
storm and true north and magnetic north now
are 90 miles apart. According to what part
of the earth you’re on, as a pilot, you have
to make corrections to your magnetic compasses,
either east is least and west is best. In other words, you have west,
you add and east you subtract from your heading or you won’t
end up in the right place. Why? Because of the katabole. Theresa from Florida. In Revelation 21, I think,
why does the Bible say there will be no more sea? Well, for the simple
fact the earth will be rejuvenated and
the firmament will go back where it came from. And it is the protection where it leaves this globe
eternally fertile and beautiful in both north and south. Therefore, there is plenty
of land for every soul God created to inhabit it. And so it will be. What a beautiful time that
we have to look forward to. Okay, we’ve got
Barbara from Maine. I am 81 years old and
I don’t drive anymore. How can I help serve my
lord in my daily life except pray for them each day? Well, that’s a lot, okay? I don’t feel I am serving
him as well as I should. I would appreciate
your input on this. I think you’re doing just fine. And listen, we’re
coming up to that time that all God’s elect are
gonna be delivered up before the false messiah. You’re going to let the Holy
Spirit speak through you. That’s a lot. That’s God’s battle ax. That’s God using his own people
to straighten things out. When Satan is here crying
peace, peace, peace, God’s elect will
straighten things out. God doing it of course, the Holy Spirit being the power. Ken from Tennessee. In the scriptures, I
recall the reference to the great falling away. Perhaps you have covered
this before, and I missed it. But could this mean that
those who are counting on a pre-tribulation rapture, giving up believing in God when they are not
raptured out of here? Well, that’s unfortunately… You’re talking about
the falling away, which is the great, the word in the Greek is
(speaking in foreign language). It means people changing
their faith and belief in one instant. When Antichrist
stands in Jerusalem and they think it’s the
true Christ returned, oh, they are gonna be so joyful, they are gonna be so happy. Christ has returned. Just one thing,
they’re falling away, Paul makes it very clear. I just quoted it,
2 Thessalonians 2. They’re gonna be,
don’t get in their way. They’ll be overrejoicing. The second advent has happened. There’s just one problem. It’s the wrong Jesus. It’s instead of Christ. And many that haven’t
done their homework will worship Satan and still
expect Christ to take them. What a shame. How embarrassed they will be. I feel sorry for them. Donnie from… Where is Donny from? Donny is from, well, we’ll just
have to leave that part off. My name is Donny from,
oh, from South Carolina. What should I do when
all the churches here preach the rapture? Please help us. Also, where in the
Bible can I find out about the divide gulf? The gulf that divides is
you’ll find it in Luke 16 between the “Parable of
the Rich Man and Lazarus.” You’re in church when
you’re in church with us. And if there is a group
of you that study, start a home study
and study yourself. Study the word of God
in truth and be blessed. The Shepherd’s Chapel Ministry
was started in a home, and it grew into what it is. So start your own. Well, what kind of
paperwork do I need? It’s called the word of God. That’s all the
paperwork you need. Start it. I would hasten to say there
are certain cities now that are so anti-god that you
wanna check city ordinances. But there’s nothing wrong
with discussing God’s, nobody’s gonna take that
freedom away from us, I don’t care what kind
of ordinance they pass, of people getting
together and talking about the word of God. But do know with eyes wide open. Always be wiser
than the serpent, but as peaceful as a dove. A dove protects their nest. They’re wicked. Mark from Kansas. I have been studying
with you for a while now and I have a question
in the Bible. What is the devil’s name? I sure don’t want to, I sure
don’t want to like these names. Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t. Probably Revelation 12:6-7 gives you a list of his names. Revelation 20:2-3 give
you a list of his names. In Daniel 7, if you
happen to have a Strong’s, a companion Bible, it
lists many of the names that Satan uses. He’s a play actor. Do you know what the word
play actor is in the Greek? It’s hypocrite. It means somebody playing
or pretending to be, a role of something they’re not. Well, that’s what Satan is. He plays many roles. He wants to play
the role of Christ. That’s why he’s called
instead of Christ. You know, it is so simple
to follow the true Christ and avoid the false. You’ll do just fine. Spiritually, your discernment
will do that for you anyway. Robin from Alabama. I worry that I am not
attending a church or that I am not sending
my children every Sunday. I’m studying with
Shepherd’s Chapel every day at 5 a.m. via television. We are a church. Our broadcast are an extension
of that, of the church. So when you are studying
God’s word, that is church. That’s what a church
is supposed to do. A building that holds meetings
may call itself a church, and it never gets around
to teaching God’s word. It’s not really a church. It’s a gathering place. It’s when God’s word is taught. That makes the difference. Richard from California. How do you spell Kenites,
the descendants of Cain? K-E-N-I-T-E-S, Kenites. In the Hebrew tongue,
the dialect is (speaking in foreign
language) is the father, and Kenites is the
offspring thereof. You can find the
word in many places. You can find it in
1 Chronicles 2:55. You know what the
Kenites were doing then, way, way back in
Chronicles 1:55? In chapter two, 1
Chronicles 2:55, they were scribes for Judah. The very people that this book
of Jeremiah is written to. They were keeping
books for them. Keeping the records,
making the manuscripts. That’s where you find them. You’ll find them
again in Jeremiah 35
here before too long. We’ll be talking about them. By their father’s name
(speaking in foreign language). This (mumbles) Mensiah? I will say from Wisconsin. I have a question about tithing. I am an independent
contractor and taxes are not taken out for me. I’ve been tightening
10% of my income without taxes being taken out. I want to give my
10% of God’s kingdom, but I wonder if I’m
doing what is right. You only tithe on what
you personally receive. Not your business necessarily. And even if it is, if
you own the business, which some people do,
only what is profit. If the taxes have to be taken
out, that’s not profit, okay? All expenses, all taxes,
everything must come out before you know what
profit there is. And that is yours. The rest of it is the
government or expenses that takes to transfer. In other words, if I
will just simplify this, let’s say I’m an
apple peddler, okay? I got a wagon load
of apples here. And that’s my business, that’s
the way I feed my family. If I give all my apples
away, I’m out of business. I can’t do anything. I can’t be a blessing
to my family, I can’t be a blessing to God. You only tithe on what
you absolutely have that is yours yourself. And if you’re retired
and on a fixed income, that even changes then, okay? You’ve already paid your
tithe on that, and so it is. So then you give a love
offering, you know, to keep God’s word coming. I’m out of time. Hope that helps you. All right, hey. I love you all because you
enjoy studying God’s word and reading it, studying
it and living it. But you know what, most of
all, God loves you for it. It makes his day. It truly does. And when you, I’m
talking to you, when you make his day, boy,
is he gonna make yours. You’re blessed indeed. We are brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we have helped you, and
only if we’ve helped you, you help us keep coming
to you, won’t you do that? You bless God, he will always,
I do mean always, bless you. Now most important
though, listen to me good, you stay in his word. Every day in his word is a
good day, even with trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus, Yeshua,
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