Saturday as we get you readyor BYU and liberty.>>Live from studio B teamed up with Jason shepherd and it’s time to put a knell in the coffin. It’s that type of day. There is that Utah pronunciation. Welcome back.>>Thanks for having me.>>What was it like to watch your three pointer?>>It was fun, coach pope and I kept making those exchanges.>>What was happening in that?>>Just a vote of confidence.>>We get to see coach pope from a media perspective. What’s he like every day?>>He’s super intense in practice but it’s out of love. You make a good play, he’ll hug you, pound his chest, dance a little, he’s a lot of fun.>>Good dnacer and remember he controls his playing time.>>Wise answer. Coach pope losing his voice last night, it was hard for me to hear him, could you hear him?>>No but he had his clipboard and that’s him drawing it out.>>Give us the scoop on you, what do you like to do, who are you rooming with?>>A transfer, a manager last year, basketball 24/7. Outside of basketball, I love listening to music, my favorite music is Disney, I’ll listen to that before games.>>Get pumped up?>>Oh yeah.>>Are we talking Disney soundtracks?>>The tarzan soundtrack, tangled, not a ton but you start with rapping and move into Disney.>>Some Jay-Z and then Phil Collins and tarzan? There’s so much more I want to dive into but let’s push forward, the number two recruit out of Davis county, why BYU when you had offers from pac 12 and other schools?>>I was originally signed with Cal and then the guy left and then I got calls from other schools and coach rose called right away and I came out and met jimmer, we talked, they feel like I can be the shooter like he was and we talked to coach rose and it felt right.>>You were able to get a game under your belt, how do you think the team did overall?>>I think we played as a team and coach rose emphasized that a lot and that’s more dangerous than the one guy who can score and we were excited for Alex and tj and Jake started getting his shot and we want each other to succeed and tj had that corner and he looked for Jake and his shot went down and tj is always looking to make the pass and this team is super special.>>Trevin knell with us, what do you feel like your team did best to prepare for San Diego?>.We had the mindset of playing defense and we’re trying to help each other and we have Colby Lee and Dalton and zac who are strong and they can jump and it helps with the little guards and San Diego is super tall and athletic but we’re rebounding well and that’s our huge emphasis.>>What’s the rebounding war?>>Just we beat them out.>>How do you prepare?>>We go against Wyatt and Harward and we gotta make sure it’s about hwo’s tougher and that’s what coach pope talks about and we can’t let people punk us.>>How impressed were you with Alex Barcellos’ blocks?>>When someone starts talking to Alex and they’re saying stuff, you have to watch out.>>He gets that crazy look in his eyes. Wow, I’m a little scared but glad he’s playing for us.>>He takes it personal.>>Clearly. Trevin knell with us. What are the expectations for this team? It couldn’t have gone much better, cooled off in the second half but what do you expect?>>To shoot just like this. It’s not like oh, they shot really well, hoepfully again, this is every game. There’s another play Jake passed out, I think it’s the whole trust aspect and how special this team will be.>>What were your own expectations?>>Pretty high. I’m excited to play and I felt my shot and this last Tuesday my first shot goes in and coach pope says shoot the next one and the bench starts talking to me, oh, he’s not going to shoot over him, it’s over. Once that shot went in I felt really good, this hwole aspect of this team.>>How do you handle the nerves of a bigger crowd?>>It’s exciting and it’s kind of scary at times when they all lean back and forth but we have good leadership and they’veh helped me stay calm and coach pope tells us to trust our work and every day I’m shooting hundreds of shots so I have to trust that.>>Do you trust zac’s style and mustache?>>I don’t trust the mustache. I wouldn’t like it.>>That’s becoming iconic. Congratulations on the performance.>>Have you signed this flag?>>I think he was here in June so I think so but let’s give you some karma. You’ll play better, that’s how it works.