Dexter come! Handsignal: COME Voice: Come! Handsignal: SIT Where is your ball? Go, get your ball! Out! Down OK, stay! Stay! We are trying something else today. This is a ball and this is a Kong. And i am going to throw the ball first. Dexter! Leave it! No! Down! Leave it. That thing goes over there. And then i throw this somewhere else. OK And then i give him the commands, and for that i take the camera off the tripod. Ooh! Here we go. Dexter, go to the KONG! Dexter, go to the KONG! Where is the KONG? Go to the KONG. TOUCH! No, TOUCH! No, TOUCH. Really touch. Yeah good boy! YES! Go to the ball, get the ball. GET the ball! Good boy. COME! Here. OUT! NO! OUT! That took a minute. Goto the KONG! Go to the KONG! Where is the KONG? Go TOUCH! YES! Good boy. Get the BALL! Very good. Good job! Just in case the question comes up how we teach this … STAY We teach it this way. Dexter, BALL! KONG KONG BALL Good Dexter Hey. Touch the KONG! Touch KONG Touch the KONG. Touch. YES! Good boy! Touch the BALL. Touch. YES! Good boy! Very good! Good boy! Nice job! YES!