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the Top 10 Knull The God Of Symbiotes Shocking Facts. Roll the clip. Oh man – for me, Marvel just keeps getting
better and better, and their recent rewrite of the symbiote mythos is no exception. It’s just so damn good. In Marvel’s newest run of Venom, Donny Cates
and Ryan Stegman rewrite everything we’ve ever known – or thought we knew about the
Klyntar symbiotes. A hell of a lot of new and awesome stuff is
going down in Venom right now. There’s giant symbiote dragons, all-powerful
necrotic weaponry – and an Eddie Brock showdown that tugs at those heartstrings. Before we jump into all that though – you
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Years Old At least 13.7 billion years old to be precise. Knull is an ancient malevolent deity whose
existence predates the universe itself. He possesses amortality – existing before
the genesis of concepts such as life and death themselves, and as it comes with the territory
– his weird little symbiotic eyes have seen a lot of shit as he floated wistfully through
the endless cosmic abyss. Created by Jason Aaron, Butch Guice, Donny
Cates and Ryan Stegman, Knull serves as an intellectual foil as to the origin of the
symbiotes that we’ve all grown to love over the years, giving them a depth and narrative
niche that is more than just – weird, amorphous alien lifeform. First seen in 2013 in Thor’s God of Thunder
Number 6, Knull the God of Symbiotes is an anciently relentless figure tightening the
screws on everything we know about Venom, Carnage and their ilk. Coming in at Number 9 – He’s The Living
Abyss. Yeah – it comes with the territory really. When you’re an ancient being of malevolent
eldritch energy – you could say that there’s a few all-powerful perks. Knull has many names, God of the Forge, God
of the Symbiotes, Lord of the Abyss, The First God of the Abyss – he’s got many facets
and many symbiotic faces – one of which is a symbiote-dragon, but we’ll get into that
later. As a primordial god of darkness, Knull possesses
the superior ability to create, control and manipulate an entire energy force of eldritch
darkness – which is a manifestation of the primordial void that existed before the universe
itself. In essence, Knull is capable of manifesting
his dark shadow to create symbiote life from this living abyss – which he first demonstrated
when stranded on a desolate world, and discovered that he could infest lesser creatures with
his abyssal energy – creating the first army of symbiotes to conquer the universe. Also, he’s one of the few creatures that
seems to be capable of surviving completely unaided in the vast vacuum of space, which
is pretty dope. Or scary. Depending whose side you’re on. Next up at Number 8 – He Hates The Celestials This is really the crux of Knull’s origination,
and his aeon long war with the Celestials as they created the universe. As an ancient eldritch being, Knull utterly
despises the Celestials and their creations – and is pretty hellbent on ushering in an
all-out genocide against them. Knulls ultimate weakness though is as a product
of his own surmise – and thus is vulnerable to a metaphysical force he refers to as The
Light – a life force that was spread through the Abyss by the celestials, manifesting itself
through concepts such as honor, benevolence and nobility. Also – after chopping off the head of a Celestial
God in his initial crusade, that severed head would later become Knowhere – a ramshackle
galactic city and scientific station at the edge of space – and as we’re talking about
chopping off heads – Coming in next at Number 7 – All-Black the
Necrosword Yes. The most metal object in the whole of the
Marvel Universe. All-Black the Necrosword, while also being
a pretty awesome death metal band name – is the living creation of Knull’s first ever
umbrakinetic symbiote – the All-Black, a being created by the very shadow essence of Knull
himself. Also known as the Godslayer, which was tempered
with the divine power of a slain Celestial, this was the symbiotic weapon wielded by Knull
during his chaotic campaign against the divine beings of the universe. It was so powerful that Knull could decimate
entire armies of Celestials single handedly. According to Old Galactus, All-Black the Necrosword
is the same weapon that carved the first dawn from the stone of the endless night. It has the eldritch power to control and manipulate
darkness from the living abyss – and even be used to create sentient shadowy beasts,
known as the Black Berserkers. It has a long, nightmarish history of corrupting
its many users into commiting divine atrocities – but seemingly was subservient to its creator,
Knull. I say was – as we lead onto our next point
– because during a particular scuffle with an army of Golden Celestials, All-Black the
Necrosword was stolen by a certain someone. Which leads us to our Number 6 point – Gorr
The God Butcher The second person on the list of god-hating
beings in the Marvel Universe, is an alien from an unnamed planet – who would go on to
be the second wielder of All-Black the Necrosword – Gorr the God Butcher. Created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic – Gorr
first appeared in God of Thunder Number 2 – as the son of a nameless father, and an
outcast from a forgotten world – he was taught his entire life to trust in the divinity of
the gods, but to his rage – they never answered his prayers. That is until Knull crash landed on his planet,
and Gorr witnessed him battling the golden armored gods. To his surprise, the gods actually existed
– but it did nothing to sate his rage, and after stealing the Necrosword from an unconscious
Knull, he went on a thousand year campaign butchering any god that crossed his path. It wasn’t until Thor – well, three Thor’s
in fact – took on the power-crazed-god-butchering-alien – and with the help of the All-Black itself,
they finally killed him. Also, as a small aside – Gorr’s unnamed
homeworld in God of Thunder Number 6 is the same planet seen in Venom’s flashback in
Dark Origin Number 4. Interesting, eh? Coming in at Number 5 – He’s Got a Pet Dragon Called Grendel – kind of – and no, it’s
not spritely and cute – it’s a horrific, twisted symbiote mess. In actual fact, it’s a fleet of dragon-shaped
symbiote-conglomerates seized under the control of Knull – traveling across the cosmos devouring
entire civilizations. It was pretty much the lynchpin of Knull’s
cosmic campaign of carnage – until it attacked Earth during the early medieval period, and
came into contact with everyone’s favourite Mjolnir wielding badass Thor – and this time,
Beowulf wasn’t around – and so the God of Thunder had to sort things out by trapping
the symbiote beast in a glacier. It later emerged when S.H.I.E.L.D screwed
things up a bit – but we’ll get to that in a second – and was reawakened by Knull
to wreak havoc in downtown New York, alerting Eddie Brock and Miles Morales to its presence
– hellbent on retrieving a missing part of itself. Grendel is seemingly destroyed in a hotter-than-the-sun
furnace in Venom Number 6 – but we’ve got an inkling that it’s not the last we’ll
see of this abyssal dragon. Next up at Number 4 – S.H.I.E.L.D Screwed
Up. As we mentioned in our previous point, S.H.I.E.L.D’s
misfortune plays quite a large part in the historical events of Venom Vol. 4. In the late 1960’s – the frozen body of
Grendel was discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D – who did the one thing you should never do when
you find a strange, alien lifeform – they subjected it to tortuous experiments, after
realising that the writhing symbiote mass was very much still alive. This kind of really pissed it off – and they
only succeeded in creating ravenous offshoots of the Grendel mass that ended up going on
a killing spree in Vietnam following the Sym Soldier program – which we’ll get to in
a moment. Turns out that S.H.I.E.L.D had been powering
up Project Rebirth for quite some time before their eventual collapse – and their involvement
with symbiotes had lead to some pretty interesting super-soldier advancements in the Marvel universe. Which leads us to our Number 3 point – The
Tyrannosaurus Symbiote Which throughout the latest Venom run, comes
in the incarnation of Vietnam war veteran Rex Strickland – or at least, an image of
him – and is the one thing that Knull needed to fully morph into his amorphous dragon-shaped
symbiote colossus and wreak havoc across the universe. It turns out, that during S.H.I.E.L.D’s
excavation and subsequent experimentation of the Grendel symbiote – five of its symbiotes
were extracted and bonded to wounded soldiers from the Vietnam War. Enraged at the hideous acts on its symbiote-progenitor,
Rex’s symbiote – codenamed Tyrannosaurus – corrupted its host and went on a rampage
across the jungles of Vietnam, prowling and devouring any soldier that they came across. It took Logan and Nick Fury to take them down,
and during an act of compassion which ended up with Rex Strickland dying, the Tyrannosaurus
symbiote broke free from Knull’s chaotic influence and essentially – became a good
guy – pledging his life to saving his symbiote brethren no matter the cost, in constant fear
of the eldritch power of Knull. Next up at Number 2 – Venom’s Spooked, and
so are the Klyntar. And also – he’s got wings now. After having a brief connection to Knull and
his primordial symbiote Grendel – it unlocked new abilities for our favourite Eddie Brock
spandex suit, which came in handy when him and Spider-Man were hurtling through the atmosphere
after being ejected from Grendel the symbiote-dragon. In essence, the overarching theme of Venom
Vol. 4 – as well as drip-feeding us some awesome symbiote goodness, is the battle between Knull
and his conflict with seemingly compassionate Klyntar. As we see in Issue 2 – Knull can pretty much
strip the goodness straight out of Venom’s DNA – leaving Eddie Brock with a ravenous,
rampaging symbiote under the hive-mind sway of The Living Abyss, Knull. We learn throughout Venom that during Grendel’s
first mission to Earth, Thor’s power severed Knull’s connection to the hivemind – trapping
his consciousness in the symbiote-dragon’s body. Afterwards, the symbiotes were freed from
his control – and they subsequently rebelled against their god – imprisoning his body at
the heart of an artificial planet they called Klyntar – which in their alien language, was
their word – for cage. Holy shit, come on, isn’t that awesome? Also Venom might be dead, but he can’t be
dead – because he loves Eddie Brock and as we know, Knull is a love-sucking fun-sponge. And at our final point 1 – We Know Pretty
Much Nothing About Him. Yeah – short and sweet, really. There’s still so much more to be explored
with this blockbuster storyline, that we can’t even begin to imagine where this narrative
nailstorm will take us. We’ve got gods trapped in planets – dragons
made of symbiotes – several intricate threads that have slowly weaved their way to fruition
since the early 2000’s – it’s really anyone’s guess as to how this will change the Marvel
Universe – and the wider implications that it will have on the nature of symbiotes as
we know them. Issue 7 is set to be released on October 10,
2018 – set to feature Venom veteran Iban Coello, who promises to turn the Venom story on its
head once again. It carries the tagline that Eddie Brock is
going to be put through an emotional meat grinder, the likes of which haven’t been
seen in the Marvel Universe ever before – and if we’re following the events of Issue 6
– then I think we’re about to see Eddie Brock on a pretty gut-wrenching journey through
the symbiotic abyss. Well, I guess we’ll have to wait to find
out. Unfortunately folks, that’s all we’ve
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