The Word of God is like
It is It is a never-ending gospel
It is eternal It is so powerful
It is so amazing
Well Jesus I just thank you
We just give you permission to wreck us Just wreck us
Completely for you That we would be
just so abandoned To your love
To your goodness That we would know that You are good
All the time Not just singing it
But actually believing it And walking it out
Father I thank You for Your goodness That leads people to repentance
We do not have to try to clobber them over the head
When they see When they see Your goodness
They actually say oh my goodness
What was I doing Jesus name
Amen Alright
Boy man If you keep playing that
I am a child of God I am going to freak out inside
Because that is what it is about It is the simplicity
Of the gospel It is the simplicity
You know I kind of
I shared some customs stuff with you yesterday So I will probably finish with some custom
stories with you today But the unashamedness of the gospel 1:26
Comes from being right with God We talked about it yesterday
I talked about a lot of stuff but And I shared my testimony
You know when I went to When I came home
And for those of you who were not here yesterday Just to sum up my testimony
I was lost and now I am found I was completely blinded
Now I see Like I was dead now I am alive
Like it really is Like
It is not See the thing is
It is not just a little bit saved
It is like Completely
It is not just I came out of complete darkness
Not into a little bit of light No
He He translated me
The bible says he took me out of darkness And put me in
To the son of his love So
He put me into light So I did not go from darkness
To gray To light
He took me from darkness and put me right into the light
Man Okay
Now this has nothing to do With this
And in my life Redemption
It is so powerful Because redemption
Like we say it is purchased And it is
To be redeemed Is to be purchased
But it is more than that Like
I have heard people talk about the cross And how it is the revelation of your sin
And it reveals your sin I do not
I do not believe that is what god is saying Yes your sin was an issue
But something underneath of that sin Was of great value
And of great importance Or heaven would not have paid such a high
price to redeem it So the cross is the revealing of your value
When you see the tree It is the
It is the revealing of your value Because Jesus who knew no sin
Became sin So that I might become something
But if I do not see the price that was paid for me
Like there is a song that says I will never know how much it cost
But that is not a good song because
The truth is You need to know how much it cost
Because when you know how much it cost Then your value
Gets completely redeemed
You need to understand your creative value The devil’s number one plan it to tell you
that you are worthless Well if you are worthless
Than why would have heaven paid such a high price for you
If in the world Something that is paid for
That you pay for something With a price
And that is where you get the value of something for
So if you are going to buy a car And you go to a car dealership
And Let us say you
You look at a car and it is like eleven thousand A really small car maybe two years old
And they are like wow it is eleven thousand But you went to that dealer
And he told you that that car was a hundred and twenty thousand
you would say yeah but the blue book value
or the value of this car is only like
at most eleven yeah I know but this is an amazing car and
it is a hundred and twenty there is no way you would do it because it
is not worth it yet we sale out so cheap
because the devil tells us that we are worthless it is not okay
Jesus said my sheep will hear and obey my voice
And a stranger’s they will not follow To follow a stranger’s voice
You are not going to see it You are going to hear it
It is a voice So we need to understand our Sheppard
We need to understand Jesus said
My sheep will hear and obey My voice
And a stranger’s They will not follow
So the stranger’s is constantly whispering And we cannot afford to get the voice of our
Father The voice of our Sheppard
Confused with voice of a stranger Because Jesus commanded us
To not follow the strangers voice If you want to follow
the Sheppard’s voice You have to know how he speaks
And The Sheppard never speaks apart from
His word Because His word
Is the guideline of where the Sheppard speaks Now he will violate your interpretation of
it But He will never go against His word
God and His word are one God actually says in His word
In Psalms one thirty-eight verse two That He magnified His word above His own name
So God thought that highly of it that he put it above his own name
So if we don’t put value on the word We are actually not honoring God
But if we do not have the holy spirit to interpret Then we are not honoring God
Because Jesus said that those who worship Must worship in spirit and in truth
We cannot afford to be so about I said it yesterday
I am just capping some stuff We cannot afford to be so about the truth
That we are not about the spirit And we cannot afford to be so
Heavenly minded That we are no earthly good
We have to be so heavenly minded that we are earthly amazing
And that the world is looking for more of us
Look if I am going If I am going to work
And do my job I have to do my job as unto the Lord
And like The only thing that my boss should be freaked
out about Is that people get healed
People get delivered People get set freed
They get born again There are miracles
There is the prophetic There is the craziest stuff that happens
But I my do my job with excellence because I am working unto the Lord
Everything we do It says in Colossians three seventeen
Whatever I do Whether in word or deed
I am to do unto God and not for people So I am not working for the man
I am working for the man I love this
What an opportunity Because everywhere we go
like People
People have a miracle flow through their life And they are like
Well you know what man I am called to
I am called to preach Well that is great
But the reality of it is That you are called to be a son before you
are ever called to preach You are called to be a daughter before you
are ever called to preach And
Since you are a daughter And since you are a son
Let your job be your mission field Touch the world for Jesus
And it is amazing I love it
So good Okay
Let me just So I told you about Quebec
And I told you about me going to customs And then I told you about how
It was kind of a worship service It was really amazing
They told me you got to sit out here And
It was neat Because
I am out there And I am playing guitar and just loving Jesus
And And Tom who
Helps with the ministry His name is Tom Artolo 7:08
Amazing man of God He is
He is calling me And as he is calling me and I am in Quebec
Out there For those of you that you do not know
Oh I cannot come down there For those of you do not know
I am I am locked up in customs
And I cannot get Into the country
And so I am worshiping and loving Jesus
And the door opens And I am on the phone with Tom
And the guy comes out and looks at me
And he goes hey Listen
He goes He talked about playing
He goes You have a really
really beautiful voice he just came out to tell me that
I am like thanks man You are amazing
God loves you And he goes
And He goes
Yeah He goes
You know what I am really sorry about his anger
He is really He is not happy
I said no It is okay
But I am And his
His anger is not going to determine my joy Because my joy is not determined by anybody
It is eternal And they are dealing with all my record
All my junk All this stuff
That is why I cannot come in Because they have researched my testimony
And it is real It is really real
Like I was Seriously lost
And now I am seriously found All that stuff I told you yesterday
It is way worse
than that but heaven has redeemed me
but people do not see what heaven sees
if they do not see Him so they see my past
they see all that stuff so he is like
wow we have really never seen a record like
I said man I said
I understand I said
But You hurt your left knee
You damaged it horribly And I am on the phone with
With Tom And I said dude
I said hold on I said you damaged your left knee
It is really trashed I said your ACL it is wrecked
He goes How do you know about my left knee
I said Just do me a favor dude
Let me see your hand I did not ask if I could pray for him
He just goes why It is just a landing strip
for Holy Spirit I am really serious
It is just It is really amazing
He goes Why
I went Father I thank you in the name of Jesus God
Just prayed for him He goes
My My knee is on fire
What are you doing I said well check it
He goes Get out
I said Tom I got to get off the phone right now
So I get off the phone I share the gospel
With this customs officer He goes
This is This is crazy
He goes How did you know about my knee
How did you know about my knee And he is bending his knee
And checking his knee I go
You know what I did not know about your knee
But the Jesus I have been telling you about He lives in me through agency
Of Holy Spirit And He loves you
I told you guys For hours how much He loves you
He does Well this is crazy
He goes I will be right back
He goes in the office He comes back out
He goes Listen
He goes I am going to write a report
And I am going to get you in my country My people need this
And I am like Alright
awesome man so he goes in
and like I am still out there so I just pick up my guitar and just worship
Jesus and love God
and because He loves me
it is like 10:05 when you know who you are as a son
when you know when you understand the price that was paid
for you see it never changes
Jesus is the same yesterday Today
And forever His blood never changes
The answer of heaven is the same
And when I said yes His yes
Because God already said yes
Remember I told you about the womb yesterday How
Do you remember Okay
God predestined us before the foundation of the world
So God called me And knew about me
Before my mom and my dad ever thought about me
Because they were not really thinking about me
But when I came They were like okay
What are we going to do now But God knew
And God loved me then And if He loved me then
All that drug addiction for twenty-two years And all that junk that I did
And all the Horrible stuff
I mean People are dead because of the life I used
to live And if God loved me then
If He loved me then How much more now
See this is all true It is so exciting
How much more now Would He freely give me all things
So good But I do not ever ask Him for things
I just ask Him for Him When I seek Him in the secret place
I am seeking Him for Him And when I
When He said that He will reward me in the open
He rewards me with Him in the open I mean
Man you could have everything And nothing is okay
You could have You could have
Billions and billions of dollars And be the unhappiest person in the world
You could have everything And none of that stuff gives you peace
None of it It actually causes more unrest
But Jesus says come to Me All of you who are weary
Come on you guys know the scripture Matthew eleven twenty-eight
It is like pretty powerful It says come to Me
All of you are weary and burden down by life Come to Me
And I will give you Rest
Jesus says come to me and I will give you rest
And so what happens as a Christian We come to Him for that momentary
Just that That
Just that moment of time And we are like
Oh my gosh The weight
The stuff is lifted off of me It is getting born again
It is like wow You get re-fathered
You have a brand-new dad How excellent is that
And all of the sudden You do not do the second part
of that scripture And you live in unrest
But the very price that Jesus paid Was to
To bring us into a place of rest Having peace with God
See If I just come to Him and pray a prayer
It is true That I can be saved
That is awesome But to be saved is not just to get you out
of here Jesus did not say pray a prayer
So that I can get you out of here No
He said give your life to Me So that I can come live in there
You give your life to Him And it is not about
You pray a prayer and poof 12:39 You disappear
That is not it Jesus I give me life to you
Poof 12:43 And all of a sudden
Where did they go I do not know
Do not do it Do not pray that
Everybody that is praying that is disappearing That is not it
But He says Take My yoke upon you
For my yoke It says it is easy
And my burden is light He says
And learn from me Learn from me
So the first part is saying yes to Jesus But the second part
And it is life long Is learning from Me
And He says that you will find rest for your Soul
So your mind Your will
And your emotion They come into a complete rest
And agreement with heaven And you live without stress
You live in rest But if you do not learn from Jesus
You will listen to the devil And he will tell you that you are something
that you are not And you will look back
Instead of forward He said
Look to things present And things to come
This is a huge deal Because we want to confident
Actually we want to be God-fident 13:41 In such a way
To where we are so Steadfast on God
We are so looking at the reality Of Jesus told us to
He said set you mind on things above And not beneath
We are supposed to think like heaven thinks We are supposed to think
From heaven towards earth We are supposed to think
With With the Father’s mind
He actually said that we have been given the mind of Christ
But I cannot afford to put my eyes on this stuff
And not keep my eyes from this stuff
Are you guys following me This has everything to do with everything
Because I just went through See
I just went through this massive trial Massive
I do not believe trials are sent by God I believe they are from the devil
I believe that I believe that if you are on fire
For Jesus And you get thrown into the fire
Nothing changes But I believe that if you are lukewarm
And you get thrown into the fire You are get me out of here God oh God
But if you realize that you are to be a living sacrifice
Romans twelve one I beseech you therefore brethren
To offer your body as a living sacrifice Holy and acceptable to God
Which is your reasonable And pleasing service
So now we come to Him And we offer our body as living sacrifice
And then He says And do not be conformed to this world
But be transformed By the renewing of your mind
So that you can approve what the will of God is
We have to be transformed We have to have this thing
Fixed and changed I have lived as a Christian for eleven years
And I have not had one day of unrest I have not had a day of condemnation
I have not had a day of guilt And a day of shame
They are not from
the Father God does not have bad things to give you
I love Romans You know
Romans eight Where it says there is
Therefore now
no condemnation in Christ
but that is not where it stops it keeps going
it says who do not walk
according to the flesh but according to the
Spirit We cannot afford
to listen to the voice of a stranger which is the voice of flesh
it is twisted do not listen to the devil man
you have to know what God thinks about you What He says about you
If I were to visit that junk If I were to visit the things that God told
me never to visit I mean
When you come to Jesus How much sin
Does God cover Some
Or all Then what is the problem
What if this is the simplicity of the gospel And what if we spend a lifetime
Looking back in a rearview mirror At stuff that God says is finished
And what if we are living on the wrong side of the cross
What if the handwriting of requirements against me
Was wiped out And nailed to Him
On a tree What if that is
what the truth is are you guys okay
listen I have lived this thing man
For eleven years And I am still
really free And I am still really excited
And I have known His love for eleven years Like
I have a daisy okay
And every petal Says He loves me
He loves me He loves me
There is no He loves me not
There is not one He loves me not petal On
that flower
Ever Because God is
not a man that He should lie
and God so loved the world
that He gave His one and only son
So that whoever would believe in Him Would not perish
Would not perish does not just mean go to hell when you die
It means Think like hell while you live
You cannot afford to have the mindset of hell in you
Here it is Anger
Depression Anxiety
Unforgiveness 17:42 Bitterness
Wrath Rage
Malice It is all the
It is all the thoughts of the devil The devil is hopeless
Why Because there is no hope for him
He is depressed He can never fix what has happened
He is finished forever
He is a withering branch He is cut off from the source of life
And he wants to make you think that Or better yet
He wants to make you have a Christian confession But no relationship
He wants to have you have a Christian confession And then memorize the bible
But have no intimacy (not sure what word he is saying) 18:15
have no fellowship have no oneness with the Father
that is twisted see the devil can never have relationship
with the Father so that is why son ship is being attacked
in every way shape and form
by the devil himself man come on
what if God took us out of a place
Of trying to obey six-hundred and thirteen laws
and ten commandments Into a place
Of living In obedience to two
Six-hundred and thirteen laws and ten commandments In order for you to be right with God
And James two ten even states that if You even transgress one of them
You have missed them all So there is a lot of people who look at me
and say Oh dude
You are like lucky You came in this way
I grew up in church Like you think that is an excuse to remain
bound People will say
You do not understand I have a lot to unlearn
Well your brain is not meant to unlearn You cannot unlearn anything
Your mind gets renewed
By the Holy Spirit So
that junk is out People say well
You know Or I have people say this
You You have an amazing testimony man
I wish I was a drug addict And I say whoa
I hear it You have no idea
Man Your testimony is awesome man
I grew up in church bro That is pretty good
That is self-righteousness It is twisted
See in the law
The reality of the standard of the law Is that God is Holy
And perfect So if you are not holy and perfect
You are just as guilty as I was Man
You grew up in church You are a pretty nice guy
You lie to one person The law says
That if you transgress one You have missed them all
So now Whether you were as bad as me
Drug addict for twenty-two years Angry
Ripped off everybody Stole for from everybody
You guys heard my testimony yesterday It is amazing what God wants to do in a life
People said to me Todd
You know The reason why you love so much
Is because how much you have been forgiven And I would say
That is awesome But like
You are giving yourself the reality of not loving
because you have not been forgiven that much that does not make sense
we all have been equally forgiven we just do not all believe it
what if just what
what if That is a huge dilemma
I mean How many of you
Have ever looked back And wish you never did what you did
Okay How many of you had that happen this week
Oh it is a constant thing because the devil is a liar man
He is a liar He wants you to look back and revisit things
that Jesus says are finished If I confess to God
First John says this If I come to God and confess
Like Let us say I am walking
And I have a hiccup
Let us just say And boom
And you confessed to God That that is not okay
What does God do He is faithful and just to what
Cleanse you of what All
Unrighteousness So if God cleanses you
Of all unrighteousness What is left
Okay then What is the problem
See here is what we do People go
They are They are walking
And all of a sudden God I
Please God I Or
This This even worse
Devil I command you get behind me in the name of Jesus
God never told you to do that We have rebuked the devil for far too long
Instead of standing in truth Why would you rebuke him when you are not
supposed to rebuke him You are supposed to know the truth concerning
the doctrine You are supposed to study
To show yourself approved Not even study to preach yourself approved
You are supposed to know the truth concerning the doctrine
Do not you rebuke the devil You stand in truth
And when he whispers to you Let it provoke you to a greater place of truth
When he tells you Yeah well
How about three years ago when you did that And you have already repented
You have already come to God God has already cleansed you
You are completely free from that thing But the devil does not believe that you will
believe that So that he keeps you bound to something that
you are not So that you can never stand in who you really
are People are like
Yeah But this is not something new
No It is not something new
But it is the new thing that God said he has already accomplished
And if we stand in this new thing The original thing
The simplicity Of the gospel
That is in the Christ You will walk with boldness
And you will give the devil a bad day Everyday
Instead of fearing him
Or walking on egg shells that he might attack you again
Who cares if he attacks you again You guys okay
You are like What is going on right now
Uh nothing The Holy Spirit is just going
(verbal gesture) 22:55 it says in Romans eight
it is like so amazing it says that I am fully persuaded
fully persuaded meaning
thoroughly convinced right after it says we are more than conquerors
which I have not figured that one out yet because to conquer is amazing
but to be more than is crazy
it says I am fully persuaded that angels
or principalities or powers
or life or death
or things present or things to come
nor any other created thing shall be able to separate me
from receiving the love of God
that is in Christ Jesus it says
angels principalities
powers life
death things present
things to come nor any other created thing
shall be able to separate me from receiving the love of God that is in Christ Jesus
the only thing that is not on that list that has complete ability
to separate you from the love of God is your past
it did not make the list because Jesus believed
heaven believed that what God did was big enough
and great enough to remove your past
as though it never existed listen
this is like a huge thing what if you
never look back again what if everyday
I woke up this way this morning It is not my fault
It is his He did it
It is so I woke up this morning
And I thanked God For another day
That I get to represent Him Life is a gift
I have not had condemnation I do not even know that world man
It is demonic strategy set up to get you fixed on something that does not exist
So that you can never see who you really become Says he who
puts his hands to the plow And looks back is not fit for the kingdom
You cannot afford to look in a rearview mirror When nothing is back there
You need to know that heaven’s gaze is constantly on you
And that the eyes of the Father are on you everyday
And if you get a glimpse of your Father’s eyes
And just how proud He is of you
And how much He loves you Your whole life
Will be a wrecking ball for the Lord And you
Will become A weapon
You will become a weapon of righteousness And you will be yielded
To the Holy Spirit And God will use you to plunder
the kingdom of hell
Everyday Because the kingdom of heaven
Is at hand Jesus said repent
Change the way you think I brought my world with me
It is in the Kingdom But if you do not change the way you think
You will never see it And it is right in front of you
You have got to change the way you see things And you have to see things from
My perspective So that you can live completely abandoned
To love itself Because these customs guys
They are not my problem My war is never against people
That is why I have not been offended For eleven years I have not been hurt by people
When people do stuff It is twisted
It is because they do not know who they are Listen
People can justify their pain And they say well yeah
They were a part of the church Like you are justified in that
People will say yeah but You do not understand
what they did to me and all of a sudden we got
we justify our attitude and say well they should have known better
I am not going to ask how many people that has happened to
Because it is so Ridiculous
Man What are we doing church
What are we doing We are the body of Christ
We are the fullness of Him that fills all in all
And if people cannot see Christ in you They will not want what you have
They do not want what you say you have We are to walk this thing
Not just talk about this thing We are to walk in love
We are to be imitators of God God is not offended
He is pretty secure God does not need you to say
God says I love you He does not need you to say I love you too
God He is pretty secure about being love itself
God made us in His image And we forfeited that in the garden
But Jesus restored that which was lost So what was lost was our image
What was lost was our identity But Jesus regained our identity
See redemption is not just Is not just being purchased
Redemption is being brought back to the original value that God created me to be
in the beginning As if I never ate the tree
What would be like if you woke up every morning as if you have never sinned
That is not false grace That is amazing
Blood of Jesus Man if you would have that revelation
And that would hit your heart The last thing you would be thinking about
Is sin and get away with it You would live in this pure love relationship
with God You would be empowered by the truth of the
gospel You would be compelled by love
Because the love of Christ compels us And if one died
Then all died And those that live
should no longer live for themselves But for the one that gave Himself
This is all So
Solid scripturally tight When people get attitudes with the church
And say well you do not understand what they did to me
I mean there are so many people walking around offended
People actually leave churches Go to another church
Because they got hurt at the last one And then they say
Well we are going to go to this church To find out if they love us
But really they are not looking for love They are looking to find fault
You are not supposed to go church to church to church
To try to be loved You are supposed to become love itself and
plug in somewhere People are not your issue
You are If you got a problem with this one and this
one and this one It is not them
It is you Yeah well you do not know what they did to
me It is you
What And then they try to justify their hurt and
their pain Dude
Of all the people in the world Our King
Had the most right to be offended He came to His own and they knew Him not
And He still died for them Because He knew
Who they would be He knew by Him doing it
We were the joy set before Him So He pursued the cross
He set His face like flint Because you
Were the joy set before Him This is more than just ministry guys
This is more than just being trained For ministry
This is being trained in love itself In the reality of who love is
You Are to become
Love It says
Be an imitator of God Dear children
And walk in love
Even as Christ Loved
us So well how do you do that
With people that are dragging up your past and beating you up
You have to see who you are Because you are not determined by what they
do not see You have to see
So that other people can see So this customs officer
He walks back into the office I am going to write a report
People need to see hear what you got to say I am going to get you into my country
So he goes back in And it is like
Another Long time
And he comes back out And he goes
Alright Come on in
He leaves the report on the chief’s desk And like he walks out of the room
And he said to me Shut the door
So the chief there The angry atheist customs officer
Who was really not happy with me And he is looking at me and he goes
Wow this is a nice report He is going through the pages
Yep Alright
This is great No
He stamps it and he looks at me I said you are not coming in
I go awe man I actually wanted to say someone needs a hug
But then He would go (noise gesture) 31:05
So I did not I said man you know what
I said it is alright I said so many people in your country are
already watching the videos And being transformed by the message man
They are becoming love And he is looking at me like
Oh yeah well I have never
Like seen a criminal like you
And I am like Man
And I shared Like even more testimonies
I started sharing testimonies of healing And I shared about this customs officer right
next door to him That he has a brand-new knee
He said yeah he told me but I do not believe any of that
I said well you should let me pray for you No
Why Come on man I got to leave anyway
You got to let me pray for you before I go I am just
You are not my You are not my problem
Like I love you despite whether you love me back
I do not need you to love me to be okay Like I am possessed
You know people told me in the beginning of my life
Like You got be careful what you preach man
I mean come on man You
You just You need to calm down
I am not calming down I am on fire dude
I am in love with Jesus The message
The message that I preach has been seriously tested
It always is because you always meet people every day
It is constant You cannot preach something that I preach
and think that you are not going to Like have
Issues But if I know that Jesus
canceled my lifetime subscription to issues And I realize that people are not my problem
That Christ died for them So that they might have an encounter
That they might know Him But if am I am so offended
And hurt by people Look
If somebody in the church hurt you And you got offended by it
And And you said well they should have never done
that They should have known better
I agree They should have known better
That does not justify your hurt or your pain The reality of it is
Is that they should have known better than to do what they did
But you should have known better than to get hurt by what they should have known better
So they should have known better than to treat you that way
But unfortunately a lot times hurt comes because they did not notice you
Like they did not put me in ministry Stop it
You have to understand that you have been accepted by the Father
Listen I have lived in Christ for eleven years
and never been rejected Oh that is not true
You are wrong See
My life My life has been redeemed by heaven
In Ephesians its says that I
have been Accepted
in the beloved Now get with me here
How can somebody take away what they never gave you
But what if we live To receive honor from people
Instead of living To give and receive honor from
He who alone is God Go to John five with me
Please This is so exciting
It is the word It just is
In John five Verse thirty-one
It is all red letters Pay close attention
Because when Jesus is speaking God is speaking
I mean all scripture is God-breathed But I love
the red letters It is just so exciting to me
You know For thirty-four years
I went through my life And I could not read
I could not comprehend The bible is the first book I could understand
So this is really exciting for me Like I never read a book my whole life
And then the bible opened up And it is great because the bible is not meant
for your brain it is meant for your heart Cause the word
Makes sense to your heart But your brain is going (vocal gesture) 35:15
But your heart is like Yeah
But your brain like (vocal gesture) 35:21 But your heart is like come on
follow me you cannot afford to have your brain in there
heart come on that is dangerous
because then you are full of knowledge but never coming to understanding
you cannot afford to be full of knowledge you need to get on your knees before the Father
when no one is looking
and say God here I am I do not understand
I do not understand what this means And I really really want to know You
I promise this is where it is at guys I love teaching
I love sharing testimonies But my life is here
This is where my life is When I am on my knees
When no one is looking In the word
Saying God This is amazing and I need this to be my life
Help me Help me become what this says God
When no one is looking When no one is looking
When classes are over When no one is looking
I do not read seven hundred books
about the bible I need to know the Author
I need to have relationship with the Author I need to know the reality of the image that
I have been created in Because Jesus restored me to that image
And if I was made in the image of God And Jesus restored me to that image
Reconciled Means to be reconciled back to the Father
And the word reconciled means to be brought to the sum of
So Jesus brought me back to the sum of the Father
As a Son There is nothing that stands between us
The only thing that could possibly stand between us is my brain
And I cannot afford to allow the way that seems right to a man
To come in To the way that is right with God
And I cannot I cannot afford to allow that
To affect this Because if you get on your knees before the
Father and ask Him To help you become what this word says
I promise you He will overwhelm you with Him
Do not come to God For His stuff
Never come to Him to ask Him for stuff I am not coming to Him to ask Him for all
these gifts See all of its included in the package
But if you seek Him It says Matthew six thirty-three says
Seek first the Kingdom of God And His righteousness
And then everything will be added to you So if I seek the Kingdom
The Kingdom is not meat or drink But it is righteousness
Peace And joy
And the Holy Spirit That is the Kingdom
It is in the Holy Spirit (I think this is what he is saying) 37:52
So if I am seeking first the Kingdom I am seeking intimacy
I am seeking relationship with the Holy Spirit Himself
And if I seek first the righteousness of God I am seeking the reality of my right standing
Are you with me In the beatitudes
It says blessed are those That hunger
and thirst For righteousness
For they shall be Filled
So when I am hungering and seeking
for my right standing with God which is the reality
of heaven’s price that was paid for me which determines my value before the Father
and I seek that I realize how valuable I am to heaven
And if I understand that Then all of the sudden
I love the Lord my God With all my heart
My strength My soul
And my mind And then
I can love my neighbor Because I love myself
But if I do not see what right standing is I cannot love myself
Therefore I do ministry to impress people But if I love myself
I am just I understand the creative value that is in
that person So when I am faced with customs
When I am faced with that junk I can see the reality of who they are
Because I know who God has called me to be When I see who He had called me to be
I know who He has called them to be Because He has called them to be a son
Because something underneath all that anger All that hatred
All that mad stuff from the world
and how it has been is amazing
and if I see who God says I am
I know who God says you are Do you understand
It is really a lot simpler
Or more simple That we have made it
We have complicated it Stop you attitudes
Stop being hurt by people You are your problem
Get over you The bible says deny yourself
It does not say deny the devil It does not say deny the devil pick up your
cross and follow Him It says deny
Yourself That is the issue
So get out of the way Just say yes
Oh Simple
Alright So it says
Jesus is talking here If I bear witness of myself
In verse thirty-one Of John five
My witness is not true There is another who bears witness of Me
And I know the witness Which he witnesses of Me
It is true You have sent to John
This is John the Baptist And he has born witness to the truth
Yet I do not receive testimony from man But I say these things that you may be saved
He John was a burning lamp
A burning and shining lamp And you were willing
For a time to rejoice in his light But I have a greater witness than John’s
For the works which the Father has given me to finish
Those very works that I do They bear witness of Me
That the Father has sent me And the Father Himself who has sent Me
Has testified of Me But you have neither heard His voice
At anytime Nor seen His form
For you do not have His word abiding in you Because whom He sent
You do not believe Jesus said
You search the scriptures For in them you think you have eternal life
And these are they that testify of Me You are not willing to come to Me
That you may have life I do not receive honor from people
But I know you You do not have the love of God in you
That is intense to say I have come in my Father’s name
And you do not receive me But if another comes in his own name
You will receive him How can you believe
You who receive honor from one another And do not seek
the honor that comes from only God Do not think that I shall accuse you to the
Father There is another that accuses …. In whom
you trust 41:29 This is like so intense
Jesus says this This
This is what blows me away I mean a lot of it does
But He says You
You search the scriptures for you think that gives you life
Now there is life in the scriptures But without Jesus it is empty
It is a closed book I do not receive honor from people
So Jesus is saying You know what guys
I do not live to receive appreciation from you
And then He says I know you do not have the love of God in
you He says to live
To receive honor from people You cannot walk in the love of God
That is intense Because you are
you are seeking to receive appreciation from people
and if you are seeing to receive appreciation from people
you will be constantly be let down because people’s thoughts are twisted
and people’s lives are messed up because they base their views on reality
but you are supposed to live with your mind set on things above
you are not supposed to be offended because somebody said something that they
should have not said you are supposed to know
Father forgive them For they know not what they do
If anyone had the right to be offended It would have been our King
All I am doing is taking away your rights You only have one right
To be an imitator of God God is not here to meet all your needs
I know that people say that But that is not in the bible
He has met all your needs And you have everything that you need
According to life and Godliness He has already met every need
And the one thing that the gospel says that you are supposed to be
Is an imitator of God God has come through agency of the Holy Spirit
So that you could stop receiving honor from people
And give honor To He who alone is God
So that you could walk like Jesus And not have people
Like customs That are
Making you totally upset because they do not believe you
Man whether they believe me or not My testimony is true
It is real I am different man
I have an eleven year Track record
Of a completely redeemed and changed life He does not know that
But I cannot I cannot afford
To let what he does not see Influence what I do see
I cannot afford to let anybody Family
Government Police
Every time I see a cop I am like
Dude guess what
I tell my testimony I walk up to their cars
Hey man Hey
No no I am okay
I do not got anything on me I just want to tell you something man
I was the dude in the back of your car for a long time
And I give them hope for the dude that is in their backseat
Now I do not go up to the car when they have someone in their backseat
That would be bad But I share my testimony everywhere I go
So I share it with customs So that night they
They denied me And the guy is like
On the way out By the way you have a great voice
I said thanks man Can I give you a hug
I do not do hugs Alright man
Well Jesus loves you They made me go to a hotel
And they said If you are not here at seven thirty in the
morning We are going to arrest you and put you in
jail and you probably are not getting out of our
country I said dude
I will be here I love you
Bless you So I get there at customs
Come with me In the morning
All that like
Yay Jesus loves you guys so much
Yep So I got invited
I I had made an invitation
For another Canada trip without Like
all this Without knowing all this stuff
It was before Quebec was planned I got sent home
So now I got to go back
So what do you do Well you have to have an FBI background checks
State Police background checks Maryland
All this stuff And my daughter
You know when I came home And I told my daughter
Like How much I loved her
And how sorry I was My daughter
Actually had The blood of Jesus
Cleanse her conscious from dead works Like the bible says it is supposed to
In Hebrews it says How much more shall the blood of Jesus
Cleanse your conscious from dead works In order for you to serve God
My daughter Is the product of that
And at seven and a half years old Jesus
Through His blood In the power thereof the blood of Jesus
Because there is nothing else The power of the blood of Jesus
Wiped out her memory That every dead work
Every job loss Your dad is a loser
All that stuff was wiped out And she is now
Nineteen And still has no memory
Like it is not just buried suppressed The gospel is not psychological
It is supernatural It is the blood of Jesus
It is heaven’s answer It will never change
So my daughter has to do all this background check and research
She is like dad you were really bad She is going to the courthouse to get all
this information and stuff She goes oh my gosh what is this
Oh it is part of my testimony honey She goes dad
That is not you I am like
I know But
But that is who died That is who I was
She goes this is crazy FBI
Sentence stuff Fingerprints
State police All that stuff
So I get all this packet And I am like
Okay Got to go to customs
So I have to fly From
A Power and Love Conference We did in Birmingham
To To Denver
From Atlanta
To Denver To
Great Falls Montana
And drive up through the border Because I cannot go through customs in the
plane So I get to the boarder
He is like Into the room
So we go to the boarder I go in there
I hand them my packet It is all like this thick
They are like You
are a criminal You
Will not come into our country I said yeah but Jesus loves you guys
Like that is you answer It is
He loved me And I shared my
I shared my testimony As she is going through
Okay Go
Go sit We have not seen a record like
look sir you are not
this is not happening you are not coming in
I said oh No
I have a meeting They are like
okay When are you supposed to speak
In four hours Three hours
She goes This is not happening
I go yeah but And she said
Listen Go sit down
You are not coming in And I said awe
But Jesus loves you so much guys And there is a guy beside her
This is not That is avoiding me
I said hey Mr. Customs
God loves you so much bro He is like
Yep Go sit down
Angry Right
So I go sit down And we are sitting there
We are praying for bunches of people in the place it is awesome
So we go back up She calls me up
Mr. White come up here
Did this Is this
Is this true Yes that is who I was
And And that is who died
I died actually back then And
And then But now I am brand new
So you died What
You died Yeah
See the gospel says That old things pass away
All things become new She is like
okay Uh
alright Go
Go sit down Like
Really So what do we do
We are in customs We are praying for people that are in there
We are just praying for people People are getting healed
People are getting delivered They are getting set free
In customs It is an amazing time
And they are watching us carefully But they are not stopping us
So we keep praying for people Jesus name
Why The devil cannot give me a bad day
I will give him a bad day every day for the rest of my life
He is finished Do not you listen to him
Lets Lets destroy hell
For a living And after two and a half hours
Another customs officer is involved He ends up coming up
And Saying this that and the other thing
And then After another half hour
He comes up And he goes
Okay you can come into my country
forty-eight hours and you got to leave so we went to the conference
and the devil should have killed me when he had the chance
because so many people got set free and are redeemed
Jesus is Lord And I went and had that amazing service with
Rick Pino And Jeremy Riddle
And those guys And man
We destroyed hell
For hours It was awesome
See if you would see who you were created to be
You would stop trying to receive honor from people
And you would give honor To He who alone is God
Stand to your feet Lets pray
Jesus Jesus
Jesus Jesus
We love you Lord I will never be
Afraid Because I am no longer
A slave To fear
Yeah Because I am
A child of God
Because I am no longer A slave to fear
The perfect love of God Casts out all fear
Jesus Keep singing that chorus
Keep signing hat chorus Come on lift that up again
Lift that up again No longer a slave
Come on again This is it
Because I am a child of God
again again
again because I am no longer
a slave to fear
because I am a child
of God again
no longer no longer
I am I am
I am Put your hand on somebody’s shoulder beside
you Father I thank You
For the reality of Jesus Christ in him
crucified God I thank You for the simplicity
Of the cross God I thank You that nothing can separate
us from Your love Except our past
And you said that our past has been dealt with
By the blood of Jesus That You conquered
That You conquered that Father I thank You
And ask You for grace On this word
Right now Grace on this word right now
Grace on this word right now God I thank You for hearts being transformed
Being changed God I thank You for everyone here
That is listening Whether they are watching
Whether they are listening Whether it is a tape recording
It does not matter The word is eternal
The power of the blood of Jesus It is the most amazing thing
In The
Universe In everything
God I thank You That we would live
And walk a way A life that is worthy of Your call
God I thank You In Jesus precious name
Jesus name It is good