top of the morning to ya laddies Just stop. Die.!!!!! Let’s just enjoy while we still can Until this meme dies like vine Oh my God It just hit me If TikTok gets shutdown my balls go boom then flat heheheheh Then all the Tikkers will come to YouTube wooo! I can’t handle another Lele Pons, please We must keep TikTok alive That’s why I’m doing these videos Let’s just jump I’m like a broken record at this point Smash like! Skrattar du förlorar du Accept this challange by drinking GFuel Let’s freaking do this if a man has sexual relations with an animal… He must be put to death and you must kill the animal Game over Furries, we got God on our side Checkmate Furries What, you never read the Bible, Furries? SMH In the name of the Lord of this christian channel It’s time to end the Furries By ending I mean skinning them ali… Just kidding, alright, uhm… *UNO* draw 4… draw 4 more, change color to red, draw 2, draw 2 more, draw 2 more *oh* *OH* *OH INTENSIFIES* I hate you What a… You need a new girlfriend If that’s her reaction to you playing UNO Okay? She clearly doesn’t even understand the devastation The complete annihilation that she just went through What she meant to say is: “My life is ruined” You’ve absolutely destroyed me I’ll be your slave for the rest of my life Look at that face Look at this dude What’s up, I’m Kyle19 and I’m just looking for a girl I can laugh with, you know? *strange toadlike noises* We can laugh together Kyle That’s funny Except his laugh is fake so I don’t get it, but whatever Jimmy? Jimmy, put the ball down IT CONTINUES! *laughing* That was good Pretty good TikTok, how about that? They’re not just all cringy kids tryna be funny Oh God I’m cringy and I try to be funny But I’m not even a child I have no excuses SHUT UP Oh my God Jared JARED JARED HA HA HA HA HA JARED!! JARED HE HE HE HE HE *YOU DIED* *singing Waleluiah* Smash like if you cried HEY IT’S ME! *laughing* OH! *more laughing* Hello everyone, I’m actually braindead How you’re doing? Nice to meet you Jesus Christ *Today I’m gonna do a good deed and give someone who is in need some money* That’s nice Uhm, here. I was gonna use this for a lunch but it looks like you could use it more Uhm… what? I’m giving you $100… Damn Why? Uhm… Because you’re homeless? Excuse me? I’m obviously not homeless I just thought you were, because your headphones had wires on them *laughing* Poor people who has wires for their headphones Wireless is where it’s at, okay? I know these are not the most fashionable But goddamnit They are really good sound quality Although… Although the best ones are of course the Razer Oh my God I can’t watch this anymore It’s too sad Life is not fair guys Remember that It doesn’t give out free coupons and giftcards It ain’t like that… IT AIN’T LIKE THAT GODDAMNIT What celebrity do he look like? Is that what it was? You look like Kim Kardashian! Playstation XBOX PC Oh my God Nintendo Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony… Ah, that’s great I love that one But then SouljaGame Nation attacked… and the world was never the same *music* Oh my… That is so mean!!! Why would you do… the poor little child! Awww, what is she doing? Writing a little letter?? Why would you do that? If I flip this bottle and then if it stands uhm… I’m happy okay Heyyy Oh… heh, so the joke is that I’m actually depressed, so uhm… like and subscribe ’til next time Alright you heard ’em folks Like and subscribe ’til next time See you next week Goodbye What the hell is this You guys see the black bit on the corn? You know what that means? This guy actually put the straighteners on the cob and though it would work Oh yeah Dude, is he flipping this off? Wow incredible Buy G-Fuel, 10% OFF *earrape alert* *earrape* Oh, wait there’s more *bruh* *clap* *clap* *clap* That’s the total bruh moment right there Five people left, oh my gosh OH NO, HE DID NOT *well he did, obviously lol* *angry kid screaming* Oh God, I wish I had a little brother, I could terrorize it Seems like so much fun Throw eggs in the face of my little siblings I mean… it’s okay, because you film it for TikTok it’s okay to be an as*hole as long as you film it for public ridicule online It’s not that difficult So if I say “ger” at the beginning of the video… Yeah? and “ni” at the end… It’ll make a loop Saying the N-Word! OH MY GOD I’m not like other girls I listen to Billie Eilish and wear long sleeve striped shirts under my T-Shirts I don’t even try to caption this Oh wow I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m impressed TikTok *loud music* What the hell is this? Oh my God Oh, wow uhhh *laughing again* I was laughing at the left one, I didn’t… I didn’t see anything else *weird noises, prolly means subscribe* What a time to be alive, here I am Is that Ethan? Oh boy! Cheese! *screaming from pain* You know, I take back anything good I’ve ever said about TikTok And there it goes, you can have it back I mean, I retract all the nice comments You ruined it. This is definitely me with heart disease *throws up or something* Again I’ll take back all the nice comments I’ve said about TikTok We were doing so well Let’s keep going, are you still in the challange? Have you beaten the game yet? Have you bought the GFuel? Which is now 10% off instead *hit in the mic* Virgins buy GFuel for 30% off Real Chads buy GFuel for 10% off Way better deal Way better price Alright, so if white people can’t say the N-Word… Oh God, NO! the black people can’t say… Alright, you ready to rock ‘n roll? DAMN STRAIGHT Damn straight goddamnit Alright, you ready to rock ‘n roll? Man, I never felt more powerful I never felt more proud to be white Some people ask me… If I even skate *beer flip* Do you even skate? AHHHH, THAT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH! Haha It’s like you’re just making a mess in the room for no reason Whatsoev… God fu*king damnit You couldn’t even see it Oh God, I stepped in it Now I got a wet socks, are you guy HAPPY? NO, I DON’T SKATE! Stop asking me goddamnit Welcome to Jurassic Park Okay, thanks What? *noisy annoying version of Jurassic Park theme* No… No… no… STOP Just STOP I cannot have this anymore Is that real? Nigersaurus Is a ge… genus of rebbachisaurid sauropod dinosaur… that lived… Because it was discovered in Niger Can I say Niger? Can’t tell OH MY GOD OH MY GAHAHAD YAAAA HE GON FIND ANOTHA… hahahah Why? Why? *laughing* Uhh, I’m so confused What the fack is this? Bro, why Is that a… I’m so confused TikTok… TikTok did this What classes do you guys go to in school where you can dress up… *burp* And dance to TikTok music? Americans always complain “High school is so bad” And you can pull this sh*t off? What the frick is this? Stop it! Get some help! I NEED TO KNOW THE CONTEXT! Okay… Impressive It bounces off… Okay, rest in peace Goddamnit *another version of Hit or Miss* OH! I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS YA! Okay, this is getting annoying Just sto… the Hit or Miss meme needs to die If there’s one meme that needs to come to an end Please Not because I don’t like it but because I’m scared I’m scared of what’s to come All you gotta do is draw a little spider Yeah? On the wall A little spider Hey someone there is a spider by you!* AAAH! *critical hit* Alright then, well uh I hope you guys enjoyed another episode of TikTok Which one was your favourite? Smash like in the comment below so I can find out And remember to type “Oh yeah yeah” in the comments, because… I uh… it’s so annoying And as always Like and subscribe Goodbye everyone Oh, actually… uhm… Listen, I know I’ve been tryna sell you guys shit for like months now and I know it’s getting a little annoying but I need to let you guys know… there’s one day left on this *BRUH* That’s all I’m saying Okay, goodbye BYE BYE See you tomorrow! See you tomorrow bro! What are we gonna do tomorrow?! OH, I CAN’T WAIT! Another TikTok video maybe! TWO IN A ROW! THAT WOULD BE CRAZY! NEVER DONE BEFORE You know what? I might actually do that, just… *that’s it* *you can go* *there’s definitely nothing after that* *really* *alright, whatever* *sync bruh sound effect*