– [Dennis] Welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel Network Family Bible Study Hour
with Pastor Arnold Murray. Wisdom is understanding
God’s Word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s Word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a
chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse study of God’s
letter to you, the Bible. (bagpipe music) And now, here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you. Say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this Family
Bible Study Hour. Back in our Father’s
Word, Book of Jeremiah, whom God launches forth. And we’re gonna pick it up here in chapter 51 verse
21 here in a moment. Concerning the
last verse we read, Cyrus being the equivalent
of God’s election, Cyrus being one he forenamed,
even before he was born, and so are God’s elect. He chose them from
the first earth age. And you will notice in the
verse that we last read, he said this is my battle axe. You are my battle axe
and my weapons with thee. With thee, he will use
this term 10 times. That has to do with God’s elect, the spiritual completeness. With thee, I will break
in pieces the nations, and with thee, I will
destroy kingdoms. When God’s elect
are delivered up and the truth comes
forth from them, as it is written
in Mark chapter 13, what a time that’s going to be. And we’re pulling
up on that time. Verse 21, let’s pick it up and
go on, with the with thee’s. 21, and with thee, I
will break in pieces the horse and his
rider, and with thee will I break in pieces
the chariot and his rider. In other words, the strength
that comes from truth, that expels all lies, all
falseness, and so forth. 22, with thee also will I
break in pieces man and woman, and with thee will I break
in pieces old and young, and with thee will
I break in pieces the young man and the maid. In what way? What is this talking about? Breaking them and
releasing them into truth and away from Babylon,
that is to say, confusion. Either they come out of it, because the witness
that comes through you, the Holy Spirit speaking,
cannot be denied. God is not angry at
those that convert. Verse 23, he continues. I will also break in pieces
with thee the shepherd, that’s to say the false
preachers, and his flock, and with thee will
I break in pieces the husbandman and
his yoke of oxen, and with thee will I break in
pieces captains and rulers. In other words, we see that
God mightily uses his election. That’s why, you
know, it is strange when somebody will come and say, if I only knew what
my destiny was. Haven’t you ever read the Word? With thee, 10 times. God intends to use those
that he has called forth. And I’ll say it one more time. Just as he forenamed a
Gentile, that is to say Cyrus, to accomplish what Cyrus
would to defeat Babylon, so he forechose his election, and with them, the
battle axe is a rod, and that is the rod he
utilizes to accomplish the end. It breaks people from
the spiritual death and brings ’em into truth, or
they fall into a spiritual, they’re dead spiritually,
in other words. But truth brings them in. The Good Shepherd
replaces the bad shepherd. That’s when the Good
Shepherd returns. 24, and I will, not
you this time, but God. And I will render unto Babylon and to all the
inhabitants of Chaldea all their evil that
they have done in Zion in your sight, saith the Lord. In other words, I want you
to really latch onto that. It’s important. Even though God may use
you, it’s still his power that accomplishes it, and
don’t you ever forget that. You cannot think you can
do anything on your own without God’s strong arm
with you, with his blessings. In other words, you see here
where he says I will render, and he does this
through the Holy Spirit, his Spirit through you, to accomplish these things
in destroying confusion. Again, how simple is that? Destroy confusion with truth. Truth sets you free
from anxieties, from Babel, and from confusion, and it is God himself through
the letter he has sent you and through the action
of his very Spirit that accomplishes this. Don’t ever take that
credit away from him. Verse 25, behold, I am against
thee, O destroying mountain. You know, you’ve
heard of the mountain, that God’s elect, if you had
the faith of a mustard seed, you could cast a
mountain into the sea? This is that mountain,
saith the Lord, which destroyeth all the
earth with confusion, and I will stretch out
mine hand upon thee and roll thee down
from the rocks, and will make thee
a burnt mountain, an old volcano with nothing but
lava, burnout lava and slag. They can’t do anything with you. And so it is that that nation
that Satan tries to build called Babylon,
it’s going to burn. By that, I mean it will
absolutely be nothing. Well, what is a volcano? It’s a big hole in the ground. And so it is with Satan
when he’s in the abyss. Verse 26 to continue. And they shall not take of
thee a stone for a corner, it’s still burnt lava, nor
a stone for foundations, but thou shalt be desolate
forever, saith the Lord. And certainly, as God
would say through the Son concerning the
buildings in Jerusalem, not one stone left standing when he cleanses it for
the millennium temple. How precious it is, the Word of God that foretells
us events and things. We have one capstone, the cornerstone, the
chief Cornerstone. That is the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t ever let anyone
take that away from you. And here, you have
this very thing that Satan would like to
set up as a great nation, and it’ll almost come to pass, enough that most of the
world will whore after it. But it will fall, why? By God’s elect; he uses them. With thee, 10 times for
emphasis, to show the destiny and the duties of
those that God chooses. Verse 27, Set ye up a
standard in the land. Blow the trumpet
among the nations. You warn the people. Prepare the nations against her. Warn them about her. Call together against her the kingdoms of Ararat,
Minni, and Ashchenaz. Appoint a captain against
her and cause the horses to come up as the rough
caterpillars, locust. I mean, turn on her. I want to translate
these words for you. Ararat means the high holy
place, the wonderful place. Minni means divided, division, and Ashchenaz means
spreading fire. Now, let me read that with those words
translated into English. Call together against her the kingdom of the most
high ground, the division, and divide her with
the spreading fire. Appoint a captain against her and cause the horses to come
up as the rough caterpillars. Turn on her what
she does with you, the caterpillars swarming,
only you swarm back. God’s in control. Verse 28, Prepare against her
the nations with the kings of the Medes, and now he
names them, Cyrus’s people, the captains thereof and
all the rulers thereof and all the land
of his dominion. That was history, and
now it is God’s election who come against this king. Well, how could
you document that? Well, it’s real easy, from
Revelation chapter nine, when he boots Satan
out of heaven. It states in verse four of that great ninth chapter
of Revelation to Satan, don’t you dare touch one of
those that have the seal of God in their forehead,
meaning God’s children. Those with thee, he will
accomplish these things. Verse 29. And the land shall tremble
and sorrow, for every purpose of the Lord shall be
performed against Babylon. What he says, what is
written, it will come to pass, to make the land of Babylon a desolation without
an inhabitant. That is yet future. It hasn’t happened
yet, and you know that, because there is
enough confusion in this world today to
sink about anything. Truth, when we
sound the trumpet, when we cast out the alarm,
whereby people can hear truth, certainly, they
still get embroiled into the troubles of this world. Don’t let yourself go there. God’s still on the throne, and he has told us these
things will come to pass. The swarmers will take
place, as it is written. The devourers will take place. Even in the beginning, the gnawers that just
gnaw, gnaw, gnaw. So, that is the stages of
the locust, quite frankly. Verse 30 to continue. The mighty men of Babylon
have forborne to fight. They cease to fight. They have remained
in their holds; their might hath failed;
they become as women. They have burned her dwelling
places; her bars are broken. All of her locks are broken. I really don’t like
it when this term that they are as women, because
women are good warriors, when you get ’em wound up. The women of Israel always
have been, and so it is. But what it means, Babylon will have nothing
to right for, why? Because it’s identified. It becomes very obvious
when the two witnesses rise from the streets of
Jerusalem in Revelation 11. The true Christ returns,
and Satan’s in that pit, that hole in that
mountain, abyss, and he has no power over them. They have nothing to fight for. It’s over, kaput, it’s gone. And then comes in the Word. Every knee on the first
day of the millennium shall bow to the
Lord Jesus Christ. It won’t stay that way. Many of them in the Lord’s day, a thousand years,
will fall away. But Babylon in this
generation loses everything. Verse 31, One post shall
run to meet another, and one messenger
to meet another, to show the king of Babylon that his city is
taken at one end. And if it one meets and they
pass, it’s taken at both ends. It doesn’t have a prayer. At each end is it taken. Verse 32, And that the passages,
the passages are stopped, the passages are stopped, and the reeds, they
have burned with fire, and the men of war
are affrighted. They’ve given up,
all over for them. Verse 33 to continue. For thus saith the Lord of
hosts, the God of Israel. Listen to his counsel. The daughter of Babylon
is like a threshing floor. It is time to thresh
her; yet a little while, and the time of her
harvest shall come. Now, you know what happens
on a threshing floor? You stomp the grain. I mean, you beat it out,
and this happens to Babylon. She’s harvested, I mean, and
the big question would be, how much of it will
blow away with chaff, and will there be any good grain found there in the threshing? We’ll find out, verse 34. Nebuchadnezzar, I
pronounced it correctly from the manuscripts,
the king of Babylon, hath devoured me, and
he has crushed me. This in the manuscripts is us. He has devoured us,
he has crushed us, he hath made us an empty vessel. He hath swallowed
us up like a dragon. He hath filled his belly
with our delicacies. He hath cast us out. Never underestimate the
power of the king of Babylon, which is the Antichrist, according to the great
Book of Revelation. And don’t ever underestimate
his power over the people, because they are deceived. They have been
taught, most of them, from childhood, that
they don’t have to worry about God’s Word and the Bible. They’re gonna be gone,
because they love Jesus. Well, it’s wonderful
to love the Lord, but he sent you a letter
of what your duties are. Have you ever read it? It’s the very letter that he would have you
read to know what to do. It’s the plan of the day. How can you know how
to deal with the day, especially the Lord’s day, if you haven’t read
the plan of the day? That’s what this Word is. Verse 35, The
violence done to us and to our flesh
be upon Babylon. I’m reading from the Hebrew
manuscripts that are ancient. Shall the inhabitant of
Zion say, and our blood upon the inhabitants of
Chaldea, shall Jerusalem say. And so it is. He misleads people. You might say, well, how could he conquer the
world there this way? Well, look around you today. How many people do you know
that actually can sit down with you and discuss
intelligently the
true Word of God from this Word of God
with understanding, and how many of them
would cut you off and turn their
back on you and say I’m saved; get out of my sight? I’ve got nothing to worry about, ’cause they don’t know, why? Because they have been misled. He has practically
conquered the world. This is why it is written in
the great Book of Revelation, the whole world will
whore after him. And aside from God’s elect, it would just about
come to pass that way. So don’t be shook
when you see it actually come to pass
in the very near future. Verse 36 to continue. Therefore thus saith the Lord: behold, I will plead thy cause
and take vengeance for thee. I will dry up her sea
and make her springs dry. The Euphrates River
that is the border between Israel and
Babylon will be dried up. Naturally, we know what happens
at that river to the east, what is released there that will give trouble to
those that are unlearned. When you do know, well, how
can I be assured of that? We just read it: I
will plead thy case. We have an advocate
on the throne of God, and you’re worried
about something? He said, I will plead your case. So you’ve got nothing
to worry about, other than following God. I mean, know this,
that he takes presence and gives what he says,
takes vengeance for thee. That day of vengeance is coming. You that are familiar with
the great Song of Moses, which is what people
sing that have overcome, that is to say, the
Mark of the Beast and all of his
lies and deception, you know what that vengeance is and how God takes
it upon the enemy. That day of
vengeance shall come. Verse 37, And Babylon
shall become heaps, a dwelling place for
dragons, an astonishment, and an hissing,
without an inhabitant. In other words, every
unclean bird will be there. Verse 38, They shall
roar together like lions, and they shall yell
as lions’ whelps. A little ol’ pup
could tick ’em off. 39, In their heat I
will make their feasts, that’s to say their banquets,
and I will make them drunken, that they may
rejoice, excuse me, and sleep a perpetual sleep,
and not wake, saith the Lord. You know why this is? Those that do not take place
in the second resurrection, you can read of it in
Revelation chapter 20. You have the first resurrection,
and you have the second. The second comes at the end of the Great Lord’s
Day, the millennium. Those that do not participate
in that second one, they go into the lake of fire. It’s over for them. And you see, when Christ
returns, the true Shepherd, there’s only one kingdom, because he is King of
kings and Lord of lords, and with thee will he set the
stage and bring this forth. What a time to live, to see the downfall of
confusion in this world and the real truth put back
on the foundation thereof, and our people blessed,
because God pleads our case. Next verse please, verse 40. I will bring them down like
lambs to the slaughter, like rams with he goats. You know, I know that’s symbolic
of our people, because why? A lamb is as helpless
as a little human baby. A lamb has no defense
whatsoever other than one thing. Inasmuch as you are a lamb of
God, you wanna remember this. You have no defense whatsoever, with the exception of one thing. Well, what is that one thing? The Shepherd. When you have him, he takes care of what you
can’t, making you a champion., even though a lamb, a
destroyer of the enemy, of anything that
comes in your path, because he pleads your case. However, they do
become that helpless; that is to say, the children
that would mislead, lie, deceive, and misguide,
terribly wrong our people. Verse 41. We have a cryptogram here,
and I’ll explain it as we go. How is Sheshach taken, and how is the praise of
the whole earth surprised? How is Babylon become an
astonishment among the nations? We had this same cryptogram
back in chapter 25, verse 22, I think it was, and the cryptogram
is this: Sheshach. It’s where you take the first
letter of the Hebrew alphabet and make it the last, and
make the last the first. Likewise, all through the 22
letters, through the alphabet. And what you have
is Babel, Babel. In other words, if
you read it correctly, how is Babylon taken and how is the praise of
the whole earth surprised. How is Babylon become an
astonishment among the nations. God put it there, and
he uses his people. With thee will I do this. God’s elect have a
very important part. You know, many people read
I Corinthians chapter 15 where it stipulates
that Christ sits down on the throne of God, and he stays there ’til all
things are put under his feet. Who do you think puts the
enemies under his feet? Then maybe you can better
understand the 10 with thee’s. With thee I will do this, and then at the end, takes
credit for it himself, because the Holy Spirit is
the power that moves it. How beautiful the work of God. How beautiful God’s election as they accomplish
the will of God. As it is written, so
it shall come to pass, exactly line on line. Well, why does God
use cryptograms and things of that nature? To get you to do your homework. It’s not that complicated. Through the masoret, he hides
many things in the scriptures from the eyes of those
that will not study, and that’s why you wanna study,
to show yourself approved. Babylon’s going down. Confusion’s going down. Well, is that real complicated? No, truth always dispels lies,
and God’s Word is the truth. Verse 42, The sea is
come up upon Babylon. She is covered with the
multitude of the waves thereof. She’s going under. Babylon’s not going
to exist, why? The leader’s going
into the abyss. He’s gonna be locked
away for the Lord’s day. 43, Her cities are a
desolation, a dry land and a wilderness, a land
wherein no man dwelleth, neither do think any
son of man pass thereby. Well, how could that be? Because confusion is gone. Trust me, at the end
of the millennium, there will be no
confusion of the people. The people that
decide to follow Satan at the end of the
millennium are not confused. They know exactly
what they’re doing, and they trust Satan and
love him to that extent, and that’s why they’re
going into the lake of fire, or, as some people
would put it, hell. That’s why they’re
going to hell, because that’s what they want. But the millennium does
away with all confusion. That’s why there’s no more
Babylon, no more confusion. The truth is there
for the taking. It’s the Word of God, even today, for those
that wish to participate. Verse 44. And I will punish
Bel in Babylon, that’s their little ol’
king, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that
while he hath swallowed up, and the nations shall not flow
together anymore unto him. Boy, do they today. Yea, the wall of Babylon shall
fall, and it is going down. Do you know why we
don’t have to worry? Do you know what our wall is? Can you see it? Well, most people
couldn’t, but it’s there. Well, what are
you talking about? Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39. The reason our wall
will never fall, even though we are
unwalled villages, because our wall is God himself. He is the one that protects us. He is the one that
looks over us. He is the one that
gives us the ingenuity to know how to conquer anything that might try to
penetrate that wall, and that wall being God,
that’s an impossibility. Verse 45, My people, go ye
out of the midst of her. You get out of confusion,
and deliver you every man his soul from the
furious anger of the Lord. God’s not angry at you. If you love him, if you
will come out of confusion into his Word, the truth,
you’ve got no problem. He takes care of you. He gives you the ability
to handle the enemy, and you can cut it,
can-do type people. 46, And lest your heart faint, or let not your little
ol’ heart faint, and ye fear for the rumor that
shall be heard in the land. A rumor shall both
come one year, and after that in another
year shall come a rumor, and violence in the land,
ruler against ruler. That’s a
three-and-a-half-year period. You think you have
to worry about that? No, you don’t, and you know
what that time period is, why? God’s on the throne. He protects us,
he looks over us. And with thee shall
he accomplish, according to Mark chapter 13
and Matthew 24 and Luke 21 the events that transpire that consummate the
end of this age. Verse 47, Therefore,
behold, the days come, that I will do judgment upon
the graven images of Babylon, and her whole land
shall be confounded, and all her slain shall
fall in the midst of her. I’m gonna do away
with this nonsense. All these things that I created, and Babylon would
have you believe you can whittle out from
the things I created and make you an idol or
something to worship. Maybe it’s a building. Maybe it’s a group of lies. That’s what Babylon
is, is confusion. And people worship that. Every person must have some
type of faith structure. You say, well, there’s atheists. No, they have faith
in there’s nothing. Every human being must
have something to lean on, or he can’t cut it. And to set him apart, that makes ’em all
the prouder sometimes. But God says, I’m tired of them
taking the things I created in marvelous creation and
make some idol out of it, or confuse people with it. 48, Then the heaven and the
earth and all that is therein shall sing for Babylon, for the
spoilers shall come unto her from the north, saith the Lord. Well, who are those spoilers? God’s elect, it’s you. With thee will I, 10 times. And so it is, the
spoilers come forth. That’s God’s elect that finally
put a stop to confusion. And you know, we sound the
trumpet as often as we can to get the word out that
you have nothing to fear except fear itself, for
God is on the throne. 49, As Babylon hath caused
the slain of Israel to fall, so at Babylon shall fall
the slain of all the earth. In other words, she’s gonna get everything
she’s got coming to her, and it’s gonna be
turned right upon her. And you wanna be ready for it. Verse 50, Ye that have
escaped the sword, go away and stand not still. Remember the Lord afar off, and let Jerusalem
come into thy mind. You watch Jerusalem
for a barometer, for as it happens to Jerusalem, God’s favorite
spot in the world; Ezekiel chapter 16, he wed it. He made an eternal covenant
with that geographical location. That’s where his
eternal capitol will be. That’s where his
temple will be built. Though there is no temple
there, he is the temple thereof. But you watch Jerusalem as the barometer of
confusion falling away. Verse 51, We have confounded;
rather, we are confounded, because we have heard reproach. Shame hath covered our
faces, for strangers are come into the sanctuaries
of the Lord’s house. That’s not going to confuse you. Who is the stranger, and how does he in Jerusalem
come into the Lord’s house? Paul told you in II
Thessalonians chapter two that the Antichrist,
the son of perdition, sits in the holy place claiming to be God,
right in God’s house. The Antichrist himself, sitting in God’s temple,
claiming to be God. And should that shake you up? Of course not, why? God foretells you
it’s going to happen. Do not worship him,
do not go there. Well, what would happen to me? Nothing, because God
takes vengeance for you. God pleads your case. It doesn’t get any better
than that, my friend. Truth drives away
confusion and anxieties. Truth sets you free
from hangups, even
in a troubled world, knowing what about to befall
us, and to befall the nations, that confusion is
going in the abyss. It’s going to happen. All right, bless your hearts. We’ll pick it up here
in the next lecture. Don’t miss it. Listen a moment,
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a prayer request? You do not need the number
or the address, why? God knows what you’re
thinking right now. He does, why? He created your very being, why? He wanted somebody
just like you. You’re totally unique. Your DNA is different. He wanted somebody
just like you, but he does want
you to love him. He wants you to follow
his advice, his counsel. Father, around
the globe we come. We ask that you lead,
guide, direct, Father. Touch, in Yeshua’s
precious name. Thank you Father, amen. Okay, and question time. We’re gonna go with
Lisa from Nevada. My question, is
it more important to plant the seed
about Antichrist, Satan coming before Jesus,
pretending to be Jesus, or just all of God’s Word as it applies in each
individual situation? Lisa, planting seeds
is a strange thing. I have to say, God
leads you in that. If he has some person that
he wishes to hear the truth, he will place them in
your path some way, and they will question you. Sowing seed is a
wonderful thing. When you sow one, if
they do not adhere to it, fall back and listen a
moment, give it time. Only God can make
that seed grow. You see, he doesn’t
want everyone right now. So, to have that truth, when
it comes possible, naturally. That is one of the main
points in this generation, because it is in this generation that it’s going to
happen, but why? Because we’re the
generation of the fig tree. Norm from Canada. A preacher at church said that Jesus could
return at any time, but I thought the two
witnesses had to be here first and that Satan would be here
before the return of Christ. Please clarify on television. Well, you know, I
never interfere with
a church’s teachings, other than false teaching. But you see, if a pastor says that Christ could return at
any time, it’s the Antichrist that’s gonna return at
any time, the sixth trump. The true Christ,
as you have stated, doesn’t return until
the seventh trump. After the two witnesses lie
in the street of Jerusalem and resurrect on that
33 and a half day, then and then only
does Christ return. What this teaching can
do is to set people up to worship the false Christ,
the any moment doctrine, because there are many things. You’re a wise scholar. Many things must
come to pass first. That’s why God sent us the
letter, so we are not ignorant about the events that
consummate the end of this age. It’s so easy. In Matthew 24, the
disciples ask Jesus, just tell us plainly, how is it going to be at the
second advent when you return? And he gives them all
seven things in Matthew 24 that are the seven trumps, in plain English that
anybody can understand. And then going to Revelation, you can see it just unfold
before your very eyes. It must happen that way. And then that same preacher
might come along and say, boy, I wanna be that
first one taken. Well, see, that’s the sad part, and that’s why this is wrong. The first one taken is
taken by Antichrist. You do not wanna go there. That’s what the whole
chapter is about, is Antichrist seducing
God’s children. Betty from Wisconsin. Thank you for,
you’re so welcome. Please help me
find the scripture where God tells us to
remind him of the promises. It’s Isaiah chapter 43 verse 26. God says, you talk
to me, remind me. He hasn’t forgotten,
but many people do. He just wants to know
if you read them, okay? And then he can justify you. Okay, we’ve got
Hazel from Nevada. Do you ever teach one book,
like the whole book of Jeremiah, one through 52,
consistently, at any time? Yes, but you see, we
transmit around the world, on many time zones. So what we do when we start
a book, we teach one hour. One hour is usually, in a book, if you’re teaching it properly, is about all people can absorb. If you’re teaching with
sincere, good teaching, one hour just about
cuts it for most people. So every hour, at
that time of the day, whatever time that program
comes on in your area, the next day at that same hour, the next chapter or
lecture will come forth, until the whole
book is completed. And therefore, you have
the running of Jeremiah from chapter one through 52. Dennis from Arizona. When David went
to fight Goliath, he picked up five stones. Why did he only pick up five? Because that’s all he
needed, and he knew it. You see, he was a shepherd
that kept sheep all by himself, and there were
lions and so forth, and he knew how to use
that little slingshot. But there’s more
to it than that. Five means grace, and
God gave him that grace. As old Goliath was standing
on the mountain there, having the whole army of
Israel shaking in its boots, saying, send out your champion, and here comes this
child, a young lad. It irritated Goliath. He said, I’ll feed
you to the birds. And David, he said,
I come with God. This is out of the
mouth of babes. This is where the very thing, the very saying of out of the
mouth of babes originates, is out of the
mouth of that babe. I fight this battle
with the help of God. It only took one stone, and
it sunk into his forehead, and killed old’ Goliath
deader than a hammer. William from Ohio, are men evil? Some men are, and
some men aren’t. You cannot say in general. You can’t paint with
that wide a brush. There are good men,
and there are evil men. A person’s spirit determines
whether they’re good or evil, and what you do, your spirit
is the intellect of your soul. Some men just have an
evil soul, a spirit. That’s their thought process. That’s the why they think. That’s their intellect. That’s the way they
are, and so it is. But then there are some men. I don’t know of any that
is completely perfect. Many of us try to be, but
you’ll never quite get there, I guess, in the flesh body. Naturally, William, there
are both good and evil men. Cheryl from Michigan. I would like to know,
would you want to go before the throne of Satan
and look him in the eye? Well, it would be a privilege,
if God sends you there, as it’s written in Mark 13. Certainly, as Luke 21 says, he can’t harm a
hair on your head, and you’re not to
even premeditate what you would say beforehand,
as it’s written in Mark 13. And God will take care of you. Besides that, what role is
Satan playing when he returns? He’s playing Jesus, only
he’s instead of Christ. He’s the fake, but he must, if he’s going to
try to be Christ, he’s got to act like Christ,
or nobody would believe him. By that, I mean
he can’t go around knifing or butchering people or causing people to be put
to death and be called Jesus. That would ruin his little game. So he, with persuasion,
tries to convert you, with money, with love,
with the whole smash. But you’re not to premeditate. You let the Holy Spirit
speak, and you burn his hide, with the Holy Spirit, of course. Marie from Alabama. You stated on the eighth
day, God created a farmer. Please document where
in the Bible this is. I don’t understand. Well, Christ rested the
seventh day and realized there was no husbandman,
and he wanted one. In the Hebrew manuscripts,
on the sixth day, he created Adam,
but this husbandman, his name is Eth Ha’Adam,
a different man. What it means is he
created all of the races. That’s why we have
them, they’re here. There’s no great
mystery in that. We have people of all
ethnicities on this earth, why? Because God created them
and placed them here. He looked, as it states
in the first chapter of Revelation, and it was good. He loves all of his children. But then he wanted a man
through whom Christ would come, and that was Eth Ha’Adam
on the eighth day. Joel from Texas. Pastor Murray, I have a
question about you saying the devil is bound up
and locked right now. How is this true
when the Word says he is here to devour
anyone he can like a lion and all nations shall still
being deceived at this moment? Please give me scripture on this to show me what you
are trying to say. Revelation chapter
20 clearly explains he is not chained yet, because
nations are still deceived. He is chained. He’s in heaven, why? Because Christ said
get behind me, Satan. If he’s behind him, where is he? Christ is in
heaven; so is Satan. He’s behind him, locked, and
he’s held in chains by Michael. Now, what’s confusing you,
Joel, is that his spirit is not. For every negative,
there’s a positive. Though Christ is in heaven, his Spirit, the Holy Spirit,
can traverse the earth. It touches you. Well, unfortunately, Satan’s evil spirit can
traverse the earth also, and he can touch
you if you allow it. So therefore, all you have
now is his evil spirit, and that’s considerable. But as it is written in
Revelation chapter 12 verses six and seven,
Michael and his angels will soon cast Satan
out to the earth, and then woe to you
that are on earth, because Satan as Antichrist
will be with you for a short, and he knows he only
has a short time. So, don’t worry. You don’t wanna be
deceived when he gets here, so you better know only
his spirit is here now. But boy, is he coming. Henry from Indiana. Question, in Matthew chapter 24 when Jesus told his disciples to pray that your flight
be not in the winter, that is, out of season,
then could this mean that’s when the
Antichrist will come down, in the wintertime, saying I
came to fly you out of here? Thanks for your time. Well, it simply means basically that you’re harvested
out of season, meaning don’t let anyone
harvest you but Christ. Don’t let the
Antichrist harvest you. He’s going to harvest a lot, because with what is
being taught today, that at any moment, Christ is
going to come fly you away, well, that’s what
Antichrist says. And people will not read I
Corinthians chapter four, I’m sorry, I Thessalonians
chapter four with care, because in verse 14 and 13,
it says I wanna talk to you. I don’t want you to be ignorant like the heathen as
to where the dead are. If you believe Christ
raised from the dead, you better believe
that all that sleep or are dead in him
have risen also. They’re with him, and
at the seventh trump, we’re all going to join
in a spirit of life body, breath of life body, at the seventh trump,
and not until then. The sixth trump is
when Satan comes. The seventh is the true Christ. Butch from Oklahoma. Why does the Bible say
that there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth if
there is no hell to burn in? It isn’t the fact that there’s no hell to
burn in that they do this. An example, in
Revelation chapter nine, they have realized and
woke up to the point that they were in
bed with Satan, thinking he was Jesus,
and they’re too ashamed. I mean, they were
good Christian people. They were just mistaught. Went to church all their
life, sat on that front pew. I mean, just right
there soaking it up, only the Word wasn’t
really taught there. And here, they find out they were tricked
and worshiped Satan, and they gnashed their teeth
and wished they were dead. They’re too ashamed to
face the true Christ. I think any Christian
that loves the Lord can understand that. It’s pretty
embarrassing to find out you were tricked into
worshiping Slewfoot himself. Callie from Oklahoma. Is the NIV Bible a good Bible? Callie, I’d like for you to make your own
mind up about this. I know somewhere
around your house, you would have to have one
of an older King James Bible. I want you to go to
Ezekiel chapter 13, beginning with about
verse 18 and read forward through 20 to 25, in there,
and see what it says. Your original King
James will say that God will say to the
daughters of Jerusalem, in your religions, you
sew kerchiefs that cover every knuckle of my outreached
saving hands to the children. You cover ’em up with
lies, in other words, and you teach them to
fly to save their soul. Do you know what the
NIV changed that to? It doesn’t warn you about covering every knuckle
of God’s outreached hands. It says like birds flying. Birds have no subject in
the scripture, manuscripts, yet the NIV puts them there. Who, who changed the scripture? Who changed the word,
where the truth is lost? That’s your NIV. I think anybody that knows
Kenites knows how things happen. Curtis from California. Where in Revelation
is the time changed to five months for
Satan’s time on earth? Revelation chapter nine. It not only gives you that
it’s shortened to five months, but it’s the time of the locust. That particular stage is
May through September, or I can put it a different way. It’s from Passover through
Feast of the Trumpets. John from Iowa. My question is about
the Mark of the Beast. Is there any indication that
the product identification code could be a part of this? Thank you. Absolutely not. The Mark of the Beast
is in your forehead. What is in your forehead? Your brain. And what he does,
he deceives you, whereby you think he is Christ
instead of the true Christ. In other words, as long as you still are
true to the living God, they can tattoo you with
any kind of mark, symbol, or anything from head to toe. It doesn’t change your
standing with Almighty God, because in your forehead is
what counts, not outside of it. Many people are
deceived already. You remember the note
from Canada there about the minister
that says any moment? That’s the Antichrist. That is already teaching
the Mark of the Beast, meaning they’re deceived
into worshiping the first supernatural entity that
comes claiming to be Jesus. Snap his fingers, lightning
come down from heaven. That’s written in
Revelation chapter 13, following verse 11, 12, and 13. And people, they’re
not equipped for that, and they’re gonna worship him. So, that’s what the
Mark of the Beast is, is to be deceived,
mentally and spiritually. Collins from California. My question is about
the three earth ages. Does that mean the
time before now and the time now and
the time to come? Well, let’s be a
little more specific. It means there was an earth
age before this earth age. Then there is this earth
age, then the Lord’s day, and then the third earth
age, which is eternal. It’s forever. This is written in II
Peter chapter three, and it’s laid out,
first, second, and third. There’s only one heaven,
and there’s only one earth. But there are three earth ages, and there are three heaven ages. It’s still the same
heaven and the same earth. Paul from Arkansas. What and where is Hades? Please explain, where
it is in the Bible? Well, Hades is a word meaning
hell, and you will find it. However, it’s very confusing
to the English reader, because every time hell
is used in the Bible, it either is Sheol, which is
to say grave, or supplica, or Gehenna, which is the garbage
pit outside of Jerusalem. All those are translated into one little word
in the English, hell. And there is no
burning hell now. The burning of the garbage pit
in Gehenna was the example. But that does not mean to say, in the end, after the Lord’s
day, there is a lake of fire, because God is a consuming fire, and that fire actually
consumes the wicked, where they don’t exist anymore. That’s why there will be no
tears shed for them in heaven. That’s why there are no
tears shed in heaven. You won’t even remember
them to cry for them. God speaks, nothing
becomes everything. He can speak, and something
can become nothing. Your documentation for that
is, you might wanna read Matthew chapter 10, what
is it, verse 25 or 28. Don’t fear who can
kill your flesh body. Fear rather he who
can kill the flesh and also cause your
soul to perish. When your soul
perishes, it’s consumed. Marianne from Washington. How should we fight back against people who
wrongfully harm us? Why can the outside world
forgive people of past sins once they have repented? Well, you know, once
we sin, we can repent, but people are
gonna be cautious. You have to earn
that trust back. You can’t expect people
just to trust you once you sin just instantly;
it doesn’t happen that way. You have to document and prove yourself
over a period of time. But why can’t you fight against people who
wrongfully harm you? There’s nothing in the
world to keep you from that. But it’s best as a Christian
to stay away from them. If it’s family, that’s kind
of a different situation, because whatever is separating
you, stop talking about that. If it’s religion,
family’s precious. Don’t let religion
split a family. It’s not necessary. I’m out of time. Hey, I love you all because
you enjoy studying God’s Word chapter by chapter
and verse by verse. Most of all, God
loves you for it. It’s the letter he sent to you. It makes his day. And when you make his day,
boy, is he gonna make yours. You can count on it. We’re brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we have helped you, you help us keep coming
to you, won’t you do that? Bless God; he will
always bless you. Most important, though, you
listen to me, listen good now. You stay in his Word. Every day in his Word, it’s a
good day, even with trouble. You know why? Because Jesus Yeshua,
he is the Living Word. (bagpipe music) – [Dennis] Hearing God’s
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