you whatever happened to repentance you
hardly ever hear the word preached even hear the word mentioned in churches
today as even in Baptist and Pentecostal in evangelical churches there’s no call
anymore for godly sorrow there’s no call for mourning for sin grief for wounding
the Heart of Jesus almost unknown in our churches today and the message now is
just believe thou shalt be saved just believe now that text is taken from
acts 16:31 when the jailer after the tear was shaken and he thought the
prisoners were gone fell down and cried out what must I do to be saved and they
said believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and also be saved in thy house the folks
I want you to know that that was said to a man who had a sword in his hand about
to commit suicide he was trembling and broken and at the feet of the Apostles
at all wedding a point of repentance and brokenness mark 16:16 he that believeth
and is baptized shall be saved it said all you do is believe baptized
and you’re saying but keep in mind now that that follows these words that Jesus
spoke preach the gospel to every creature in other words the gospel first
has to be preached and what is that gospel the same gospel Jesus and all the
Apostles taught I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance that
was the gospel of Jesus this was the first message he preached when he came
out of the wilderness the very first words he spoke jesus said and the
scripture says from that time he began to preach and what was the
message of the Lord Jesus Christ what is the gospel that’s preached before he
believed in his baptized to be saved it is simply this from that time Jesus
began to free to say repent for the kingdom of God is at hand scripture said
Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of the kingdom and he follows
with this the time is fulfilled repent ye and believe the gospel he preached
repentance before believing he said to the Galileans I tell you except you
repent you all life life Ferries believe what your will unless you repent you
will perish John the Baptist came on the scene to prepare the Jews for the coming
of their Christ the Messiah and here’s a simple straightforward message in that
day in those days Came John the Baptist preaching of the wilderness of Judea and
he said repent ye for the kingdom of God is at hand they came from everywhere to
listen to John the Baptist they came excited because they wanted to
believe in the Messiah but John said you’re not ready
he said there’s an ax has to be laid to the roof he said you’re not ready you
want to come and you and hold on your sins and cling outside you’re white and
you look lonely but inside you’re full of dead men’s bones that has to be dealt
with before you can believe repent he said bring forth fruit in
keeping with repentance prove that you’re genuinely repented because Jesus
is coming to save you from yourselves he said you’re not ready to believe you
have no concept that you’re Souter you don’t even know where you stand and you
want to Messiah to come you want Jesus to come you want the place to come on
the scene I just believe him and stay as you are Peter on the day of Pentecost
preached repentance now when they heard this they were pricked in their hearts
and said unto Peter and to the rest of the Apostles men and brethren what
should we do they weren’t told just believe in you’re saved they were not
told to make a decision for Christ with letter vote for Jesus he said free from
this wicked generation and Peter said repent and be baptized every one of you
in the name of Jesus for the remission of your sins the one word said by faith
yet until there was repentance and acknowledging of sin before a holy God
this is the gospel of Paul the Apostle listeners message Athenians on Mars here
he said God now commands men everywhere to repent he saw these thousands of
God’s that they took by faith all they did was believe they believed this godly
but even another God came they believed someone else came persuaded be believed
it was faith and they accepted it in their sins the call the apostle oh no no
no that’s not Christ that’s not what I preach
you can’t add him to your clubs he can’t come to you just because you’re going to
believe in other God he said my God commands if you recant you look at your
sins you forsake your sins and he’ll come and give you the power to visit
them but you’ve got to believe that this God which Jesus has come to save you
from your sins how do young man come up to me last night I would die before I
would let it be known who it was but he came to me with such a deep abiding hatred for his sin a worry over the
condition of his heart a desire to be holy trembling and asking is it well
with me this struggle and fight I have against sin this breaking of my heart
could it be an indication that I do not know him and in some cases it could but
not in this case I said young man listen to me the fact that you’re broken over
your sin the fact that you’re wanting to be holy the fact that you’re desiring
righteousness the fact that you’re seeking to be free and more free and
more pleasing and more pleasing with this broken and contrite spirit of yours
with this trembling at the Word of God this is not evidence of lostness it’s
evidence of salvation but for all the bold-faced ones that left as though
their hearts were hard as stones and went out and committed sin even after
hearing the preaching of the gospel yes my dear friend that is evidence of
something evidence of a lost state of a lost soul those of you who call yourself by the
name Christian let me ask you a question Christian when was the last time you
found yourself alone weeping over your sin weeping over your lack of devotion
weeping over your lovelessness weeping over the hardness of your heart weeping
over participating in works of darkness weeping over being drawn in by other
students into things that were ungodly and what’s the last time you did that
because if it hasn’t been in a long time there’s only two possibilities one
you’ve reached sanctification and have no more need of confession or your heart
is cold as a stone you see this work of repentance that begins in God’s work of
salvation will continue on until you are taken into glory you are taken into
glory if you have truly repented you have a different relationship with sin
am i describing you am i describing you or am i speaking about things that are
completely and totally foreign to you and to your brand of Christianity that
comes so easy through those little tracks praise Jesus you are Lord give me another one Lord guide me to who
you want me to help raise up more that will call upon your name raise up those
that love you and seek you and trust you raise them up Lord raise them up Lord we
need a generation of believers who are not ashamed of the gospel we need an
army of believers Lord that hate to be the war and will stand on your word
above all else raise them up Lord raise up pray for unity among those that love
you I pray that you opened their eyes so that they can see your truth Lord I pray
for your hand of protection and guidance raise up a generation Lord that will
take light into this world that will not compromise when under pressure that will
not cower Lord when others fall away raise them up Lord then they will
proclaim the name your salvation in the name of Jesus
raise up warriors Lord who will fight on their knees who will worship you with
their whole hearts Lord Lord called us to battle that we may proclaim king of
kings and Lord of lords I pray these things with all my rains of mud Lord
raise em up you you