“Why did Christ’s Disciples fall asleep?” You see, temptation is great. To stay awake doesn’t mean to be awake,
like you are asleep or you are awake, no. What He meant,
at that moment, was to be aware; be aware of every temptation,
be aware that at any time, if you are not in this awareness,
if you are not cautious, you will fall. That’s what He meant to be awake. So, be aware! Only when you have such awareness,
you can’t fall down. Disciples are programmed in a way that they are also setting an example
of a normal human being, what happens,
what is a consequence of it also. You see, very often when somebody is very close to the Master
– like the disciples of Jesus were very close to Him – they don’t appreciate it,
they take it for granted. Due to that, that’s why the word
of the Master didn’t mean much for them. And of course, if they were very aware of that,
they would not do it. Like I tweeted today about the king. So that’s why, when one is not aware,
one loses opportunities. That’s what He wanted them to see, that there were opportunities all the time
that the Master was with them, but they were still sleeping. For once He called them to be awake, still, due to their own routine way of laziness,
they have not learned much. So that’s what He said, if you are aware,
then every moment you are awake. It doesn’t mean that you are asleep,
you are awake, no. But your awareness is awake, you are always conscious
of what is happening around you. That’s what it means to be awake.