This is what a nativity scene usually looks
like. But in this episode we are going to check
the real scene of nativity And find out that its not quite the same. So here we are at the Church of the Nativity, right here. The records go all the way back to the 2nd century which show that already in the 2nd century, they believed this was the birth place
of Jesus. Remember when Jesus says: “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”? Well, if this is a giant door to the synagogue, or a place or castle, this little door would be the eye of the needle, which is really cool. The’ve got four confessions to this church, They’ve got Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Armenian, and Syriac Orthodox, and they all live in
this compound.. the monks.. So they actually.. I read that.. they say that the monks sometimes have fights.. Like when they… who gets to clean what… And they even had to get Palestinian police to intervene and stop the fights. Like Shaolin monks fight.. maybe thats where it came from.. From Bethlehem. We are in the Grotto, in Bethlehem, right under the Church of Nativity in the middle of Bethlehem, lies the cave where Jesus was in a manger. They have excavations and archeological evidence that goes back all the way to the time of Jesus, where they say this is the exact spot
where was the manger of Jesus. And they would put the hay right here, and they would place Him there. And now, right over here, is where they believe, according to tradition, less archeological evidence, but more archeological evidence, where Jesus was born. But this is more tradition rather than archeological evidence.. That this was the manger right there, that
is archeology.. So that’s very cool. We are in the caves of Saint Jerom. This is the Grotto where he translated the Bible form Greek to Latin. In this cave are also the tombs of the babies that were killed by Herod the Great. When he heard from the wise men that a king was born, he ordered the murder of all the babies from two years old and under. So, according to tradition, these tombs of the babies are right here. We have two caves, and thats the place they say they buried them. Many tombs were carved in the rock, and here we see many caves that they look like they’ve been carved in the rock. And inside the cave, we see niches, like little compartments, and those were usually the places where people were buried, so here we see the same pattern. This is not the only cave, there are more of them underneath this place, so there’s another right here, and more right here. We can see them through the windows. Well, this is it for today. but in case you’re wondering. Yes, we are in Bethlehem which is in Palestine. That means that we had to take a bus and go through a security check point. This check point is heavily guarded by Israeli military, and this area is surrounded by a very big wall. From one side, the Israeli side, the wall looks nothing but a concrete wall. But from the Palestinian side, is full of
graffiti and all kinds of writings. And we came here with a church retreat. A lot of the Arabic congregations of Israel had gathered together in one place, in one hotel, to worship the Lord, to study God’s Word, listen to sermons, and have fellowship together. And its been pretty exciting so far. And Rhoda and I took the chance to go to the old city of Bethlehem and explore. So today you have seen the Nativity church in Bethlehem where Jesus was born, and Jesus was in a manger. But next week we will explore more of the
city and some other places. And we will also share with you something very interesting that we found that the media doesn’t show you about Palestine. Very exciting stuff. So subscribe bellow to our channel to get notified when we release the next video. And until then, have a wonderful week. God bless you.