In a world in which the reality that we face
everyday is even stranger than any fiction could have foretold… A world that vulture capitalists feel entitled
to desecrate for future generations all in the name of convenience and profit…
and the so-called pious religious conservatives have replaced their meek, humble, peace-loving
messiah with a narcissistic, pathologically lying, adulterous, reality TV show host and
con-man who behaves as if greed were the ultimate virtue and whose golden rule is, apparently,
“Do unto others as I please, if you do the same unto me…I’ll sue!” In spite of looming global climate catastrophe,
grotesque wealth inequality, militarized police forces enforcing unjust laws, effectively
serving as private armies to enable and protect an elite class, and the general commodification
of and disregard or disdain for life and rights by the world’s governments and the global-corporatist
plutocrats who pull all of the strings behind the scenes… There is an escape, a solace beyond the confines
of Babylon’s, seemingly, all-powerful grasp… A clandestine paradise where sounds reverberate
freely, in the vast depths of… The Dublight Zone…