Hello Tubby, Gumbo and freckles Holy we are back to hear and a new story from bible come on tell us a story ofcourse I will but before starting with the story one should remerber one thing, what’s that, I want you to remember That the bible does not throw much light on the childhood of jesus But there is one such story of him visiting jerusulem During pass over feast this is quiet important, all right holy We will remember come on holy tell us a story, OK So jesus grow up in a little village in nazerath and every year mary and joseph would visit jerusulem for the pass over feast Here jesus turned Twelve, They went for the usual trip and once the feast was over they left for home, Mary and joseph were travellling with a group of famliy and friends and they thought the jesus was somewhere there in the group they going to were jesus going to stay back jerusilm After walking for a while mary and joseph realised that jesus was not there in the group They looked for him but couldn’t find him anywhere So they went back to jerusalem and looked for him Where they have been at places which could been lost curiosity of jesus Mary and joseph were worried, they looked and looked for jesus For three days, and finaly on the third day they found him in a temple sitting with wise men and teachers, he was listening to them and asking them questions, everyone in the temple were amazed to see him How wise the young boy like him was Mary went right upto him and asked him, why did you do this Your father and I were so worried, we looked everywhere in the city for you Why were you searching every where for me, jesus answered You should have known that I would be in my father’s house Mary and joseph did not understand what he meant Jesus went back to Nazerath, with mary and joseph and honoured them as his parents, but this incident made mary think a lot as he wathced jesus grown up to be a young man everyone loved him and he will be, a hounored god in whatever he do This incident in jeruslem reminded mary and joseph The jesus was no ordinary boy, well that was beautiful story Holy so what’s the question for today Well the question is After how many days did mary and joseph find the jesus and where I know the answer, he took three days to find jesus and they found him in a temple Excellent tubby good job, well done friends, Hope you like the story too We will back soon with the new story Till then keep watching