I am just giving you my testimony how Jesus
Christ pulled me out of the church system because i grew up in a catholic home. I really
thought it was the TRUTH i grew up doing all the traditions of the catholic church all
of them. I really thought I was in truth! Iv got some stuff written down one second
i use to go to the rosary I use to go to prayer school and I went to a catholic school. As
a kid i use to love praying and getting to know Jesus and going to church I really thought
i was in the TRUTH. As a teenager i was being disobedient at school i was really the black
sheep of the class clown whatever you want to call it. I have realized that going to
church they weren’t guiding me to stop sinning. I was hanging around the wrong people criminals
getting into crime getting into all these things. And um yeah I made a friend called
Jahdon he was from a Pentecostal church. he let me know that it’s all about getting
into a relationship with getting to know the living God. At that time I didn’t really
understand that to much. And he kept telling me he rebuked the roman church he was really
strong about it and it really really got to me. I really start reading the book of Matthew
and really started listening to what Jesus was actually saying to me. I really prayed
about it and really thought about what HIS asking us to do to pick up our cross and deny
our self. And how we should pray which is inserted. and you these people getting dressed
up ceremonial things there just praying before men! You know what i mean i though WHY are
they doing that. It didn’t make sense to me i started praying more and he started slowly
revealing that they where displeasing to Jesus. Jesus really helped me in the book of Matthew
in understanding the TRUTH. I also found finalcall’s videos they really helped me and guided me.
And I found warning the people’s videos Jesus was really guiding me through those
videos step bye step. I realized that we had to repent that i had to repent to be right
with Jesus. You know what I mean I didn’t understand that they didn’t teach me that
at my old church they said you go to a man and confess your Sin’s and he lays hand
on you and you are forgiven! I repented I really repented of my sins ill be honest I
did a lot of wrong things in my life that I wasn’t proud of. It was always there and
I knew that I had to ask for forgiveness because you know it just felt so wrong what I had
done in my life all the things that I have done. So it was Chrystal clear to me that
the churches any churches I looked at all of their doctrines there all false. The only
true sound doctrine is Jesus Christ. The only way I truly stoped sinning the only way I
could do it I tried heaps of times so I could stop. Drinking smoking maybe locking at porn
I really tried but I couldn’t do it. It’s when I started praying to Jesus and I really
started asking for strength to overcome these things. That’s when he gave Jesus gave me
strength. And I realized Jesus set me free from SIN. It took me a long time realize and
understand that. Because I would say I don’t want to sin but then I would go back to it.
But then I realized the wages of SIN is DEATH you know I WANT to live I don’t want to
perish I don’t want to burn in HELL these things really started coming to me. When I
started seek I Jesus more I stumbled in SIN and He convicted me. It Hit me like a tonne
of bricks it really did it was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was full blown
conviction the Living God is good he is the creator of all and you know he is Good he
forgave me He is a good GOD HE is loving. Every thing that we have in our life is because
HE gave it to us! I recently started giving HIM thanks. And through praying to Him and
seeking Him more I experienced HIS presence and i tell you what it was the best experience
that i have ever had in my whole life it really was nothing tops it just felt so good the
Living God is a GOOD GOD. It says in psalms 34.8 Taste and see that Lord God is Good blessed
is the one who takes refuge in HIM. So taste and see Him SEEK HIM! Don’t trust these
churches the Liar are controlling them you will just be lies to! And um He pretty much
opens up your eyes He reveals to you what’s pleasing to Him and what’s not pleasing
to HIM. Obviously listening to some kinds of rap watching TV listening to cretonne kinds
of music. Is not pleasing to HIM. Jesus desires a relationship with us. That’s been revealed
to me he wants to know us he loves us. And his coming back and he doesn’t want us to
perish. If you’re watching this anywhere seek HIM and don’t go to church go to HIM
yeah and um Ask Him if you are pleasing to HIM or not ask Him to show you what pleases
Him and what doesn’t because. At the end of the day well I remember reading this there
are too kind of people there is people who just go after pleasure pleasing them self’s.
Or pleasing the living God so just seek Him and seek understanding he will guide you HE
is still guiding me. And I so very much want to experience HIM again. And May Jesus bless