Dear friends of baroque music and Collegium 1704, my name is Václav Luks
and I am the artistic director of Collegium 1704. Why I am talking to you right now
has naturally its meaning. Last year, we performed two concerts
with Handel’s Messiah, a work that is especially dear to us. We perform it regularly since 2011 when “our Messiah” has been on the programme
of Festival de La Chaise-Dieu. The concert has become
almost legendary. The Mezzo TV has recorded it and the recording has
some millions of views on YouTube now. Since then, we have been asked by our fans and Handel music admirers with the question
“Where finally will be released the Messiah on CD?” Now it is the time, because we have made the live recording of those two concerts in Rudolfinum in
Prague last year and at this moment, the post-production and final editing
is in the process. Now, it is the moment
when I approach to you to ask for the financial support. Help us finish the CD post-production
and finish our recording, the first Czech recording
of Handel’s Messiah, the first complete recording
of Handel’s Messiah. To have in our hands, finally, the output of many years of our work. We trust in your support. Together with you I am looking forward
to the result.