My name is CS, “Sunny” Chandar Sudhakar, nickname is Sunny. I am from Fiji Island, they call me FBI a Fiji-born Indian. Everybody knows me. I’m a good joker. I’m only what 16 years old huh? I’m 69 years old today I’m enjoying my life with my church. There’s a guy – a good buddy – who brought me in True Jesus Church for the first time in my life. I’m Indian. Hindu. If you change your religion, that’s a big thing when you change your religion. Then I don’t know how this guy here brought me there. But it was so exciting for me. When I join this church back to 15, 16 years ago, my first hymn was “Into My Heart”. Come into my heart Lord Jesus Christ. I opened my heart for Him, He opened the door for me. When I listened to all the sermons and things like that, it really come into my heart. It really here hit me. Then I went through most of the Bible there. We believe what the Bible says. That’s why our church is so true. I went down to Coyote Point when I got baptized. So cold the water in Coyote Point. The day I was baptized, I didn’t feel anything cold there – nothing just you like having a warm bath or something. It was so beautiful, I feel so clean myself. It was a day of my life I clean myself. It is one of wonderful day in my life. That day my life – the whole life changed up. He’s connected direct to you and Him. it depends on how you respect Him, how you obey Him. Since today it’s been almost fifteen and a half years, I never ever miss one Saturday. It’s like me and Lord Jesus Christ are connected together. If I miss one day, one Saturday, I’m missing something in my life. I’m so connected to Lord Jesus Christ today I can’t miss one Saturday Sometimes people get sick, sometimes I got trouble with the Rediwheels. But we are a family here in the church, True Jesus Church All the members there. They love me. If I’m not there on Saturday, they worry about me. They call me, “What happened Sunny? You sick or something wrong? Can I help you?” See, that’s the thing in our church, we take care of each other. We are brothers and sisters. I love my church members. All the members there love me. Beautiful church Today where I am just because of this church. Just because of Lord Jesus Christ I am here today. I could have died long time ago, two times heart attack I’ve been blessed from you guys and the Lord Jesus Christ But still I got a problem but that’s okay. I’m happy. He’s taking care of me. I’m still alive. I’ve got a lot of problem in my life – a lot, it’s not a little one But He always in my heart. He take care. Every step that I take it, He take with me. I’m crippled. I got a problem. I can’t get on my knee. I’m disabled, but in my mind and through Lord Jesus Christ, I was thinking I’m on my knees. Please find me a nice place. I was so bad that time – I was hospitalized for one year. And He gave me a nice place. Nothing else I’m going to ask Him for. Nothing else. He gave me everything. He always helping me. What He gave it to me. How can I pay Him back? In my life, I can’t give him back. Even one flower I can’t give it to Him. Even one cent. Because everything belongs to him. So what are you going to give? Only thing you can give it to Him your heart. Your love and your heart is there with you. It’s always there with you. I bless my Lord. Everyday I wake up in the morning, I bless Him. “Thank you Lord, you give me another day to live, to breath your air.” It’s free huh? The air we breathe everyday – it’s free. You have to bless Him everyday. So what else you want it? Nothing.