Beloved Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ I am glad to see you and pray for your healing,
through this program “The Lord who heals” Even in this day, Before praying for your healing A brother has come to share with us
the miracle that God has done to him Hear the testimony attentively When you pray after hearing
the testimony and God’s word Jesus will do the miracles
you expect in your life Jesus will do a miracle
as He did for this brother When you pray today,
the lord will answer your prayer But know one thing You must believe God’s word and the testimonies This is what God said Through testimonies,
God will speak to His children To turn your fatigue, to strengthen your faith God will speak to you through testimonies When you believe the testimony and His word Whatever miracle you ask God will surely bless
you with the miracle you ask That’s the blessed promise
that God gave for this program Surely, your prayers will be heard today God will surely bless you
with the miracle you want Now, we’re going to hear the testimony Shall we pass on to the program? Beloved Beloved brother has come
to share his testimony Shall we hear the testimony? Welcome brother,
greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ Hello I am happy that you’ve come far to witness Jesus What’s your name brother? I’m Ravi Kumar What is the native place? Devipatanam near Sivagiri Devipatanam near Sivagiri? Very happy What is your occupation? I am working in Indian
Oil Corporation, gas Cylinder Company Ok happy What about your family? My wife and two children Having two children? Ok brother What miracle has Jesus Christ done in your life? From 2012, I had skin disease
along with allergy and itching What difficulties you have faced with this? It would cause itching in my body I would get ashamed to go
in public, in front of women Sometimes the itching will be more At that time,
I had to take pills and injection Will it make you scratch every time?
My body would start burning What will happen after scratching?
It would incrassate, it will swell in that place Ok. It will incrassate after scratching right Normally, playfully if anyone come and hit me It will become a mark in that place I had such a problem So painful
Yeah While scratching, it will incrassate right
yeah It will burn, after scratching
it will begin to scorch Having no pills in such situation will be difficult You have suffered that much?
– Yeah brother. Suffered very much You had the problem for about 7 years, right?
From 2012 Ok. How did you receive the healing? I went to Prayer Mountain. You were praying While praying, you guided people
to pray for their disease Also, you asked people with the skin disease to pray So, I prayed Did you pray?
Yeah, I did Ok You asked to test You said, as a result of your prayer
you’re healed, test your healing I would have a tester with me always So, immediately I tested with that Prior
to that, the tester will display every incrassate On that day, there is nothing in the display I tested it by pinching,
no incrassate and no itching No itching?
After that, I had no itching problem Till today?
Yeah Ok You’re healed now?
I am completely healed now Not taking pills?
Yeah, I don’t have any pills- Hearing your prayer, God has
healed you seeing your sufferings Isn’t it?
Yeah So God loved you so much And made you happy to share the testimony I am very happy, I spent thousands
of money in various hospitals My wife suffered a lot with me She desperately needed the healing I am happy that gracious God has healed us for free
Praise be to God God loves you, that’s why He brought you there Spoke through his servant and healed you Dear Beloved Brother Ravi Kumar shared his experience with us You’ve heard about the miracle of Jesus He said one thing that. His wife suffered a lot because
of his sufferings and prayed for him His wife also joined us here We’re going to ask her about his sufferings She has joined us She has come to share sufferings he experienced Shall we hear? Welcome sister Brother shared about his sufferings and
also said that you only know his sufferings Could you share about his sufferings? Can’t go to a public place Even if guests come to our house, he
can’t talk to them more than fifteen minutes It would start itching and he will begin to scratch He will look at him,I will show gesture
to him that I will deal with them He would go and I will deal with the guests And relatives started saying directly
to us that this is a generation disease Directly to you?
Yeah That would have hurt you right?
Yeah, He would be scratching throughout the night Can’t even he to sleep?
Yeah That much of sufferings I would apply some oil over him Then he would sleep for a while After the oil gets dried,
it would start itching again That much of sufferings So, what did you say to him? I said “let us pray with faith, God will heal you’ Also, our neighbor called us to Prayer Mountain. At that time, I was not in mind to go With the help of neighbor And with prayer, we reached Prayer Mountain. Whenever we go out, we would pray We prayed that Lord, “If you healed
him, we will glorify your name” Ok. Did you come to Prayer Mountain with a vow right?
Yeah So, Lord heard your vow Yeah, surely He heard Hearing your vow, Lord has
done a great miracle to you You are very happy now, isn’t it? Ok. You have come to Prayer Mountain with a vow. And God has heard your prayer and healed him What about his health now? Now, he is completely healed Eating everything he wants
Ok. No itching at all Tested him till yesterday Even if I hit him playfully, it would swell Also, it would swell even
if our daughter’s bangle hit him Will it swell?
Yeah I tested till yesterday, No problem at all Ok. Also, I asked to through
away all the medicines with faith And he threw it away,
now there are no medicines at all There is no problem after
coming to Prayer Mountain, isn’t it? Are you happy now?
Yeah, we’re happy now You have also tested it isn’t it
I tested on that day itself On that day itself?
Yeah Honoring your faith,
God has done a great thing I am very happy,
for you’ve come this far to witness Jesus I thank you in the name of Jesus Beloved, God has given His grace
to hear a wonderful testimony He shared his sufferings with us,
also his wife shared the testimony I wanted to hear from his wife, Because she only knows his sufferings So, I wanted to hear from her While sharing, tears start flowing from her eyes That much of sufferings He couldn’t even stand in the public Even if did so,
it would last only for 10-15 minutes Even If she playfully hit him,
it would swell in that place They were broken in the times
when people hurt them But, she had a faith that
Jesus will do a miracle She said they weren’t in the situation
to go to Prayer Mountain that day Their neighbor brought them to Prayer Mountain Only they know the sufferings But, on that day God spoke to them and
has done a great miracle to her husband Now they are very happy Eating everything they want No problem at all She shared the testimony with Joy Because “Nothing is impossible with Jesus” But, the reason for their healing is. The faith of his wife Because of her faith,
God has done the miracle So, now in this prayer time When you pray along with me By honoring your faith, God is going to do miracles Perhaps, he had skin disease You also may be struggling with the same Or any disease that torments you Jesus, who did miracles to this
brother, will do the same for you I’m going to share a word from the scripture And want to pray more I will read “Mark 5: 26” for you “And had suffered many
things from many physicians. She had spent all that
she had and was no better, But rather grew worse” See, that woman had blood flow for twelve years It was a terrible disease. That brother has also visited many doctors Here also, doctors have abandoned this woman His relatives have said, this is a hereditary
disease and you won’t get healed There was no one to encourage him, Everyone discouraged him that “it won’t
be healed and he will die with that” See his sufferings There was no one to console him,
but there was a crowd to discourage him Happened also in the life of this woman, Spent all the money, Not healed So, anxiety occupied her About the future,
should I die with this disease? Isn’t there any way
to get out of this disease? That much of worry occupied her But, she knew one thing,
She heard about Jesus Jesus is healing everyone Nothing is impossible with Him So, she thought to go to Jesus Because she heard about Jesus After hearing all the miracles of Jesus, She had a faith that
He will also heal her blood flow That’s her faith God honored that faith Here, in this case, everyone discouraged them After hearing about Prayer Mountain,
They decided to go to there. They had a faith that God will heal It is not necessary to come to Prayer Mountain Come to Jesus, that’s it Coming to Jesus is enough In Prayer Mountain,
he himself prayed and so did his family Jesus knew his sufferings As their routine,
before coming to Prayer Mountain, They prayed with faith, For Jesus to heal him They both prayed And because of this, God revealed his disease and healed him Hearing their prayer,
God has done a great miracle Know one thing Others may discourage you, fear not Whatever disease it may be Nothing is impossible with Jesus You must believe that “Jesus who healed
bro. Ravi Kumar will also heal you” He will heal your skin disease He will heal your cancer He will heal your affected kidney He will heal your affected spinal cord He will heal your affected ear He will heal your affected heart Whatever disease is that?
For which sickness you shed tears Say that to Jesus, Lord! Do me a
miracle like did to Bro. Ravi Kumar I will also glorify you Pray now Lord is going to hear
your prayer and do a great miracle I want to pray for that Shall we pray? [Prayer] Father, I praise and
thank you for your comforting words Especially, I thank you for the promise
you’ve have given for your children Lord, you made us hear testimony
through Bro. Ravi Kumar and his family By hearing and believing these words, Whoever is praying for healing, Maybe, they’re suffering
like Bro. Ravi Kumar, with skin disease May be suffering because of itching May be suffering because of allergy Let all allergies and itching
disappear in the name of Jesus In the name of Jesus, I claim victory over
all the powers of Satan that bring skin diseases Maybe it is a hereditary disease Father, your children are praying with faith Let all the curse change In the name of Jesus, Let your power descend on the skin Make them witness your miracle and
bless them, as you did to Bro. Ravi Kumar They may be praying for any other diseases Maybe praying with affected kidney Right now, in this prayer time Let your power descend on the affected kidney Doctors may have abandoned them for kidney failure You’re a heavenly doctor For your children are praying with faith Let your healing power
descend on the kidneys right now Let there be a miracle Lord, you can do what doctors can’t do We believe the word
“with God everything is possible” As your servant, I’m praying Let the power of the Lord descend upon
those who are praying for affected kidneys Let there be miraculous healing
right now in the name of Jesus Father, let all the tumors disappear Let tumors disappear in the name of Jesus Let the affected hearts heal in the name of Jesus Let asthma disappear in the name of Jesus Let the affected nervous
system heal in the name of Jesus Whatever the sickness No matter how many years of illness In this prayer time, Let your healing power descend of everyone Lord! Do miracle to everyone today Heal them and raise them as your witness Lord! Thank you for hearing the prayer I thank you for you have done
miracles honoring their faith I thank you for you have blessed your
children to glorify you by their testimony In the name of Jesus, I pray, father Amen! Amen! Beloved You prayed and God has touched Skin allergy healed for some God healed the itching for some Affected kidneys are healed Doctors abandoned you, go and test you The kidney is functioning again Kidneys are healed in the name of Jesus You prayed with faith Hearing your prayer, God has done miracle But you after receiving a miracle, See, that brother came
from Sivagiri to share the testimony Wherever you are,
come and glorify the Lord’s name I ask you in the Lord’s name God will bless you Amen!