There is one thing that prevents us from following
Jesus Christ and from doing His will, what He requires of us, and that is OUR OWN WILL.
We cannot follow Jesus Christ and be pleasing to Him unless we submit our WILL to Him. It
is not about what I think or what I want to do for Jesus Christ. It is all about what
He wants to use me for. But unless I submit myself to Him He cannot use me. If I do not
submit to Jesus I will not leave everything and go where He sends me. Many people go out
on their own FOR Jesus, but they go WITHOUT Jesus. It is not what WE want to do for Him,
it is what HE wants us to do. We have to submit our will and ourselves to Him before we can
SERVE HIM and if we do not serve Him then we are useless for the kingdom of God, then
we cannot be fruitful. Every tree that does not bear fruit will get
cut off and burned. We must submit our WILL to Jesus Christ before we can do HIS WILL.
Many believers give in to peer pressure. Many are controlled by family, friends, their spouses,
they cannot do the will of God. They cannot be pleasing to Jesus. We have to submit to
HIM ALONE and let Him guide us. WAIT on Him and let Him direct your footsteps, and when
He sends you, you must GO. We cannot SERVE Jesus Christ and do His will
unless we submit to Him. We cannot be part of His kingdom unless we serve HIM as Lord,
King and Master. May Jesus bless you.