– (upbeat music) – Now I don’t do good
at speaking at churches ’cause I don’t really belong in a pulpit, but you know sometimes, I say stuff that ain’t really pulpit, pulpit-ish. I don’t wanna go to hell, so I try to… Like I talk at the church auxiliary room, but I try to stay out of pulpits, ’cause my momma raised me in
the church, I know better. I be trying, like when I did that special Don’t Trip, He Ain’t Through With Me Yet. I did it at Megafest with Bishop Jakes. That was the first time I’d ever stood on stage for an hour
20 minutes with no cussing. I had severe headaches and everything. (laughter) That right there, I thought
I was about to lose my mind. Do you know how hard it is
for me to stand there for a hour and 20 minutes? I did it, I wrote some hysterical jokes. Most of the jokes I wrote about church, I had to run them by Ricky
Smiley and couple of people, ’cause Ricky Smiley still
played the organ at his church. And I had to figure out
if the jokes I was writing was gonna be acceptable,
especially the closing where I introduce Christ, which is one of the biggest
bits I’ve ever written. But I had only done it that one night. I had never done it before. I wrote that joke a year before here in L.A. at the Grand Lux Cafe in a booth. Me and my friends were all
sitting around and they said, “Man, you’ve had a heck
of a career, Steve.” Because I’ve introduced everybody. If you in music, I’ve introduced you. I don’t care who you are, living, dead, I’ve introduced everybody that’s great from Michael to Whitney
to Barbara Streisand to Jay-Z to Beyonce. I don’t care who you are,
if I ain’t introduced you… (laughter) Back then, your ass wasn’t famous. Now, you know they got new
artists that I don’t know about. And so, somebody was asking me, they said, “Steve, you’ve introduced everybody, man. Who would you really love to introduce?” I said, “When I die and go to Heaven, “if they would let me bring out Christ, “I’d say that would be the ultimate.” So, that’s how I ended
up writing the joke. I wrote it on a piece of paper and my bodyguard kept it
in a saddlebag for a year. A year late, Bishop Jakes
asked me to do Megafest. I told him I couldn’t
’cause you can’t cuss. He said, “Nah man, God know your heart. “You can do it, come on, do it for me.” So I did it. It’s the hardest gig I’ve ever had though. Not cussing for an hour 20 minutes and really trying to be funny. ‘Cause you know, I just
talk and naturally, I just cuss when I talk. (upbeat music)