Speaking Of Life 1050 | Stand Firm
Greg Williams Is coffee good for you? Depends on who you ask, and when you ask. I’m a coffee drinker and I’ve watched
with interest as the dangers and/or benefits of coffee have changed over the years. One study might claim coffee stunts your growth
or causes heart issues, while another study promotes coffee as a means of protection against
Parkinson’s disease and liver cancer. What are you to believe? I’m not here to debate the benefits or dangers
of coffee, I’m simply pointing out that in our day and age – with so much access
to information and research – it is easy to get conflicting messages. And not just about food; we can also read
conflicting messages about core beliefs that can mislead some and challenge the faith of
others. This is not a new problem. People have used lies and deceit to mount
opposition against or twist the message of the gospel since day one. The apostle Paul wrote encouraging letters
to believers—especially to those in Galatia and Thessalonica—to help them remain faithful
to the gospel. The believers were being hit with “new information”
and false ideas about the coming and return of Jesus. Some were asserting the day of the Lord had
already come. Paul addressed this in his 2nd letter to the
church at Thessalonica. {Look down]
Verses 1-2: We ask you, brothers and sisters, not to become easily unsettled or alarmed
by the teaching allegedly from us—whether by a prophecy or by word of mouth or by letter—asserting
that the day of the Lord has already come. Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way
(2 Thessalonians 2:1-3). Paul encourages us later in the chapter to
stand firm, and hold fast to Jesus Christ the anchor of our truth and faith. That is truth. So let this truth give you eternal encouragement
and good hope. I’m Greg Williams, Speaking of Life.