the german shepherd dog so you think you are german shepherd ha let’s take a long time to talk a little
bit more about this wonderful dog breed first of all the german shepherd dog is down by a lot
of different names you might have heard in contravention
bird german shepherd dog this is the actual german name disease or german dogs this actual
german name in german shepherd dog is a literal translation of this and i’ll try
to attend to say about how did we miss that they like tortures shine for me so anyway t_v_ speak german and i’m
really sorry for them anyway you might also recall that sanction g_s_ date which is short for german
shepherd dog also a section what dot would you like to hear many of these
different names don’t be confused there are referring to
the same dot briefed the german shepherd and the german shepard has only been
around since eighteen iran eighteen ninety nine or so so these dogs and we know when you
compare them to a lot about the dog breeds they’re fairly recent barbri and german shepherds can also come in a
wide range of colors such as black and tan lekin raid lacking trine black and silver this table solid like it also solid white which is
kinda controversy or these dogs can also have short or long
birkholz they like to see here in the dog model we have on the screen this is a black and red long coded
german shepherd that german shepherd sorry intelligent
they are just super super intelligent these are friendly dogs are very very
athletic their fearless and they just like a wonderful you know free and have
a little bit companion there are some very good watchdogs so they started his over all the way
around it just great great dogs for the right owner now i don’t really sheppard’s son of a
not smallpox i normally they give you my from around
seventy two that a hundred hunting counter so uh… in white and they can also be a
directly to if we succeed justice on the right in there in high tech the shoulder and these dogs just wait for this might
fantastic companions as long as they’re in the right home as song should probably have socialize
the dogs function properly trained the dogs spend a lot of time of the dogs custer so intelligent just was put a lot
of time into costly may have a date that can be put into it won’t be rewarded
with so much more time back german shepherd dogs are also the top
working dot choice of a lot of different agencies worldwide such as now the police a lot of military
organizations and different things like that the german shepherds also suitable for a
lot of different job such as should soon hurting police work by getting the visually impaired or or
people with disabilities also they do long search and rescue
workers and also a drug imbaba takes in as well and just keep in mind if you get your
mission if there are few thank you may the german shepherd dog and some of things that you really want
to consider sees dogs do require daily exercise seen other not couch potatoes
their neck to breed may be made to guess i didn’t play or or to to receiving of
those long long long store various games order but they do need daily exercise also be stuck shouldn’t be allowed to
rent free so whenever you’re out working with them you know do you do your best you need to
keep it on a leash or if you want to let them rent-free make sure they’re securely fenced in
area so that you know that you do have some control over them and also they start to sell intelligence
if you get one of them you know you just want to do yourself a
disservice if you don’t enroll them in some kind of basic training in repeal
basic abhi tns sent them until you work they they do
fly ball haas in these stocks did not just being a man they love this way and there’s just so
many things these dogs love to do so just make sure that you give these
ducks plenty of training and plenty of exercise stimulate their minds for
stimulating their body and you just want to have a great
relationship be deciding a german shepherd additional facts about the german
shepherd certain things like they are they’re very active indoors and outdoors lacking so for these docs like couch
potatoes they’re very intelligent they’re just
tremendously diligent in fact one rating scale the researcher radiant third among all
the time bridgeton hundreds of dog breeds the world these dogs have a tremendous capability
to learn they have wonderful problem solving
skills the stats can also be very territorial
and they’re very protective of the human factor which makes him craig our dogs the stocks are also very social and there they take are very emotionally
stable boxes well so just make sure enough you’re citing to possibly get
when they start to bring them into your home that you take our respect and
consideration because these dogs are good for a lot of people but them are
not met for everyone if you’d like to take some time to come
by all side and learn more about the german shepherd you can come by debby debby debby s dot total
vice-chairman their shepard dot com this is the side we have a lot of
information on their articles videos just let me think sick if you want to actually get a book and uh… you know we didn’t need to
download this is called a he told german shepherd and she is the owner’s manual missus
bill cairo just recently you can go to total there’s tremendous shipra dot net if you’d like to get a copy of it there
for yourself along with a lot of different bonuses buddy white purity you know if you’re considering getting a
german shepherd feed on r_d_ and one of you have a time when the test i would
highly recommend to you reading a lot of information doing your
research first because these are wonderful dogs but they’re not
for everyone so again if you get a chance you want to
come by the website check this out please do so total german shepherd she’s
a total fishermen their shepard dot com or total dash german dan shepard dot net and it’s always sherri shepherd’s role the german shepherd dog