The South African National Civic Organisation,
SANCO, in Tshwane, Pretoria, is determined to get Shepherd Bushiree out of South Africa. This came after three of SANCO members appeared
in the Pretoria magistrate’s court on Tuesday 08 January 2019, on charges of public violence
in a protest aimed at getting Shepherd Bushiri deported out of South Africa, and his church,
the Enlightened Christian Gathering, shutdown. They were released on R500 bail each. The protest involved SANCO members who were
protesting against Shepherd Bushiri and his church. A number of protests were sparked by the death
of three women in a stampede at the church during a service on Friday 28 December 2018. Nine other congregants were injured as they
ran for shelter during a heavy rainstorm. The deceased women were identified as Patricia
Pringane, 59 years; Matshila Sarah Mohlala, 69 years; and Lehlogahlo Maria Segodi, 60
years. The treasurer of SANCO in Tshwane, Abraham
Mashishi, accuses the church of not complying with the safety requirements for the number
of people that attend the church service weekly. Immediately after people died, the church
just took those people who died in the stampede to a private mortuary, and that was terribly
wrong, according to Abraham Mashishi. He said that SANCO was not happy with the
way Shepherd Bushiri treated people, because the church failed to ensure that there were
proper means to control the large crowd of people that attend his church services. The latest development is that, the Commission
for the Promotion and Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities will
be facilitating talks between SANCO and the church. In line with its mandate, the commission has
called for a mediation meeting between the church and SANCO on Thursday 10 January 2019. Thanks for watching. Please comment, like, share and subscribe.