Hi Shelly Cordsen here with ExpertVillage.com
and we just finished our Sheppard costume. Now we’re going to make him a head dress.
First of all we’re going to take a piece of fabric twenty seven inches long. You can vary
the length that you want the hat but I found this to be a pretty a pretty nice size and
it’s right now it’s the width of the fabric which most fabric is forty four to forty five
inches wide. Now we need to cut this into circle. In order to do a circle we’ve got
to have a square. In order to square this up you’re going to take one corner and meet
the other. Naturally you’re not going to get it, you’re just going to make sure you have
a point here, you’re going to come all the way a crossed and you’re making a triangle
k? Give us a little bit of room here and when you form that triangle you’re going to have
too much your excess. So we flip it over, we have our triangle, this is how much excess
we have right here. So we’re going to trim and cut that off so we can get our square.
So we really didn’t have to cut too much off from the forty four. This is the fast method,
gives you the rustic look. And now we have our triangle and we’re going to fold the triangle
in half again. And then I like to do mine again, another triangle. So we have all our
folds on one side here and along this edge here. Now we are going to turn it into a circle.
I’m a quilter so I have a circle ruler here, you can use your tape measure, hold it down
here. You can take some chalk which I have on a roller, see if I can do this one handed,
you can kind of hold it and then just kind of come along here. And you can cut along
there, your kind of just making yourself a compass like that. You can use this and I
can come up to where I can trim here and around and that’s going to give me a circle that
is scalloped when I open it. But right now I’m just going to cut where I made my chalk
mark and this does not have to be perfect. We’re just kind of wanting a, something to
go over the kid’s head. Ok, and there we go our circle.