lot of people take upon themselves the
responsibility of protecting women.. let me give you my perspective Sadhguru..you
see in this country.. at one point of time it was also told , that sati is
tradition.. ..let me complete the one.. second point is there is no Tigers , going to eat women when they
go to Shani , Sigma.. by your own argument ,there was a
rationale ,you say for not letting women, a logical ,rationale, for not letting
women into temples earlier .that rationale doesn’t exist today. it doesn’t. so, then change the rules.. Sadhguru: I am saying just that,
where it comes from and where when situations change, we have to change the
norms accordingly ..that’s what I am saying ..and anyway .. Arnab: look how unfair this is.. in this country, there are women , who can be
divorced on whatsapp.. no, no ..this is the same matter..in this
country you must understand the sensibilities of people today ..they
are going to question what is injustice.. woman is being kept out of a
temple, because she is told that she’s impure.. by the definition of what is pure
and impure, it doesn’t apply.. in today’s context we need to give
voice to that ..all I’m saying to you Satguru is another point of polite
disagreement with you and we will never agree on this point . .. things have changed ,I know this
personally Sadhguru.. I have some understanding of the pulse of this
country . we did a campaign called the right to pray.. I wish Sadhguru you were
there with me, when phone lines were opened, when people, men, women children,
from all over the country called up and said : what happens in shani shingnapur,
Haji Ali or .. is unfair.. that is a perspective, which must be
understood.. Sadhguru: please if you.. I know you are in a certain profession, where you only ask questions..
but you must listen to what I am saying.. Arnab: Sadhguru let let me tell you one
thing, please understand, that the logic is also understood, by people and the
right to question what is wrong is essential to my profession..
the day I stopped questioning what is wrong.. Sadhguru: I am not questioning that.. I’m not questioning that but I am Telling You.. please..
because, what is simple, basic logic and in how many ways
life happens are two different things.. whatever we did to protect from wildlife
and stuff is not relevant anymore, because women are not in the same
condition, they are equipped in many different ways..
going up to hill , temples which very much possible.. that’s not a issue at all..
but where there is genuine accult.. I would still not send my daughter there,
or anybody that I know, because this even for a man, if he’s in a certain condition,
it will affect him. if he is not of a certain nature.. but women is much more
susceptible to this .is such a thing happening in a temple or not? is a
questionable thing ..but, this is not about protecting women from somebody , because
this is the nature of our biology.. we cannot ignore it ..all right ? now talking
about sati.. nobody can endure such a thing.. talking about- three words will
dismantle your marriage , because three words may happen in moments of anger and
disagreement and something and it’s over.. this is another thing altogether.. sati, as
a thing came up ..again when only, when men were killed in battle.. when men were
killed in battle, when other people entered the towns, what happened to the
woman , was worse than death.. because of that they got into this mode. when my
husband, who is a soldier dies, I kill myself , because what happens after that
is worse , than death. so , that came from that and somebody exploited and
stretched it ..well , we stopped that reasonably.. I think almost.. almost totally
stopped that ..that’s a different thing.. if you think I’m speaking for not
equality of womenI don’t want to say anything, I don’t want to defend that,
because my life is not about looking at someone, as man and woman ..as I said only..
only in a certain context of our life, we have to recognize the gender of a person. in rest of the time ,why should we even recognize the gender of a person? a human
being is a human being. only in certain aspects of our life somebody is a man
somebody is a woman . all the time thinking I am a man you’re a woman is..
drives to madness.. Arnab: I’ll make this pass, but I’ll just
make one of if..you say, you have to enter heaven with your wife.. right ..you
can enter heaven with your wife ,but you are not entering a particular temple with
your wife.. I don’t think that’s fair.. Sadhguru: I
only mentioned the heaven business , not because I believe there is a heaven.. no, no I did
not talk about the heaven, because I think there is a heaven and you’re going
to heaven. I know you are not going to any such place.. but.. I am saying the
source.. the society and the culture tried to control the natural urge for a man to
dominate the woman with these kind of things.. that’s all I said..