sad news Sherri Shepherd made
heartbreaking confession about her son’s health comedian Sherri Shepherd
celebrated her son’s 14th birthday in a touching tribute that recalls the
doctors dire prognosis at his birth on her 52nd birthday on April 22nd 2019
Sherri Shepherd celebrated by paying tribute to her 14 year old calling him
the best birthday present ever gave birth to son Jeffery on her
birthday in 2005 but the news the new mother received were far from heartening
Shepherd was just 25 weeks along in her pregnancy when she went into labor she
gave birth to a tiny 1 pound 10 ounce baby
for whom doctors held out little hope but Sheppard who is a devout Christian
refused to give in to despair doctors told Sherri Shepherd that her baby would
be paralyzed doctors told the frightened new mom that her son would be paralyzed
and unable to speak but 14 years later Jeffery has proved them dead wrong he is
a very mobile affectionate and lively teen albeit with developmental delays
fans of the comedian were astounded when Sherri Shepherd suddenly dropped 25
pounds and displayed a gorgeous curvaceous figure Shepherd attributes
Jeffries near miraculous recovery to God’s direct intervention she describes
her son as having a knack for comedy and a yen for show business I said you’re
going to be a doc and he goes no mommy I have to make people laugh Shepherd
revealed apart from Jeffrey whom she shares with actor ex-husband Jeff
Tarpley Shepherd has a child born by surrogate with second husband TV writer
Lamar Sally the baby was born in 2014 after the couple separated and sally has
sole custody of the four year old named Lamar Sally Jr a Pennsylvania Court
ruled that Shepherd is the legal parent of the child in 2015 and she supports
her son financially but has no contact with him he’s on my health insurance
he’s got a life insurance policy in case anything happens to me he’ll be taken
care of the way Jeffrey her other son is I’ve just chosen to take myself out
because I think it’s worse for a child with two parents not getting along she
explained fans of the comedian were astounded when
sherri shepherd suddenly dropped 25 pounds and displayed a gorgeous
curvaceous figure shepard reveals that her son jeffrey triggered the
transformation when he saw her eating a candy bar mommy if you die who’s gonna
be my bodyguard who’s gonna take care of me if you die and that’s when i went
cold turkey and stopped sugar because boys need their mamas she recalled
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