I want to talk about two things about 2 things,
and that is who Jesus is, and the coming of the Messiah. Because today we want to understand
that the door of the rapture is open and today we can walk into that door because the time
is at hand, the time is very near. Now who is Jesus? This is the thing that a lot of
people wondering at this time because a lot of people don’t really know who Jesus is.
But who is Jesus? We know about Jesus of the Bible who lived 2000 years ago and we know
about that Jesus, and we know about something he did and then we go about our own life today
and we just continue to live as we do and have fun and whatever, but then every so often
the topic of Jesus comes up. And people they get defensive and offensive about the name
of Jesus so much so that some people don’t want to have the name of Jesus in their organisation. So we get the army in the US saying they cannot
use the name of Jesus there. And we have places in the public where it is not allowed to use
the name of Jesus. In law courts is not allowed to use the name of Jesus. So obviously there’s
something about Jesus. Now who is this Jesus? Who is the Jesus that they don’t like you
to speak his name? Let us think about Jesus on the cross all those years ago hallelujah.
That Jesus what did he do? He was crucified on the cross and everybody knows about the
story, but does anybody know that that same Jesus is alive today! And he is risen today.
Does anybody know that hallelujah. That’s the thing dear friends, we have to start to
understand who the real Jesus is. Is he just a fictional character or is he the real son
of God like he claims in the Bible. And there is only one way to find out that means that
we would have to meet this Jesus today if he really existed. If he really is the son
of God like he says he is, and he really is that the only way to heaven like he says he
is in John chapter 3, then he must be around today otherwise are we believing in vain?
I see plenty of churches that believe in Jesus but some of their pastors go off to other
religions at times. They say all along I never really believed, and I realize it was all
just fake and just went off to Islam or something like that. Clearly they didn’t know who Jesus
was. But then every so often someone comes along and he says hey this Jesus look what
he did for me! And they come along and that they show healings from Jesus that couldn’t
have happened any other way. They show a freedom from sin and a change of life from this Jesus
that couldn’t have happened any other way. And then I come along and I say I got on my
knees and I sought this Jesus and then he came into my life and he set me free from
sin and healed me and helped me. So people say did you really find Jesus of Nazareth?
And I say yes indeed. And that’s why I want to talk about who Jesus is today because he’s
not just a character from the Bible that was in 1AD. Jesus is alive now and since he’s
alive now we can realize what he stands for, because there’s the truth written of what
Jesus stands for. And we can understand today what really is salvation, what is the gospel
of Jesus Christ. Now we can read about the gospel and I can
read from Acts chapter 8 where there was an eunuch and Philip was brought by the power
of the Lord to the chariot and he was running along beside the chariot in the eunuch was
reading out of the Scriptures and wondering what was this man that the prophet was talking
about when he was reading from Isaiah about “giving himself for a sacrifice and and and
his blood for atonement of sin”… something to that effect. And the eunuch was wondering
who was he talking about? Himself or somebody else? And so Philip got in the chariot with
him and he told him about the good new of Jesus dying for the sins of the world and
being risen again hallelujah. And then Jesus saying go believe and get baptized in my name
and you’ll be saved. So the eunuch said to Philip, here is some water why can’t I be
baptized now? And so Philip baptized him and as he came out of the water, Philip was taken
away by the spirit of God and the eunuch went on his way rejoicing. He had found Jesus praise
the Lord. Now when I say who is Jesus, I start thinking spiritually here because we must
remember something dear friends is that Jesus rose from the dead and he rose into the new
body because God is Spirit and so from now on the Lord Jesus reveals himself to us in
Spirit and in the flesh by the change of our hearts and by forgiving us and having that
load fall off our shoulders when we repeat. Before we go any further we must understand
one thing is that is that Jesus said these words which are very true; he said that nobody
can enter the kingdom of heaven unless they become born-again. Nobody. He said they must
be born of the spirit and of water to enter the kingdom of God. And Nicodemus said how
can that be how can a man go back into the womb and be born again. Jesus said you do not understanding yet I
tell you things so simply. He said anybody who believes upon the Son of Man shall never
taste death but pass from death to life. He says that all who believe upon the name of
the Son of Man, the name of Jesus Christ, will be saved. And this gospel Jesus said
to preach throughout the world and Jesus said in the end of Matthew, he said those who believe
this gospel and are baptized will be saved. Those who disbelieve will be condemned. And
so this wonderful Jesus is about a reality. Jesus said those who obey me and follow me
I will give them my holy spirit and I shall lead you until the end. I shall not leave
you orphans but I shall give you my Spirit to those who believe, to those who are my
followers. And then I come across a lot of people they say well I believe and I’m sure
you do but they go on in their sin and they live like the devil, and they say that they’re
saved by the grace of the Lord. And I say well it’s true that you don’t believe because
if you really believed who Jesus was, you would be falling on your knees before him
and repenting and seeking to know him because Jesus is alive now. When he rose from the
dead as the attainment of your sins and then he rose into the kingdom of heaven and sent
the Holy Spirit and then he comes to dwell in us as we are temples of God hallelujah,
it is then that we become children of God and it is those who truly believe who can
have this happen to them. Do you truly believe today. Do you truly realize that Jesus is
who he and Jesus is alive now. He speaks when you go and want to speak to him and you go
and seek him and repent, he will communicate with you he will speak with you and that that’s
the reality of Jesus today hallelujah. Now we can read that again from John chapter 3
when Jesus said that; nobody can enter the kingdom of heaven unless you become born-again.
He said those who believe upon my name, Jesus Christ, will never perish. That is what Jesus
said in John chapter 3. so dear friends who is Jesus? Jesus is made a very clear who he
is. He is the Messiah, so the Messiah is coming and we’re here prepare the way of the coming
for the Messiah, because he’s coming back for all those who believe in him. So we know
who Jesus is because he’s already died for us and he’s already risen from the dead and
is already there for us to get on our knees and pray to him and ask him to forgive us
and experience his peace, now we got to get on our knees and repent and make sure we are
following him, because the Messiah is coming and if we’re not ready following the Messiah,
then how can we step into the door of the rapture, the door of the return of the King?
Just ain’t happening. Now there are two messages today that were
not around so long ago and those two messages are; Jesus is Lord of 2013, and the second
message is that the Messiah is coming are you ready! You cannot enter the into the coming
of the Lord nor the kingdom of heaven nor can you be born again, if you do not go to
Jesus on your knees. People say, “How can I be ready for the Messiah how can I enter
the rapture”. And they worry and they fear about all these things but friends we got
to realize what our salvation is. Our salvation is Jesus Christ. So let us trust him today.
Let us realize what he did because he died on the cross for us and he made the way that
if we believe, if we only believe and turn to him, we will get to know him and he will
give us his spirit. That’s the wonderful thing that we can realize today is that when we
believe the Lord will give us his spirit and he will help us walk on the narrow way praise
the Lord. Anybody who is a changed believer in Jesus has a changed life. They no longer
want to do their sin anymore. They are like Mary Magdalene who received the mercy of Jesus
and the forgiveness of her prostitution or adultery whatever it was, and she got the
forgiveness of it and she was so grateful to the Lord. Jesus said go sin no more. Now
some of those people could’ve gone often and sinned more and Jesus said to some of the
people he healed that if you go and sin, a worse thing will happen to you. But Mary Magdalena
didn’t go on and continue in adultery, she completely became a follower of Jesus and
she continued to follow Jesus from that very day and she became one of the disciple and
she continued to witness for Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth until she died as
is recorded. So we know dear friends that Mary Magdalene was a true believer of Jesus
Christ and she was the one who was interested in listening to the Messiah turning from her
sins and she became a new person in a new creation. Then we have a apostle Peter who
denied Christ and things like this and then when Christ died and was risen again, that
is when they changed and came to a new life and they were no longer their old way. Their
old way of having Satan work in them. Jesus said to Peter; get out get away from me satan. You see once Jesus rose again that’s when
the power of the gospel came into effect, and that’s when Peter got freed from sin at
that very point. He was sanctified up until that point just like Abraham was, like David
was, but he was still a sinner. But after Jesus died and rose again the power of the
gospel became real on this earth and this is the power that you will experience if you
go to the Lord. And that’s the way we prepare for the coming of the Messiah, is by going
to Jesus are realizing him who he is because he’s the Lord. He is the Messiah and if you
believe on him who you will become born-again and you will never perish. You know Jesus
is the son of God, there’s no other way to heaven. There is only one way and if you believe
upon him you realize who he is, you’re going to get set free from sin too. And that’s what
Jesus did for me, he set me free from my evil paths. Now I used to walk in many paths. I
was like Peter before the cross. I used to deny Jesus. I used to go on in the world.
I use to carry out my following of the devil like Peter did and I had lots of questions
and didn’t understand Jesus. I was like Peter was before the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
But then I came on my knees before the Lord because he’s resurrected Jesus of 2013, and
I sought him and he came into my life and that’s when I got changed just like Peter
was changed and Peter got filled with the Holy Spirit and the Lord gave me the Holy
Spirit, and he led Peter and that’s how he leads people because he is risen and is here
now. So we are in the age where if you cry out
to Jesus the Messiah, this is the gospel, you cry out to the Messiah and that means
you believe on him, and you repent which means you’re believing on him, that means you are
going to become a changed person. If you really realize that hey Jesus is alive now he’s alive
today, he is the same Jesus that rose from the dead and he’s already forgiven your sins
on the cross. So what we need to do today is we need to repent and turn from our sins
and get ready for the Lord. And this is what it is dear friends. It’s about turning ourselves
over to the Lord Jesus Christ, and realizing who he is today because he is alive today
and he is here to bring us into his holy Kingdom. But you see many people they don’t understand
Jesus. They don’t know that he’s alive today. They might go to church but they don’t realize
that Jesus speaks back to you if you seek him. If we seek the Lord he will come into
our lives hallelujah and we will be able to enter into his kingdom. We will have the freedom
from sin in our life today not tomorrow today, and we will have the way of Jesus come into
us today and when Jesus comes into us, then we no longer have to continue doing our evil,
and that he will change us from the inside out praise the Lord. And that’s why Jesus
said in the end of Mark and end of Matthew, he said to go into all the world and preach
the good news to all creation, everybody who believes and who repent and to everyone who
believes and is baptized will be saved, and that he who disbelieve will be condemned.
That is the truth. That is how it is friends. Jesus is the only way to the kingdom of heaven.
He is the only way to get free from sin. He is the only way to get right with God and
get to know the Lord because he is the only way to the father. He is the same Jesus of
2013, the same Jesus of 1AD. The risen Jesus is here and now. He’s alive now. He is with us now. So I’m
trying to get you to see that if you would only get on your knees and realize that Jesus
is here right now, is that you’re going to find him. You’re going to find that peace
and find that wonderful new way come into your spirit because Jesus is going to come
into your life hallelujah praise the Lord. And this is what we want friends. We want
Jesus to come into our lives and to change us from the inside out and fill us with his
Holy Spirit hallelujah. He is the only way, he is the life and if you dedicate yourself
to him and find him you’ll never looked back. You will just have the wonderful reality of
Jesus with you and he’s going to lead you and guide you all the days of your life, and
you just dedicate yourself to him. That is how your ready for the rapture. That’s how
you step into the door of the rapture because you are a follower of Jesus hallelujah. But
instead people they go around complaining and fearful and doubting and wondering if
Jesus even exists. How are they ready for the rapture? Friends we got to realize that
Jesus is the gospel. We got to realize that what he said was true when he said that all
who believe on me shall pass from death to life. How hard is that? How hard it is to
believe Jesus if you believe he said that. If you believed he is who he is, he is the
Messiah. How hard is it to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. If you would only believe
that today you would get on your knees and accept it hallelujah, and that’s what I’m
trying to point you to is that Jesus was not just the Messiah and then he died and disappeared
and 2000 years later in 2013 we just live in a scientific world and people govern their
own life. No, that life didn’t set me free from sin. That life didn’t give me peace.
That life didn’t heal me, that life didn’t help me when I pray. My prayers when I close
my eyes and I speak to the Lord I can feel like I am communicating with God. As when I was religious in my sin, I close
my eyes and prayed and felt God didn’t hear, because he didn’t hear. And we know that God
doesn’t hear the prayers of sinners but he hears the prayers of those who repent and
they seek to obey the Lord Jesus Christ. So that’s what we’re here to do today is to realize
that Jesus is real. Jesus is the one who set me free and is the one who is going to set
you free if you would only realize who he is, and if you realize that he is indeed the
only way to heaven, he is the Messiah, he is the one who will give the Holy Spirit,
he is the one that everything you hear about him in the Bible applies for today because
he didn’t die and disappear. He is not just a myth that disappeared and it was a good
story let us close the bible and… get back to life. No people who do that never find
Jesus. Dear friend we just got to focus on the Lord praise the Lord. And focus on him
so that we don’t end up being cast out and end up in the darkness. I often talk to a
whole lot of people who don’t know who Jesus is. They don’t know him. They think he is
religion they don’t realize he is alive today, and I tell them that Jesus has set me free
from sin he gave me new way and they cannot believe that. They think that Jesus died 2000
years ago he went to heaven and that is it, finished. Now we just live in the scientific
world of 2013. but that’s not true that is a lie, because if that was the case why would
Jesus have come into my life when I prayed and asked him to come into my life and when
I asked him to know me. Why would he answer me back? If Jesus wasn’t real why would he
answer me back? You tell me that now. If he wasn’t real why wouldn’t he give me peace?
Why would I have peace when Jesus came into my life? Why would a load of weight fall of
my shoulders of sin if Jesus wasn’t real and was just a myth. Dear friends we go start
to realize something today, and that is Jesus is not religion, he is not just a church character,
he is not just in the Bible where you open the Bible read about him for a little while
and just close the Bible. He is not just a movie where you see him in the movies and
then you just go home and you go about your own life in 2013. that’s not who Jesus is.
Jesus is the Messiah and the Messiah is coming back, and if you’re not ready for when he
returns then you’re going to be in big trouble, big trouble. We can already see the judgment
of God coming upon the nations, for the last 10 years. We’ve seen things like massive earthquake
a huge increase in earthquakes. Jesus said that the birth pains would increase right
before he returns which we’re seeing. Earthquakes have been really close together now in large
frequencies and higher grade. We are seeing a whole lot of typhoons hurricanes
and and floods and fire worldwide. We have seen animal deaths worldwide, mass animal
deaths. We have seen problems beginning. We can see a lot of problems friends and all
these problems are caused by us not willing to realize that Jesus is who he is and we
are just going on in sin, and I’m here to tell you today that if you keep going on in
sin, you are not going to be ready for the Messiah. And when Jesus comes back and he
will do indeed you will not be ready. You will certainly not go with him. So the way
is to step into the door of the rapture that the messiah has opened, today. The door is
open the Ark is open and the Lord is saying come up here and be ready. The way to get
into that door is to turn away from your sins and to seek the Lord and realize that he said
what was true. He said I am the only way to life. He said if you believe on my name you
will never perish. You will pass from death to life. Is that not wonderful! The wonderful
gospel. Jesus said that you will pass from death to life if you believe upon my name.
He said if my people humble themselves and repent and turn to me I will forgive their
sin says the Lord and wash away their iniquity. I will forgive them. That’s what Jesus said,
he will forgive you if you turn away from your sins and repent. Is not that wonderful
hallelujah. That’s what the Lord Jesus is calling us to do today is to turn away from
our sins and to turn to him and believe upon his name and there is no use you saying I
believe in Jesus Christ and yet we go and commit sexual sin we live in the world and
you continue to follow the ways of the world… that’s not believing in Jesus. If you really
believe the mighty Messiah was really is who he is and really went through so much trouble
and pain on the cross for you, why would you live that way? It proves you don’t know him.
It proves you do not believe in him. If you continue to say I will always sin and it is
alright and Jesus will forgive me, it proves that you don’t realize that Jesus went through
a terrible death for you on the cross so that you could be forgiven. It proves that you just don’t understand that.
Well I got news for you that Jesus Christ went through a terrible painful death on the
cross and he did it for your sins and so if you do anything else but not repent that means
you’re obvious not believing that. But it’s time to realize friends that Jesus died a
terrible death for us. Just imagined me going along to you today and getting a bit nail
and driving it through your feet and then getting a whip with metal on it then slashing
you with it until you’ve got your flesh dripping with blood. I could not imagine how painful
that would be. Can you imagine getting a nail and driving through your hand and then hanging
on that nail and having it rip through your flesh even more with your body weight? Can
you imagine nailing yourself to a structure and then having someone grab that structure
and shake it and throw upright and crash it into a hole? And it shakes around and pulls
all your loose flesh because the nail is ripping into your bones because it is through your
hands and feet? Can you imagine the pain of your feet and hands of something just a huge
thick mail going straight through them in the bone and your like rattling around there
in the wind? Can you imagine how horrible to die! It would take hours and hours to die
that way, because you haven’t hit any lethal organs. You would be hanging there and feeling
so sick and feeling so terrible and full of pain and hours and hours of agony would seem
like eternity and then finally you die by the grace of God you might finally die after
who knows how long. That’s what Jesus did for us, and you say: I am always a sinner
Jesus forgives me… but you don’t even realize that Jesus did that for you. Now Mary Magdalene
realised that and she left her sins and she became a new person and she just followed
Jesus and preached the gospel. Paul realised that when Jesus appeared to him on the road
to Damascus and he turned away from his sins and Paul stopped following sin and he started
to follow Jesus and he just preached the gospel and Paul said that he continued to crucify
the flesh daily so that he wouldn’t be disqualified because of the wonderful thing that Jesus
did for him and he got freed by the power of the cross from his old evil life. He became
a new person from the HEART. That is what will happen to you if you give yourselves
to the Lord, you are going to have a new way come into your life and you’re going to be
forgiven too, and you’re going to have a new heart. That’s what the Lord does because he
is the Messiah. We are here today to prepare for the coming of the Messiah because he is
coming soon. Very soon. And that’s the message. The Lord has been warning in the last few
years, if you haven’t heard yet already, that the Messiah is coming be ready or you’ll be
left behind. And if you haven’t listened to that and you’re listening to this today for
the first time, well I want to tell you one thing is that if you believe on Jesus and
you give your life to him today and you become serious about what he did for you, he is going
to come into your life, he is going to start making you worthy to entered the wedding feast
of the Lamb coming soon. What’s going to happen is the Lord is going to descend from heaven
with a shout, he is going to bring up the dead who died in Christ from the grave, and
he is going to bring up those who are left to alive to be with him and they’ll be with
him for ever more. And so the Lord is coming are you ready? That’s the message is that
Jesus is who he is and the Messiah is coming are you ready. Do you believe in who Jesus
is? Do you realize that he is alive now and he is who he is NOW. If you can believe that
NOW then you’re going to be ready for the Messiah when he comes. You know that means
we don’t just go back to our old life again rather we get on our knees we start praying
we start repenting we start turning away from our sin and start asking Jesus to help us
to follow him, and what happens is the power of God will come upon you and then you’ll
be able to walk on that narrow way into the kingdom of heaven. And then when the Messiah
returns he is is going to take his people to be with him from the earth, then he is
going to take you also. That is how we step into the door. We step into the door of the
rapture by turning from our doubt, realizing that Jesus is who he is, realizing that when
you believe on Jesus, he is going to come into your life so you better start seeking
him now, and then you’re going to be filled with his spirit and you go and get baptized
in his name and you are sealed into the kingdom of heaven. So you must continue to follow
him all the way and what happens is the Messiah will come and he will take you to be with
him. But there will be some trials and some troubles and tribulations before that day
because the Lord will refine our faith for that day but right up until that day we got
to be ready, we got to be serious because he’s about to come back and I tell you the
time now is very very near hallelujah. So if you want to be ready then you’ve got to
seek the Lord on your knees today friends and realize that he is the Lord of 2013. and
he is the Messiah and the Messiah is coming back. Are you ready? And he’s coming back
any day now. Today could be the day. It is soon I tell you friends it is so soon.
We’re living right at the very last second of the coming of the Messiah. And after that
it will be too late for you when the Messiah comes and closes heaven off and you get left
behind in the world because you didn’t really believe in Jesus for real. It is going to
be absolutely too late. You are going to cry and you are going to scream, but that will
be it. The door will be shut. And so the door of the coming of the Messiah is open today.
It is open today. But I don’t know if it’s going to be open tomorrow. I don’t know if
it is going to be open on the next day friends. All I know friends is it is open today and
we must be ready for Jesus today hallelujah amen. We got to be ready today. The call,
and that’s what I’m announcing today is that the Messiah is coming let us prepare the way
to meet him. And let us not be left behind. In 2009 the Holy Spirit started speaking through
a brother. He started to pray in tongues. He started to pray in his own language and
he had the power of the Holy Spirit come over him and as he was lying in his bed he was
praising God in another tongue and then it came into his mother language into his Romanian
language and then in this language the Lord spoke through him saying; come to me people
the time is now. He was saying; separate from the world be separate. He said come to me
my children separate from the world be separate or you’ll be left behind, or you’ll be left
behind. And that’s what he was given through the Holy Spirit to speak. I am coming soon
says the Lord. I am coming soon. That’s what Jesus said. I am coming soon. That is the
message today that you must be ready or the return of the King and realize that Jesus
is the Messiah as he said he was. And if you really believe that he is who he said he was,
then you’re going to come into a new way into your heart. A new way to your spirit. The Lord is going to forgive your sins. He
will wipe away all your evil as far as the east is from the west. He will not remember
your sins against you and then that is if you turn to him if you repent. And repent
means we could decide to turn away from our sin. Many people are willing to go to Jesus
but are not willing to turn from sin and so they become like the hearers of the word who
had the seed land on the stony ground and they believed the word and heard the good
news of the gospel and then they believed it with joy but then when their roots grew
into the soil it was stoney and when the sun came up the seed shriveled up and died. They
are the people who don’t have roots in the faith and they don’t really truly want to
believe in Jesus once the trouble comes their way because they still want to live in the
world. Your mind must be totally geared to Jesus from now on. If you’re still on the
edge wondering if you want to continue in your sin and the world, you are not ready
you’re not worthy of the kingdom. And if you’re the seed that landed on the weedy ground where
the seed grew and grew up but the weeds grew up as well; the cares of life the lust of
the eyes and the pride of life and of the cares of this world choked out the seed and
it died. That is the person who heard the word who believe the word who believed the
gospel but as Jesus said the cares of life choked out his gospel. You know friends we
got to be serious today and we got to start to realize that there is only one truth and
that is the truth of turning from our sin and believing upon the real gospel of Jesus
Christ hallelujah. And that’s what we’re going to do. We are here to believe upon the real
gospel of Jesus Christ and turn from our sin and obey the Lord amen. The Messiah is coming
friends are you ready?…