COMM: In Fort Worth, Texas, nurse Taylor Williams and her husband have an unusual but adorable pet duo. COMM: Prince the prairie dog and Banksy the Alsatian were first introduced in April of last year. COMM: And although they vary hugely in size, the two pets struck up a bond immediately. COMM: Despite what the name may conjure up in most people’s minds, prairie dogs are
not in fact canines, but a type of rodent native to central and western North America. COMM: They were given their names from settlers who were travelling across America and thought
their noises sounded similar to dog’s barking. COMM: Unlike prairie dogs in the wild, Prince enjoys snuggling with Banksy and his owners
in front of the telly and has even reached new heights onboard two flights
across the US with Taylor. COMM: And although this energetic rodent may mean well, sometimes it can be too much for
gentle Alsatian Banksy who is both older and bigger, but has to put up with Prince’s
non-stop energy and even the occasional nip. COMM: Now at one year old, owner Taylor has never looked back on getting this loveable
prairie dog to join her animal brood.