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you further ado let’s get into this and it goes like this
Pope’s go-to interviewer now claims Francis denies Jesus bodily resurrection
Wow if this is actually true this is huge
this is heresy now this is alleged now very much alleged but from the things
that I’ve read as far as this interviewer is concerned it’s the same
interview where the Pope goes to over and over and over and this isn’t the
first controversial thing that this Pope has actually said that brings people of
the Catholic faith and believing that he’s a good leader into question and
he’s never been quite adamant and deliberate about Amy denials and
especially this one as will you’ll see Rome starting with the article Rome
November 7 2019 from life site news Pope Francis favorite Italian the
interviewer Scalf re is now claiming that the Pope told him that Jesus did
not have bodily resurrection after his passion and death on the cross
but that the man disappeared and he came forth from the tomb in a semblance of a
spirit Wow Wow that’s huge because the whole
fundamental principle of the Christian faith whether it be Protestant Catholic
Lutheran Baptist whatever it is is the fact that Jesus raised his physical body
from the dead after he was crucified and the Pope is basically saying no that
didn’t happen it was a semblance of a spirit that’s a heretic
that’s what heretics say because that’s the fundamental principle of the
Christian faith that is insane I can’t believe if this is true this is
insane because we are actually saying that the leader of the Catholic Church a
division or a denomination of Christian of Christianity is basically telling
everyone in that church from top to bottom that Jesus Christ didn’t actually
resurrect his body his physical body but he just came back any semblance of a
spirit Wow and the reason why this is so important and fundamental truths as far
as Christianity is concerned is I’m going to hop over here to CNS news and
they actually did the article as well and I read this one too but they
actually quoted some Bible verses and this is why it’s important that the Pope
if he’s saying this how how devastating he could be for the Catholic Church in
the Gospel of John chapter 20 verses 24 through 29 it says that after the
resurrection Jesus came and stood among them and said peace be with you then he
said to Thomas remember doubting Thomas put your finger here see my hands reach
out your hand and put it into my side stop doubting and believe Thomas said to
him my Lord and my god then Jesus told him because you have seen me you have
believed blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed
that’s a very important selection of passage in Scripture that actually
contradicts what the Pope is saying he physically put his finger where he was
stabbed in the side he had Thomas feel his hand where the nails were put or in
his wrists wherever the case may be there was another verse here I wanted to
share with you from the cns website in addition to the gospel teaching about
Thomas John chapter 20 verse 19 through 21 says on the evening of that
Resurrection Day the first day of the week the doors being locked where the
disciples were for fear of the Jews Jesus came and stood among them and said
to them peace be with you when he had said this he showed them his hands and
his side then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord
so if you’re in a semblance of the spirit as the Pope is proclaiming okay a
spirit it’s not the same thing you’re showing someone your physical
wounds whether that be the nails in the wrist or the hands or the spear to the
side this is crazy stuff folks that this is if the Pope is actually saying this
stuff it is against every the basis of
Christianity is at stake here writing in the Italian daily LaBrie Polly Cana
on Tuesday Scalla fire-related the Pope Francis allegedly told him about the
resurrection of Jesus he was a man until he was placed in the tomb by two by the
women who recomposed his body that night in the tomb the man disappeared and came
forth from the grotto in a semblance of a spirit that met the women and the
apostles while still preserving the shadow of the person and then he
definitely disappeared this is crazy folks this is insane if he’s saying this
here’s another verse I want to this is something Paul said
to the Church of Corinth now the bodily resurrection of Christ from the dead is
a central tenant of the Christian faith it’s it’s the central tenant Paul told
the Corinthians that if Christ had not been raised our preaching is useless and
so is your faith this is Paul’s telling us if everything that we learned about
Jesus being resurrected from the dead isn’t true then everything else is false
and our entire faith collapses under herself basically we have a catholic
pope that says that exact thing where he saying he’s not bali raised
it’s the semblance of a spirit therefore what’s the point of believing in
anything and the article continues last month’s caliph re claimed that pope
francis had denied the divinity of jesus Scalla fari claimed that the pope
conceived christ as Jesus of Nazareth a man not God incarnate once incarnated
Jesus ceased to be God and became a man until his death on the cross so this is
part two this isn’t even just about the resurrection this is him
the Pope allegedly saying that Jesus Christ was not God he was not divine
that’s I can’t how did this guy last so long in the Catholic Church this goes
against even their doctrine if this is true what what happened to the Catholic
Church that this is even allowed how did this guy get to become Pope with this
kind of these thoughts with this logic continuing with the article the
journalist continued saying when I happen to discuss these phrases Pope
Francis told me they are the definite proof of Jesus of Nazareth once he
became a man even if he was a man of exceptional virtue was not God at all
woo this is huge if you’re if you’re a Catholic okay
and you’re having to come by this video you better start talking to your priests
or start writing some letters and getting some answers because I’ll tell
you what but this was the guy leading my church I
would be like what in the world is going on here in response to the scallop
re-interview comments the Vatican press office to issue a clarification and it
was this quote as already stated on other occasions the words that dr.
scallop re attributes in quotation marks to the Holy Father during conversations
with him cannot be considered as a faithful account of what has actually
been said but rather represent a personal and free interpretation of what
he has heard as in quite evident from what has been written today about the
divinity of Jesus Christ this is a very serious topic but when you’re watching
videos and reading a lot of articles and you know pay really close attention the
politicians you can kind of get when you’re getting the runaround
you know when words are trying to be twisted and kind of confusing so you
really can’t get our honest answer all the all the press office had to do was
come out and say the Pope adamantly denies these accusations these all these
you know quotes have been taken out of context or 100 cent wrong we absolutely
do believe Jesus Christ was raised from the dead in a bodily form and not in
this assemblance that he’s talking about but they didn’t do that that’s what
makes this all suspicious this is what gets people you know kind of worked up
and not sure about their leader the Pope I’m gonna finish up here with the
article last month after the claim about Pope Francis remarks on Christ as son of
God both Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano and
Cardinal Gerard Mueller called on the Pope to personally address California’s
claims quote Christians expect a clear answer from the Pope himself the thing
is too important it is essential yes I believe that Christ is the son of God
made man the only Savior and Lord Archbishop I gotta told LifeSite quote
all Christians await this clarification from him not from others and by virtue
of their baptism they have a right to have this response and he’s absolutely
right 100% they have a right to the response they need to know where the
leader of the Catholic church stands this is fundamental this
is if like I saw sheep saying if this is true about the catholic pope and he
sincerely believes those things that Scalf re said this is huge Wow
folks if you’re a Catholic I am NOT a Catholic but if you’re a Catholic I
would definitely do some research into this I would start demanding answers
because in all honesty if this is what he’s saying this undermines the entire
credibility of the Christian Church and if this Pope actually believes this he
needs to get booted out you need some clarification like now all right guys
that’s all I have for today I thought this is really really really fascinating
crazy stuff it’s all alleged because it’s just from this guy here Scalla fari
but he’s the same guy who says these kind of things but he keeps getting
invited back to interview the Pope over and over again and this isn’t his first
go-around with the guy or the first time he said things that are controversial
that quote-unquote the Pope said so without any further ado folks this is
all I have for today I hope you found this interesting I know I certainly did
this is huge not only for the Catholic Church but for Christianity itself all
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