Alright! Pokémon Tower! I’ve heard this is the perfect place to catch Ghost Pokés. Sure is. This place is like insanely evil and haunted. Haha! JK. Just have fun. But be careful. You don’t want to become a Ghost Pokémon yourself. (laughing maniacally) It happens. Bye! U-Um. E-Excuse me. W-Would anyone mind being captured? You killed me. (gasps) Who is- Oh, a Zubat. You drowned me. Remember? “Hang ten!” Oh yeah. You were terrible at Surf. Zubats can’t learn Surf! Well, not with that attitude. Murderer! (gasps) Bidoofs 1-16! I haven’t seen you guys since we- One Pokémon per Poké Ball. That’s how it works. You’re the worst Trainer ever. But I’m going to be the best. We’ve been waiting for you to come here. All the Pokémon whose lives you’ve ended. And you came back from beyond just to tell me that I shouldn’t feel bad and I should keep training. No! Give up! Go home! You were born to work in a deli. You tried to plug me in! AAAAHH!! Yeah, you’re an Electric type. That’s why you got all these wires. What?! I-I clearly am not! I’ve got a whole jellyfish thing going on. You washed me down the drain. Wow, you’re a muddy boy. Let’s get you cleaned up and see what’s under there. Bet it’s a Legendary Bird! I wasn’t. I wasn’t a Bird. Okay, I think I see what’s going on here: You all miss me. Let’s kill him! AAAAAAHHH!!! Stop! Whoa, Grandpa Crispin?! Bu-But you’re dea- Oh right, the Ghost thing. I know you’re all upset, but Rusty is a good boy. Sure, he’s made mistakes, but he’s 10. He’s barely old enough to smoke. It’s our job as denizens of the afterlife to guide him and help him become a better Aw geez, goddamn. Really? Wow, a Ghost/Grandpa type. I am never going to use this.