More Than Dreams The Story of Mohammed While certain details have been altered for the sake of dramatization, the following true story has been carefully researched for authenticity and is presented as it happened. According to our customs as Fulani
people, since I was the youngest… … I was the first to rise early in the
morning to perform my daily duties. I would start a fire for the cattle
to keep the flies away… … and then bid my parents good morning. Next, I would milk the cows, then
release the calves to their mothers… … and take them out to graze. It is the duty of every
son to graze the cows. Any Fulani boy who does not graze the
family herd is considered useless. This was my vocation. Right from childhood, I loved
my father very much. I loved to do everything he did, and even
when he prayed, I prayed along with him. I was determined to please
my father and God. This determination grew as I became older. TEN YEARS LATER Baba, I am so blessed
to have a father like you. You have given me
everything a son could ask for. But there is one thing
I must ask you. What is your request, my son? I wish to get a proper education. I’d like to attend an Arabic
school to learn about the Quran. I hope you won’t deny me this request. Is there anything bothering you? No, Baba. Well, your request pleases me very much. I will send you to Bauchi to attend
Sheik Ibrahim’s school. Yes, Baba . May Allah help you and
may his peace guide you. Amen Go, my son, and get ready. Thank you, Baba.
I’ll see you later. For three years, I studied the Quran
in Bauchi at the home of the Sheik. I was not the only one there;
there were other students as well. We learned the fundamentals and
life applications of the Islamic religion. From there, I went to Gombe and spent
two years learning more about Islam… … and how to interpret the Quran. I then spent two years in Maiduguri
continuing with my studies of the Quran. By the time I got to Zaria,
I was reading and writing Arabic. I spent one year in Zaria to
advance further in Quranic studies. At this time, I was twenty-two years old. I began looking for a way to go to Saudi
Arabia for yet more advanced studies. It was at this time that
my father sent for me. (Rooster Crows ) He thought it best that I stay home
while we looked for the means… … to send me to school in Saudi Arabia. He told me it would be better for me to get
married before leaving for another country. That’s why I came home
and didn’t travel anymore I spent a year at home, during which
time I went back to being a herdsman. (Praying) I became the spiritual leader
and teacher at home. One day, after grazing the cattle and saying our
evening prayers, we settled down for supper. My father expressed his concern
that I wasn’t yet married. But I felt the best plan was for
me to go to Saudi Arabia… … and finish my Islamic
studies before getting married. What about your wives?
What do we do with them? Baba, you know I’m not married yet. Indeed, but isn’t it Allah’s will
that a man should marry? Indeed, it is. Are you then refusing to do his will? No, Baba. I want to know
Allah more intimately. That is the desire of my heart. I cannot fault you for
this decision, my son. But Saudi Arabia is very far away… … and you mother is afraid
you will never return. Anyway, let’s talk about it
more in the morning, alright? (Growling Sounds) (Growling and Howling Sounds) Help! Help! I could not go back to
sleep after that dream. I sat on my bed until daybreak. I thought about telling my father about
the dream, but decided against it. That morning, I didn’t go
anywhere, I rested at home. After evening prayers, we sat down to
supper, chatting as we normally do. Later, everyone went to bed. No sooner had I fallen asleep,
than I had a second dream. (Howling and Growling Sounds) Man: My son, what are you doing here? I don’t know. Man: Shall I take you home? (Birds Chirping) Man: I love you, my son. When I had the second
dream, I wasn’t afraid. I didn’t break out in a sweat
like I did in the first dream. I wondered who the
man in my dream was. Why did he rescue me and why
was he telling me these things? I decided to tell my
father about the dream. So I got up, went to my father,
and explained the dream to him. His reaction was swift. Get yourself ready. We’re
going to the native doctor. -Baba, do you have kola nuts?
-Yes, I have one here. Here you go. Native Doctor: (Chants) Take one of the pieces. Baba, your son is under
the spell of witches! Really? In two more days, they
would have killed him. It’s a good thing you
brought him to me. I’ll deal with them. Do you see this?
Rub it on his head… … at bed time. Then grind this and use it as
incense in his room at night. God willing, it will ward off the
dreams and he won’t have them again. The dreams will never return? They will never return! Never! Good. -That’s it.
-That’s it? -Yes.
-Thank you. Goodbye. Baba… Baba… What is it? -I had another dream.
-What happened? I was about to walk into a big hole
when evil spirits came to me. One of them had long fangs and claws… … and he told me to jump over
the hole, or a lion would kill me. I was about to jump over the hole,
when the man in white appeared. The man in white? Yes, the one who helped
me in the other dream. What did he do for you? He asked me if I was going
home, and I said yes. Then he said if I wanted
his help, and I said yes. Then he stretched his leg over
the hole, and the hole sealed up. He took me home. He told me
he loved me, and then he left. And the evil spirits? When they saw him,
they disappeared. Go to sleep now.
The dream is over. Baba, I’m still afraid. .Why are you afraid
of a dream, my son? This is not just a dream, Baba. Keep using the medicine man’s potion. If the dreams return, we’ll go see another
medicine man tomorrow in Sokoto. Okay? Now, go to bed. The following night,
I had another dream. I continued to have dreams
six nights in a row. The man dressed in
shining robes of white… … was standing and defending
me from every attack of the devil. He would speak to me at the end of each
dream and say, “I love you, my son… … I love you, my son. I love you.” It was then I realized that the man
in the dream was the Prophet Isa… … the one whom the
Christians call “Jesus Christ.” After that, I had the
seventh and final dream. (Birds Chirping) Jesus: What are you reading, my son? I don’t understand it. Would you like my help? Yes, I’d like that. Mohammed, this book is from God. It contains the very Word of God. All of these verses are God’s Word. “Come to me all you who
are weary and heavy laden… … and I will give you rest… … Take my yoke upon you
and learn from me… … for I am meek and humble of heart,
and in me you will find rest.” Have you ever heard of the way,
the truth, and the life? I’ve never heard. I am the way, I am the truth,
and I am also the life. No one can come to the
Father except though me. Who are you? You know me as the Prophet Isa. I have come to give you eternal life. If you accept me as your Lord and Saviour,
you will become a child of God. Does God have children? God’s children are born from
His Spirit, not from the flesh. Do you believe in God? Yes, I believe in God. Believe also in me. In this world, you will have
many trials, but rejoice. I have overcome the world. Would you like to receive me? Yes, I will receive you. That morning, I decided to visit a
Christian man in a neighbouring village. His name was Jonathan. I wanted to share my worries with him
because I knew he was a good man… … and I felt I could trust him. Jonathan listened to
all I wanted to tell him. Afterward, he went to Bauchi
to see a preacher there. This man was familiar
with Jonathan’s village… … because he visited there
every Sunday to preach. As I was saying, pastor, I’ll go get
Mohammed and we’ll meet you here. (Women Chatting) -Greetings, Pastor.
-Welcome back, Jonathan. I brought Mohammed with me. You’re welcome Mohammed. Greetings, Pastor. Your friend, Jonathan, has told
me about your dreams. I’d like to hear you
tell me about it. Indeed, pastor. I have had
some frightening dreams. People dressed in back have been
tormenting me in my dreams. But in one dream, a man
dressed in white came to me. He told me he is the Prophet Isa. He said he is the true way, and there is
no other way except though him. And then, he asked me to accept him. I told the preacher everything
I had told Jonathan… … everything that had happened
to me in my dreams. Immediately, he urged me to not waste more time,
but accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Now, will you accept the invitation made to
you in the dream and put your faith in him? If so, let me lead you in a
prayer to help you find peace. Say: “I, Mohammed… … receive Isa… … as my Lord and Saviour… They led me in a simple prayer,
and I asked forgiveness for my sins. I accepted Jesus Christ
as my Lord and Saviour.” After I opened my eyes, I felt a joy
and peace I’d never felt before. All my fears and anxieties were gone. All that remained was peace and joy. Suddenly, I felt God’s Spirit leading
me to go home and tell my family… … about the grace God had given
me, and all He had done in my life. Now, I must be dreaming!
My son has become a Christian? So, my Muslim son
has become an infidel! Someone wake me up!
I won’t allow it! (Praying) A week later, my father summoned
me to find out what had happened. He noticed I was reading the Bible,
and no longer attended mosque. Nothing like this has ever happened in our
family before, and will never happen again! You have two options – deny
Jesus or leave this house forever! You are my father. I love and honor you and would
never do anything to hurt you. But I will continue in what I know is true. I will continue being a Christian until
Jesus comes to show me where to go. When my father saw that I was
determined in my course… … he incited all my relatives
to treat me as a pariah. Several months went by. Take this and drink it. Baba, will you really
give me poison to drink? Just drink it! May I ask you a favour? What is it? Allow me to pray. No! Well… if you want to pray, go ahead. Just drink it. Prophet Isa, I am drinking this
poison because of you. My life is in your hands. Go and lie down. My father and relatives
conferred and agreed… … that once I had died they
would throw my body in a river. They were all waiting for me to die,
but I went in and slept. Nothing happened to me. Later, I woke up feeling nauseous. I ran outside and vomited. Then I went back to my room and
slept deeply. Nothing happened to me. The next morning, I was the
first to greet my father! But he was very sad
that I had not died. He immediately filed a report with
the Islamic community inciting them… … to arrest the people who had
influenced me to become a Christian. The chief magistrate passed a verdict:
I was to be shot with a gun and killed. You all know the decisions that
have been made regarding my son. When my father returned that night, he
gathered our relatives and gave instructions… … that I must be banished in the morning. He also wanted to
make sure of one thing. I want you to go to that forest
and make sure you stop him! Do you hear me?
Put an end to him! Okay, Baba. Go and live with whomever you wish! But as for me, you will
never live with me again! Now, leave! Leave! Give me those trousers and shoes! Go! Let’s go. Ahhh!! I fell on the ground writhing in
pain from the arrow that hit me. The pain was so intense,
I nearly passed out. I knew I had to remove
the arrow from my hip. It was a poisonous arrow, and
if I didn’t get it out right away… … it would have killed me. When I removed it, I was
bleeding from my wounds. Then God sent me help in the form of
a hunter from Jonathan’s village. He was hunting near my house. He knew about me and
the persecutions I faced. He knew about the problems between
me, my parents, and the entire family. He carried me to the main road,
and he put me by the roadside. As soon as we got there,
a motorist arrived… … who took me to an expensive hospital
called Rimi Clinic where I was operated on. The Christians in Jonathan’s
village paid my hospital bills. I stayed there for one month convalescing. After that, I lived in Jonathan’s
village for a year and a half. When my father found out where I was
he reported it to the Sharia court. I spent six months in prison. Then I was released and sent
home with a police escort. As soon as I got home, my father gathered
the villagers and encouraged them… … to be nice to me and treat me well so that
I would forget about being a Christian. Not only that, as a reward for leaving Christ,
he promised to give me back my cattle… … and pay the bride
price for three wives. He also promised to
put the past behind us. For seven months,
I cared for the cattle. My relatives thought things
were back to normal. But I knew that my faith was slowly dying. I realized that my father and my relatives
were trying to separate me from God… … and that I had to make a firm decision. Come in. -Good morning, Baba.
-Good morning. Sit over there. I’d like to talk to you about the
woman you’re going to marry. I have finished all the preparations. Baba, I want to thank you
for all you’ve done for me. But… I have a need beyond
engagement and marriage. What is this need, my son? Baba, this is a need
only Jesus can meet. Tell me one thing Jesus
can give you that I can’t. Baba, can you give me eternal life? No… I can’t. Baba, if you cannot give me eternal life,
then I cannot leave Jesus. After I left home, I went to live in Jos.
I lived there for two years. I did not communicate with anyone
in my family during this time. Then I received a message from home – my
father was in the hospital and wanted to see me. Baba? My son. You sent for me? Forgive me, my son. Forgive you Baba? I have wronged you,
and you never uttered a word. Baba, I forgave you long ago. But I never asked your forgiveness. The Bible teaches us to forgive. My son, hold on to this God
of yours with all your might. Baba, he can be your God also. My God? I don’t understand. What don’t you understand, Baba? What kind of God would accept me
after all the sins I’ve committed? He is a God of love.
He only requires one thing. How much does it cost? No, Baba, it’s a gift. What gift is this? It’s a gift through Jesus Christ. Accept him and he will
become your Saviour. He will give you eternal life.
Will you accept him, Baba? I would like to receive such a gift. Let us pray, Baba. Repeat after me. “Lord Jesus Christ… … I come before you,
asking you to forgive my sins… … and become my God and Saviour. …Amen.” Now, let me pray for your healing. Don’t pray for my healing, my son. Why not, Baba?
He is the God who heals us. I don’t want to be healed, my son. I am now ready to
go and meet Jesus. Three hours after we
prayed, my father died. He was filled with peace and joy. My father knew where he was going. He knew he was
going to be with Jesus. Our reconciliation made up
for all the pains of the past. God washed them all away. How about you, my friend? Are you ready to have
your sins forgiven? Listen to me…
God is a God of comfort and hope. He is faithful; a God of
truth and righteousness. He is the way and the truth, and it is
only though him we gain everlasting life. Prepare yourself to
repent and receive him. Let him be your Lord and Saviour. Are you ready, my friend, to repent
and receive him as Lord and Saviour? He is ready and waiting for you. Call upon him now.
He will meet all your needs. He will make you victorious in life! It is in the nature of a parent to
protect and provide for his children. Mohammed’s father was no exception.
Then Mohammed crossed a line. In the eyes of his father,
Mohammed deserved death. He was offered the opportunity to recant,
but in good conscience he could not. He knew that what he had experienced
was more than a dream. What a different picture we see
when we compare the relationship… … between Mohammed and his father
with that of Jesus and God. Mohammed’s father decreed that
Mohammed die for his perceived sins. God the Father decreed that
Jesus die for the sins of the world. You may ask, had Jesus displeased
the father in some way? Not at all. In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter
three, God says of Jesus: “This is my beloved Son in
whom I am well-pleased.” Throughout his earthly ministry, Jesus
did nothing to displease his Father. Why then did his Father – I refer to
God now – why did He call for His Son… … to die a criminal’s death on a cross,
scorned and covered with shame? Why would a perfect Father condone
the death of a perfect Son… … a Son who pleased him in every way. The reason is found in
the mission of the Messiah. You see, Jesus didn’t come into this world
to do His will, but that of His Father. And His Father’s will was that His
Son die for the sins of the world. In the Gospel of John, chapter 3,
verse 16, the Word of God tells us: “God loved the world so much He gave
His only Son so that whoever believes in Him… … would have eternal life.” In the first epistle of John, chapter 4, verse 10,
we read, “This is love, not that we loved God… … but that He loved us, and gave
His Son as a sacrifice for our sins.” God has made a way for
us to reach heaven, my friend. It is not through our good deeds,
or some act of heroism. It is not necessarily through a dream
or vision, though, as we have seen… … God will use this story as a way to reach
us with the message of salvation. The one, sure way to heaven is
through faith – faith in Jesus. As He said about Himself, “I am
the way, the truth, and the life… … No one comes to the Father
except through me.” Do you seek to please God? Do you wish to be
assured of going to heaven? If this is your desire, you need to
know it is also God’s desire for you. Pray now with me to receive forgiveness
of your sins and the gift of eternal life. Most Holy God, I am a sinner.
I cannot save myself. I am asking you, Lord Jesus, to come
into my heart and forgive my sins. Amen. If you prayed this prayer with all your heart,
God has forgiven all of your sins. Welcome into the family of God. End