The government has made it increasingly more difficult for people to change things. Because they are taking advantage of abstract threats, which don’t really exist. To bring up laws, which are suppressing everybody. You know, now all you have to do is hold up a protest sign to be called a terrorist. We are living in a much less free world than I lived in in the 50s and 60s and 70s. We had much more freedom back then. I mean, I think back to some of the things that we did in protesting campaigns. We would be killed if we did it today. What comes to mind first, is uncertainty. That we really don’t know what the future is going to be. And the young generation today is probably the first generation in a long time that really has a very uncertain future because the world is changing. And it’s changing very quickly. Especially what’s happening in our oceans. So there is a lot of challenges. Many many years ago, back in 1975, I had an encounter in the North Pacific with a sperm whale. The whale could have taken my life, it chose not to do so. And that made me think very deeply about what it was we are doing. It was a dying whale and I saw him fall back and slide back into the sea rather than come forward and crush us. I said to myself, why are we killing these whales? And the Russians didn’t eat whale meat – they kill whales for sperm, sperm oil, which is used as a high heat-resistant lubricating oil for machinery. One of the things that was most valuable for, was the construction of intercontinental ballistic missiles. I said, here we are destroying this incredibly intelligent socially complex self-aware being for the purpose of making a weapon – meant for the mass extermination of human beings. And it just struck me – we are insane! Our whole damn species is insane. And from that moment on I just said: I am not here for us. I am here for them. If human beings can learn to live in harmony with all other species and live in accordance with the basic laws of ecology – The law of diversity, the law of interdependence, the law of final resources. No species has ever survived on the planet living outside of those three basic laws. So, if we don’t learn to live with the boundaries of those laws, we are not going to survive, either. So will humanity be able to do that? I don’t really know. You know, at some point maybe nature will force us into having to make that decision. But I don’t see us making it willingly, because there is too many temptations. Leonard Cohen in one of his songs has two lines that sum it up. He says: “We’re locked into our suffering and our pleasures are the seal.” In other words: We are too busy feeling good and having a great time entertaining ourselves to worry about the future. My contribution and my crew in that is to save lifes and buy time to protect habitats. So we can measure our success and the number of lives saved, the number of illegal operations that we shut down. And we’ve been pretty successful in doing that. So, I think that’s the best thing we can do right now. But also to encourage people to understand that each and everyone of us can make a difference. We just have to use our individual talents and skills – and harness that to passion, imagination and courage to make a difference. But I’m seeing more and more of that being done. You can’t depend upon governments or big organizations to change things. They never have – they never will. They use to cause the problems. Almost all social revolutions throughout history have been championed by individuals or small groups of individuals. Slavery wasn’t ended by governments – it was ended by people like Wilberforce and Douglass. The women’s rights movement, the suffragettes movement, was led by women who are virtually unknown today. Who were beaten in jail and abused by the politicians that later took credit for what they did. So, you need that kind of passion if you’re gonna make a difference. Everything is going to be okay for the planet, eventually. Will it be okay for humanity? Well that’s up to us, you know? You know, whether collectively we are going to make those changes. But before we can do that, we have to cure ourselves of this collective insanity that is infecting us. You can see that insanity in many ways: what we are doing to the planet, the wars that we have amongst ourselves, the abuses of animals, the abuses of other people. This to me is psychopathic. It’s something that affects us all. We are all involved in it. So, can we cure ourselves of that? I don’t know. I can only hope that we can.