There’s a saying Weather like woman, can be changing Exactly There were rain yesterday, today there’s snow Where are keys Strange. I don’t see Major He was found Hy doggie Hello Major You have ice i n a fur Yes Let me guess, wet fur & frosty temperatures, right? I’ve came back, came back Was you nice? I hope so & this is, how Major welcomes, when I’m returning from work Unless, he’s closed, because gate stayed open Then he welcomes me, but in hencoop Show those eyes Those brown eyes, those his brown eyes A model Soon I can make a calendar with you. We have picture from every season Who’s so handsome Major? Who’s so handsome German Shepherd So who? Show those fangs OK, I won’t do it anymore He won’t let me go Hiii! Mr. Fluffy Mr. Fluffy Oh, easy What’s up? Now? Thumbs up for patiently waiting always, when I’m not in home, Major Thanks for watching & see you next time Later