All right, Bakk.
Let’s get you home. – Oh, good. He ready. That’s a good boy.
Good boy. Good. All right, let’s get you home, bubba.
All right. Today, Bakk and I are
gonna be reunited. It– the moment’s here.
I’m so ready. Hi, baby. We’re driving across San Francisco now, and we’re making our way. In January, Bakk started limping. And they took him to the vet
and found out that he had a torn
cruciate ligament, which is basically
a dog’s ACL. – Can you see the rainbow, Bakk? – Bakk, at that time, was
seven years old. He’s not a good
candidate for surgery. But he is a good candidate
for adoption. So I was like, “I can
take him home.” – You’re resting here in Reno. And you actually had to drive through a snowstorm
to get here. Dogs have always been a part
of my life. When I went to join
the Air Force, that’s the first thing I asked. What do I have to do to be
a military working dog handler? In 2017 I got orders to Osan Air Base in South Korea. And when I arrived on station there, they brought me to Bakk. Here was this little German shepherd,
that was just waiting patiently. He knew
that something was coming. It was an instant connection. We just — we clicked.
We were a team that — that absolutely were meant
to be together. Having Bakk, when I was
away from my family, was huge. I’m already away from my son,
who was one, kind of missing out
on some of the big milestones that people normally get to see
at that age. My son, Kristopher, wanted
to do some sports. I wasn’t there, like I normally
wanted to be. For me, Korea, I knew
was going to be a year-long assignment.
Knowing that, you don’t want to get
super-attached, because you know you’re
having to give this dog away, but at the same time, it’s
very hard not to get attached. I was ecstatic to return
to my family. I still felt bad that I had to
leave Bakk over there, But I just– I knew in my
mind that, don’t worry, he’s coming home. Not yet, but he
is coming home. You remember a guy named
Technical Sergeant Cain? Did he ever talk to you about
a place called Boise, Idaho? – We’ll be driving up from
Mountain Home Air Force Base, into downtown Boise. And the reunification with Bakk
will be happening down there, which is gonna be
an awesome setting. Today I have my wife, Stephanie,
and my son Henry. It was amazing to see
so much media attention, just capturing a moment of having a dog and a soldier
reunited together. – Let’s go see your Daddy! This is a moment that I’ve
been waiting for– well, honestly, for
about 11 months. I brought Bakk’s Kong. I also brought a rope toy,
which he absolutely loves. Let’s see who’s here. Who’s here? Who’s here? Bakk came through the door,
and then it clicked. It’s the 2K!
2K, what’s up, 2K? He was like, “Oh, wait.
I remember you!” – You could see
his eyes light up. He walked right over to my
wife, Stephanie, and my 3-year-old
son, Henry, and got a little bit of scratch
and love from everybody. Just right at home. I just want to give you a hug. Because, thank you so much
for bringing him home. On the car ride back, he took up the same
position he did when we were in the patrol car. He decided he’d just
kind of lay down, and look around for
a little bit. Just getting those moments back, and him wanting to be
around me, is awesome. Originally, I was
slightly apprehensive on how Bakk would do
around small children, But as soon as
he saw Henry, walked right up to him, with his Kong. He was like,
‘All right, this is kind of cool.” Same thing with Stephanie.
Stephanie put her arms around him, and he just immediately
accepted, “Well, this is somebody else
who’s gonna love me.” I don’t see any problems with my oldest son, Kristopher. I think they’re gonna get
along just fine. He spent seven years of his life working and jobbing
it out there, for hours on end, in all of the elements. He’s really deserved to
just be a couch dog. And kind of do what
he wants to do. And that’s exactly what
I want for him. I just want him to
live out his life being happy, and not
having to be stressed out or having to do anything. Just enjoy your time. I get it.
Come. Yeah. Bakk!