If you are a member of the original
Worldwide Church of God or one of its breakaway groups we have some
eye-opening information to share we are Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry and
our roots are the very same as the group started by Herbert W Armstrong but we’ve
gone even further into the scriptures as for basic truth we also observe the
Sabbath and biblical feast days we were quite puzzled to hear him once claim
that his church was the only one keeping the biblical feasts our predecessors had
been observing the Bible’s holy days since the 1930s we also
wondered why the worldwide and now the various splinter groups choose the term
eternal in speaking of the Heavenly Father we then realized that they also
recognized the problematic origins of the title Lord and that brings us to the
sacred name more and more students of Scripture catching up with scholarship,
archaeology and even Hollywood and recognizing the truth of the father’s
personal revealed name Yahweh. Mr. Armstrong used the name Yahweh early in his radio broadcast no one in Scripture called Yahweh by the nameless term God
which became popular only in the seventh century C.E. his personal name Yahweh is
found 6823 times in the Bible source manuscripts and is the only name by
which you are saved Acts 4:12 you have come a long way and now we invite you to go
further dig deeper and learn greater salvation truth such as the proper
biblical calendar to follow for the feasts important keys to prophesy in the
sabbaticals and Jubilees as well as understanding the bible prophecy always
centers on Jerusalem not on the European Union you came into more truth once now
invite you to look at YRM it will open your eyes to even greater knowledge we
are located in Holts Summit, Missouri near Jefferson City, Missouri’s state
capital we’re a full-service ministry and
congregation with a beautiful facility and full-time
office staff we produce a magazine called The Restoration Times and two
television programs you may have seen us on Superstation WGN, TBN or various other
nationwide networks our web-site yrm.org will help you get started we invite you
to get in touch with us call toll-free 844-899-6438 we would
love to hear from you this is Alan Mansager blessings to you
and your family. yeah